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Eggless Baked donut recipe

The baked donut recipe is a healthier option than fried donuts. Homemade Eggless

Eggless Banana Cake with Tutti Frutti – Ideal Tea Time Accompaniment

Eggless banana cake is an all-time classic recipe. To make it more attractive

Baked Kulcha Recipe that is unbelievably easy to make!

Baked Kulcha Recipe could be absolutely new for you to hear because traditionally

Baked Baati Recipe: Traditional Rajasthani Dish!

Most of you would have heard about Dal-Baati. But today, we are going

Simple Chocolate Cake For Any Occasion

Are you looking for the best eggless chocolate cake recipe? Then your search

Healthy Baked Mango Yogurt

Baked Mango Yogurt, is a healthy baked yoghurt dessert which is perfect for

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0 to 10 Customers Challenge in 3 Days

Eggless Cake Sponges

Hey, it's possible to make the best eggless version of sponge cakes through AnyBodyCanBake. The beauty of baking is to bring discipline, a pinch of love, and trust in the process.

The eggless baking course available is suitable for beginners, bakers, home bakers, or anyone who wishes to put their best foot forward.

Online Baking Courses In India

The intention of starting online baking courses across India is to help people learn how to bake delicious cakes and bread. Our team has curated a unique strategy for these online baking classes with the utmost participant interaction.

Alongside, we also have virtual classes for beginners and advanced levels. We prefer to provide you with simple recipes using the easy-peasy ingredients that are available in your kitchen cabinet. 

Our classes are not limited only to cakes and desserts. We also provide online baking classes to baking amateurs. Our team takes pride in knowing that we have individuals from outside India accessing the classes.

It’s time to take the reins in your hands and get yourself registered in the online baking classes offered by AnyBodyCanBake.  

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Sonia Gupta

Hey! I am just like you. My child happens to be my quest to experimenting into preservatives free healthy baking. Being a science student, I love experimenting and combined it with my hard work and research.

Today, I am an award-winning baking instructor, food blogger, YouTuber, Author, and Social Media Influencer. I hold expertise in 100% Whole Wheat Baking. Being a vegetarian, I bake Eggfree Bakeries.

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Skip The Juicing; Enjoy Fresh Fruits

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A stand mixer: Invest in one, or not?

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Baking cups Vs metric system: The ultimate guide you need

The history of baking is more than 6500 years old. It is a

What is Gluten: Why eating gluten is bad for health?

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Top 5 Life Skills & Benefits of Baking

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You must read this before using Microwave Oven for Baking

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Online Eggless Baking Courses

If learning baking is in your mind then we have online eggless baking courses for you. At AnyBodyCanBake, we encourage individuals to pursue the bakery course online. It’s easy, convenient, affordable and fits into your busy lifestyle. It may seem difficult to do, but with the right set of tools and techniques, you can bake the cake and bread to perfection, all in the comfort of your kitchen. 

If all of these sounds like a plan, then it’s time to channel your inner star baker, introduce yourself to the world of AnyBodyCanBake and embark on the journey with us.

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30 Days Whole Wheat Baking Challenge

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Eggless Gluten Free Bread Course

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