30 Days Food Blog Challenge

Start your Food Blog and Monetize it.

Learn how to build a successful food blog
Generate more traffic
Get more visibility
Find ways to make money from your food blog
Generate a consistent Passive Income

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Is this you?

Excuse #1

I don't have enough time. I have so much of other important work to do.

Excuse #2

I am not a good writer and I don't know what to write for my blog.

Excuse #3

One of my friend started blogging and ended up no where. It doesn't work.

Excuse #4

I don't know how to start a blog. I am not  a technical person.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you?

What if I told you that

30 Days Food Blogging Program Can Solve All This Problem For You!

But the Real Question is

Are you actually ready to stand up to these thoughts?

30 Days Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Blogger

No prior training required to build your first blog. You don't need a specific knowledge or some extra skill to join this course.

Everything you need to be a successful blogger shall be covered in this course. Everything is explained in simple English. We do not expect you to be a technical expert. However, you should have decent computer skills and should be internet savvy.

Once you are done, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge of maintaining the blog of your own, forever.

Blogging can change your life as it did to me

In the next 30 days you will be creating a fully functional blog using my blogging tips that works for the food blog. Food blogs have it's own particular challenges and we will deal with all of them. Fortunately, after 5 years of hard work, I now know what it takes to make a successful food blog.

Making a blog is going to be easy. What's difficult and for some nearly impossible is to earn money from blogging. And this what we will solve with my time and tested working money making model for a food blog. 

This is not a quick rich scheme, but if you follow through this course, there is no reason for you not to earn your first ₹10K with your blog.

About the Course Teacher

Amit Gupta

My Name is Amit and I am a passionate entrepreneur from India!

I love to help folks develop their marketing strategies across different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging etc. 

My focused niche is food and I help food entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail then put all my hard earned knowledge into a course to share with you!

My favorite thing to hear from past students is "you saved me months of time and thousands of dollars!" I hope that you give me the chance to help you too by signing up to my courses. I am currently working really hard to grow my catalog and provide as much value as possible ;)

I love meeting new people so be sure to reach out to me if you want to connect!

- Amit

How does this work?

Daily Lessons

You will be given with a step by step process and daily lessons to learn from. Structured learning will help you stay focused.

Daily Task

You will be given your daily tasks to complete. This will keep you on track with what is important & see you daily progress.

Personalized Guidance

Every blog is different and so is the requirement. I will personally look into every blog and help you optimize it.


I will personally advice about the monetization method you should adapt to start earning from your blog.

It's like holding your hands and make you walk on success path. All you need is the willingness to walk with me.

Course Structure


  • Preparation
  • Course How To?
  • Mind-set of a Successful Blogger
  • Decision Making - Authority Blog vs. Generic Blog

Technical Steps

  • Domain & Hosting Configuration
  • Theme Selection & Installation
  • Essential Content, Logo, & Images
  • Indexing & Analytics Setup
  • Email Setup
  • Security Plugin

Going Social

  • Registering with Important Social Media
  • Promotions on Social Media
  • Creating Social Media Plan
  • Social Media Automation
  • Asking Questions/Feedback

Content Writing

  • Finalizing Keywords
  • Creating Content Plan
  • Creating Structure of Articles
  • Writing Articles

Going Creative

  • Creating Graphics for Blog & Social Media
  • Creating Info-graphics

Search Engine Optimization

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

Growth Strategies

  • Social Media Growth
  • Content Re-Purposing
  • Optimizing Content
  • Media Partnerships

Monetezing Strategies

  • Most Common Monetization Method that I do not recommend
  • Content Monetization
  • Charging the Client
  • Sponsord Posts
  • Email Marketing

And Tons of Benefits Including

Social Media & Blog Content Plan Worksheet
Opportunity to write a Guest Post
Lifetime Support on everything in the course
Special Discounts on various blogging services

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I am very bad with English Language. Can I still take the course?

I cannot work every day. I have so much of other work to do. Will it work for me?

What if I get stuck?

Do I need some special tools?

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