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Homemade Eggless Waffles Recipe without Waffle Maker

A waffle is made from a leavened batter that is cooked between two

Sonia Gupta Workshop

My Name is Sonia

Hey! I am just like you. My child happens to be a big foodie. And it was my quest to give him healthy bakeries that are free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. Being a science student, I love experimenting and combined it with my hard work and research.

Today, I am an award-winning baking instructor, food blogger, YouTuber, Author, and Social Media Influencer. I hold expertise in 100% Whole Wheat Baking. Being a vegetarian, I bake Eggfree Bakeries.

So far I have trained more than 4000 students and I continue to march forward on my mission "HomeMakers to HomeBakers".

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Learn to Bake at home from the comfort of your home

Whether you have just started baking or you have been baking for a while, there is something for everybody in this course. A single stop where you learn 30 baking lessons and 30 baking delicacies. Give wings to your baking journey.


Want to make your career in Food Blogging?

There is no better feeling than seeing your ideas getting appreciated by a large audience and your creativity combined with hard works also makes money for you.


Struggling to setup your home baking business 

Any Business is 20% of your products and 80% of how you market your products. And the same is true for your Home Baking Business Too. If Home Baking is going to be your full time business, then this course is must for you.

The only thing you can give back to nation is a healthy & happy child.

Baking 101

Top 5 Life Skills & Benefits of Baking

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20 Healthy Sugar Substitute in Baking | Sweeteners for Baking

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