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May 14th

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Finding your Target Market

A target is a group of people looking for the particular products that you are selling. If you are baking a lot of products without a specific target audience in mind that means you are trying to sell anyone. It is not possible to sell everyone.

Marketing Strategy

Baking industry is kind of saturated as there are a lot of home bakers in the market. And that means that you really have to get creative with your marketing. You can no longer depend on traditional marketing methods.

Marketing plan

Most of the home bakers start home baking because their family said that bake good. While this is great encouragement to get started, but every business, however small it may be, needs a marketing plan.

About Amit Gupta

Founder, MappedSkills | Co-founder, AnyBodyCanBake & Bakedemy

My Name is Amit and I am a passionate entrepreneur from India!

I love to help folks develop their marketing strategies across different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging etc.

My focused niche is food and I help food entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail then put all my hard earned knowledge into a course to share with you!

My favorite thing to hear from past students is "you saved me months of time and thousands of dollars!" I hope that you give me the chance to help you too by signing up to my courses. I am currently working really hard to grow my catalog and provide as much value as possible ;)

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- Amit