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Are you a home baker struggling with
Home Baking Business?

  • Are you worried about not having enough money or knowledge to make a home bakery?
  • Are you worried about not having enough time and have lost confidence with your home bakery?
  • Are you struggling to attract high paying customers to your home baking business?
  • Are you frustrated because you being compared with a nearby bakery?
  • Are you intimidated by seeing all the customers going to your competition?
  • Are you struggling to make decent profit margins from your current customers?

If you feel any of the above
then you are not alone...

I have helped 1000's of home bakers learn the essentials of baking skills, setting up a home bakery, marketing, positioning, and abilities to acquire high-paying customers.

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Baking is more of Science. Learn my secret baking tips and tricks and get better with your baking.

Home Bakery Business

Looking to startup your own bakery? Learn the nuances of running a successful baking business.

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Learn all the basics of creative and rewarding Eggless Baking and bake delicous eggless bakeries at home.

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I started baking in 2015. Being from a small town in Punjab, bakery item for me was limited to bread and buns that we used to buy from the market. My interest in healthy and hygenic eggless baking grew when I found my child's inclination toward bakeries. I realized the impact on the health of market-baked items loaded with preservatives and harmful ingredients baked in the most unhygienic conditions.

I posted my first recipe back in 2015. Fast Forward to today, AnyBodyCanBake, an award-winning blog, has become a household name for every homemaker and home baker looking for eggless and healthy baking.

I am willing to share all my knowledge in helping homemakers start baking at home for self-consumption and home bakers who like to add healthy baking to their menus. I help aspiring culinary enthusiasts start their home baking businesses to become financially independent while working from the comfort of their homes.

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