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Persian Flatbread Nan-e-Barbari # Bread Bakers

Nan-e-Barbari, famous Persian flatbread, is known as thickest flatbread. Following the theme of Karen from Karen’s Kitchen Stories, the Middle Eastern bread, I tried...

Britannia Eggless Fruit Cake with WWF

Britannia fruitcake has so many childhood memories associated with it. That multicolor tutti frutti always excited me, but since they were not eggless fruit...

Healthy Sweet Potato Bread

What’s up people? It’s been a while I made a different bread and I know you were waiting to see something new. So here...

Make Eggless Banana Cake at Home

Seriously a banana fan, I am. I am back with a new easy banana cake recipe with you. This eggless banana cake is going...


I am a Food Blogger, Experimental Baker, Author, Recipe Creator and Product Reviewer. My interests range from Photography to entrepreneurship. I am also a home baker and conduct baking workshops. Through my workshops I help home makers become home bakers. In my food blog, I write mostly about healthy baking recipes.

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Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe

Lately, a close friend requested me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday. I hardly take orders but it’s impossible to refuse friends....

Eggless Vanilla Cake

Eggless Vanilla cake is one of the most popular cakes around the world. And when you have eggless Vanilla sponge cake with you, you...

Whole Wheat Cookies without Oven

or  Morning and evening tea without biscuits seems impossible, at least to my husband Amit. He never liked the idea of eating Parle G...

Eggless Muffins with Chocolate Chips

For those who have a strong nose to eggs, these eggless muffins is a special treat for them. My parents follow a strict vegetarian...


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All You Need to Know About Gluten

The Great Gluten Controversy! Gluten has become a controversial health topic in recent years. Everybody seems to be talking about it. But what’s the controversy all...

Customized Cakes Order Online

Who doesn’t love cakes? And for years we have eaten cakes almost in every type of celebrations. But as we become more aware of...

Health Benefits of Dates

The Middle East is the hub of one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the worlds. Yes, we are talking about dates and benefits...

Bake to good sleep and 5 foods that’s impacting your overall sleep

Tired but can’t sleep? Don’t worry you’re not alone. All you may need is to bake to good sleep.New to baking? Learn why Baking...

Basics of Baking

Why Baking Fails – 12 Common Mistakes

The world is full of wannabe chefs who wish to whip up picture-perfect bakes on a whim. But unless you are a seasoned baker,...

A to Z of Chocolate Ganache

Personally, I love chocolate ganache. It is one of the best frostings ever invented. A basic ganache requires primarily just two ingredients- Chocolate and...

20 Healthy Sugar Substitute in Baking | Sweeteners for Baking

Our altered lifestyle demands to alter the way we have been eating food. It demands us to reduce the number of calories and sugar...

Difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder

Baking soda and baking powder are commonly used leavening agents used in baking. But, these two ingredients have confused almost everyone in the baking...

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