30Days Home Baker Challenge

Step Forward to a Profitable Home Bakery Business

Work from home and launch your dream of running a successful home bakery business from your kitchen.

Own a Profitable Home Bakery

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to position your business in from of your audience.
  • Effecively use social media to draw audience attention.
  • Learn the scientific way of calculate the pricing of your bakes.
  • Learn the different between marketing and sales process.
  • Learn how to build your brand and why it is necessary.
  • Learn how to build your business plan.

Who this course is for?

  • Those with a desire to start their own food business.
  • Those interested in working from home and owning a part-time food business.
  • Someone wanting to work from home and tap into their creative baking skills.
  • Career changer feb with their 9-5 corporate jobs.
  • Culinary professionals facing challenging times in food service due to the pandemic.
  • Retiree looking to stay relevant and active, plus make a little extra “fun money.”
  • Stay-at-home moms wanting to earn extra income while keeping an eye on the kids.
  • Avid bakers eager to start a business with little or no cost to start up.


  • A functional home kitchen.
  • An OTG to begin with.
  • Some basic tools, tins, and trays.
  • A strong desire to start and own a Food Business.
  • A culinary passion for bakery products.
  • A desire to share your great tasting recipes with the world.


So you have started home baking business, but struggling to acquire paying customers?
Trust me this is the story of 98% of the home bakers around.

Essentially most of the home bakers start their home baking business out of their passion, but often overlook the other important factors like positioning and marketing, that plays a crucial role in the growth of any business.

They all struggle with:

  • accurately pricing their baked goods
  • attract the right audience
  • beat the competition and comparison

Let’s be honest… 
Your great baking skills, your extra-ordindary customer service, and your creativity is of no help to you unless you are able to reach the right audience that value your work and is ready to payfor it.

So what do you need....

You need plan. A business plan, A plan to position yourslef in the correct manner in front of your correct audience. A plan to market yourself. All you need is a plan.

Remember: An Idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.

Which side are you at?

10 Reasons to join this course

1. Every lesson is explained in simple English
2. 100% suitable even if you are starting from scratch
3. Focus on one concept at a time
4. Pre-recorded lesson that you can watch anytime
5. Lifetime access so you can always come back and revise
6. Learn at your own pace and from a place of your choice
7. Lifetime support from us. We will always back you up
8. You can take this course from your computer, tablet or smartphone
9. Whatever your plan is, our course makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize home business as you desire
10. Understand the value proposition of your products and create buyer's persona to find customers interested in your business

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Course Content

  • Vision Planning
  • Idea Brainstorming
  • Buyer's Persona
  • Customer & Competition Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Basics & Automation
  • Licenses Required
  • Operating Cost
  • Pricing & Packaging

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30 Days Baking Challenge Course


30 Days Baking Challenge Course


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Amit Gupta

My Name is Amit and I am a passionate entrepreneur from India!

I love to help folks develop their marketing strategies across different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging etc.

I help entrepreneurs grow their small home based businesses. I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail then put all my hard earned knowledge into a course to share with you!

My favorite thing to hear from past students is "you saved me months of time and thousands of dollars!" I hope that you give me the chance to help you too by signing up to my courses. I am currently working really hard to grow my catalog and provide as much value as possible ;)

I love meeting new people so be sure to reach out to me if you want to connect!

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