Homemakers, housewives, working women (hate 9-5 job)
aspiring home bakers, aspiring women entrepreneurs

Bake Healthy, Hygienic & Delicious Bread, Cakes, Muffins, Pizza, Burger At Your Home

In the Next 30 Days


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You missed out!

Start Baking Healthy with 100% Whole Wheat

Even if you have ZERO knowledge about baking

This Course is Perfect for

Homemakers: who want to learn whole wheat baking and make super delicious cakes, muffins and pizza that their kids love eating.

Working Women: bored & frustrated with 9-5 job & want to switch to a new high-income career that they can manage from their homes.

Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs: who want to start or scale up their baking business and earn well every single month.

Time and again Experts have warned us about the
impact of chemicals, preservatives, and additives on human body

Read them here -

Dangers of Food Additives and Preservatives by Dr. Vilma Ruddock M.D.
Additives May Pose Health Risks to Children at HealthyChildren.Org
5 Side Effects of Preservatives You Must Know About at NDTV Food

Are you concerned about the

health of your kids and family members?

Do your kids love to eat bread, cakes, muffins, pizza, burgers, etc.?
Do you think it is safe & healthy to eat market baked goodies?

Don’t blame your kids - they are innocent.

They want something that tastes good and they don’t care about their health.

But being a Mom, it’s your responsibility to make sure that they eat only healthy foods.

What if I say you can make amazing delicious food at your home without baking experience.

Yes, you can bake with Healthy Whole Wheat within the next 30 days and your kids will love you more.

You are not a HOMEMAKER anymore, you are a HOMEBAKER from now.

Are you concerned about the health of your

kids and family members?

I will solve 3 BIG Problems for you

  • Tried several recipes online but haven't quite found the one that tastes good.
  • Whole wheat bakes tend to be dense, too dry and smells bad.
  • YouTube baking gurus won’t reveal their baking secrets, techniques, tactics, and winning recipes.


30 Days Whole Wheat Baking Challenge

In order to help moms like you, I have created this healthy course.

In this course I challenge you every day to bake with Whole Wheat and by the end of the course you are able to master the art of whole wheat baking.

Don’t worry, I will hold your hand and teach you everything about baking. I guarantee that you will bake tasty and hygienic bakes and your loved ones will appreciate you for your efforts.

Imagine you are in a forest all alone and it’s completely dark. You feel insecure and nervous. Suddenly, a person holding a flashlight comes to help you out. You feel relieved and confident now.

Come out of imagination. You are kind of lost in baking and you don't know how to bake a perfect bake. I am here to hold your hand and make sure that you bake awesome cakes, bread, muffins, pizza that everybody loves.

The course is truly life-changing if you believe that hygienic and preservation-free food is important for true health.

Are you concerned about the health of your

kids and family members?

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Exclusive Whole Wheat recipes

For many it is just a dream to be able to bake healthy at home with 100% Whole Wheat, but I will make it 100% true for you.

100% Eggless Course

People still believe it’s difficult to bake without eggs. I disagree. None of our recipes has eggs, and my students believe that eggfree bakes taste better than recipes with eggs.

No Preservatives & Harmful Chemicals

It is medically proven that preservatives and chemicals in outside food cause lack of concentration, hypertension and cancer.

No Refined Flour

Baking with refined flour is easy but the empty calories in it affect your health. Switch to 100% Whole Wheat Baking & Stay Healthy!

No Refined Sugar

Sugar is another evil we strictly don’t use in our recipes. But when you bake at home, you will have complete control over your ingredients.

Tried & Tested Recipes

We have tried 1000+ recipes and found the winning recipes that taste really good. Don’t worry you are not the first one to try.

High Quality Videos

High-Quality pre-recorded videos capturing the finest of the details. We have covered the recipe variations also for you.

Live Q&A Sessions

Access to weekly FB Live sessions exclusively for the community members directly with the Trainer to clear all your doubts.

Alumni group membership

Become a part of an exclusive members-only Facebook Support Group to connect with like-minded people, ask questions and get help. Learn from each other experiments and create variations of all you learn.

get certified

Complete the course & assignments. You will be awarded with a Certification from Completion.

Here’s what people are saying about the course


Home Maker

I was skeptical and joined the course with hesitation, but I was proved wrong

The class was par excellence for the amount i paid.. Sonia Gupta is an excellent teacher.. She keeps it simple and tasty

Shefali Gupta

Home Maker

The science behind baking and all tips n tricks was taught.

During this course I had baked so much all because of Sonia mam and Amit sir support. They answered all query on time which made me more confident.

Vibha Pasricha

Food Mood- Vibha's Kitchen

All praises for them. The list of their qualities is never ending

perfect mentors energetic patient jolly and above all they have made baking fun with perfection Hats off to you both💖💖

About Sonia Gupta

When I started my career, many people told me that baking is difficult and 100% Whole Wheat is impossible. I wanted to prove them wrong. Today, here I am after 5 years, who has learnt the science and mastered the art of baking.

I have tried and tested 1000+ recipes, techniques, methods in my 5-year career. I have compiled my complete baking knowledge and am giving it to you. Even if you have never baked in your life, my course will make you a baking expert in the next 30 days.

I am also known for my easy eggless recipes with ingredients typically available at home. People also know me for my creative baking recipes for kids.

I have trained more than 9000 homemakers and transformed them into home bakers. Many of my students are running a successful baking business and earning a good chunk of money.

Sonia Sign

Know your Course

A Glimpse of the Course Structure.


The Science:

  • 15 Exclusive lessons on Basics of Baking
  • 6 Specially designed lesson to understand the science of whole wheat baking
  • 2 valuable lessons on troubleshooting your baking

Recipes: Bread

  • Wheat Sandwich Loaf - Variation One
  • Wheat Sandwich Loaf - Variation Two
  • Focaccia with Fresh Herbs
  • Whole Wheat Garlic Bread (New Variation)
  • Whole Wheat Burger Buns
  • Pita Bread Sandwich
  • Wheat Pav Bun
  • Cheese n Corn Pizza
  • Cinnamon Rolls

Recipes: Desserts

  • Almond Semolina Cake
  • Apple Cinnamon Muffins
  • Lemon Coconut Cake
  • Parsi Mawa Cake
  • Nutty Chocolate Cake
  • Peanut Butter Banana Brownie
  • Wheat Cappuccino Brownies
  • Whole Wheat Banana Bars

What makes AnyBodyCanBake

The Most Favorite Online Baking Course

The humanized approach of the course, the virtual classroom model, extra-ordinary support, and the structured platform makes this course one of the most loved online baking program.


84% more than industry average

Course Completion Rate


People starting their home business after course

Increase Productivity


Percentage of people rating on the course

5 Star Ratings

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Our Offer

30 Days WHOLE WHEAT BAKING Challenge

Online Course

100% Whole Wheat Recipes

Science of Whole Wheat

High Quality Videos

Recipe PDF's

Facebook Community

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Access

Free Future Upgrades

and a Lifetime Experience



If you Book Today

For a limited time

I have a surprise for you.

If you decide to register today

You will get 2 new recipes every month
for the next 5 months.


2 Exclusive Vegan Recipes


5 Baking Addon Recipes

I do not guarantee if this offer will be available tomorrow.

Book it or Miss it!!

100% Satisfaction


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The course is designed in a progressive way and each day you will be learning something new. The excitement increases when people across the world bake along and post their baked beauties to show the world.

This course has changed lives of people as much as that almost 30% of people who join this course are able to start their home baking business before they end the course.

It's impossible to commit 100% satisfaction, but we are able to do so. Our students in the course puts their seal on it.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor


I have never baked in life. Can I join this Challenge?

Yes, you should join. The course is designed keeping the beginners in mind. Every little information is kept at the right place to help the beginners and pro alike.

Do I need to come online at a specific time?

This is an online course, not a live course. All the lessons will be pre-recorded that you can watch at a time of your choice, from a location of your choice, and from any internet enabled device.

Will I need some special equipment/tool/ingredient?

Not at all. We believe in keeping things simple and hence use ingredients that are typically available in every Kitchen. We will also provide you with the list of tools/ingredients that you can procure in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

Is this course going to be Egg Free and Yeast Free?

Yes, the course is 100% Eggless. All the recipes are egg free and 100% vegetarian. However, we will be using commercial yeast in our bread recipes.

How long will I have the access to the course?

Lifetime. You can watch the program whenever you want. The course access will be provided on one of the world's best learning platform known as "Teachable". You will be able to access the course from any internet-enabled device.

How Will I get the support?

You will be given access to the Facebook Support Group. Ask your questions in the members only Facebook Group.

I don't have a Facebook Account. Can you support me WhatsApp?

Sorry, our support is only on Facebook. If you do not have a valid Facebook Account, we recommend you to create an account for yourself. It is not possible to maintain multiple support channel.

What is your refund policy?

Sure, please refer to our detailed Refund policy.

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Stop relying on YouTube Videos

Let’s be honest…

You know market baked bakeries are harmful for health. So why compromise with health of your loved ones when you have the ability to bake healthy at home?

Sure, baking is not like cooking but trust me with the right guidance and with my secret tips and tricks you will bake jaw-dropping goodies that will leave your friends and family speechless.

Now, if you’re like most people, you bought your oven because you wanted to delight your family with freshly baked bakeries.

And if that is the case, then you are the right place. Join the course and meet me inside to talk more and indulge in the Life-Changing Experience.

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Sonia Teaching