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AnybodyCanBake is an online platform empowering individuals to master eggless and healthy baking from home. Founded by Sonia Gupta, a baking expert, and Amit Gupta, a business strategist, it offers comprehensive courses, business growth strategies, a vibrant global community, and a treasure trove of recipes, helping you transform into a successful home baker.

AnybodyCanBake: The Secret Ingredient is You!

Established out of a profound love for baking and the wish to share this joy with others, AnybodyCanBake took its initial steps to demystifying the art of eggless and healthy baking. The story began in the home kitchen of Sonia Gupta, who recognized the challenge many faced when seeking out eggless and healthy baking options.

Joined by Amit Gupta, a savvy business strategist, the duo set out to bridge this gap and transform every homemaker into a capable home baker.

Since those humble beginnings, AnybodyCanBake has grown into a global community of baking enthusiasts who share a common love for creating delectable, healthy treats in their kitchens, and even opens avenues for financial independence.

AnybodyCanBake offer comprehensive, easy-to-understand baking courses paired with insightful business strategies. The passion and dedication our students demonstrate, their journey from beginners to accomplished bakers, fuels our motivation. 

We're not just teaching baking; we're nurturing a community, fostering self-belief, and empowering individual’s one bake at a time.

AnyBodyCanBake // India's Premier Online Eggless Baking Academy


Our mission is to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to master the art and science of eggless and healthy baking. Through comprehensive online courses and business growth strategies, we aim to create a global community of passionate home bakers who derive joy and income from their baking skills.


At AnybodyCanBake, we envision a world where every home kitchen hums with the joy of baking. We seek to transform homemakers into skilled home bakers, empowering them to create delicious, healthy, and eggless bakes, turning their passion into a thriving home business.

Core Values

1. Passion for Baking:

We believe in the transformative power of baking and the joy it brings. We're passionate about empowering individuals through baking.

2. Inclusivity:

We promote eggless and healthy baking to ensure everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy the delight of homemade baked goods.

3. Education:

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand courses that empower our students to create delectable bakes and start their own home businesses.

4. Community:

We foster a global baking community where individuals can learn from each other, share their baking experiences, and grow together.

5. Empowerment:

We believe in empowering our students not just with baking skills, but also with the knowledge and strategies to turn their passion into a profitable venture.


That makes it all possible

Meet Sonia Gupta

Founder, AnyBodyCanBake

Sonia Gupta is the creative force behind AnybodyCanBake. A passionate baker and instructor, Sonia is known for her expertise in eggless and healthy baking.

She believes that baking should be accessible to all, irrespective of their dietary preferences or restrictions, which led her to establish AnybodyCanBake.

Through her online baking courses, she has helped countless individuals discover the joy of baking and transform their kitchens into a personal bakery. Her approachable teaching style and deep knowledge make learning baking an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Meet Amit Gupta

Co-Founder, AnyBodyCanBake & Bakedemy
Founder, Mappedskills

Amit Gupta is the business brain of AnybodyCanBake. With a wealth of experience in marketing and business growth strategies, Amit helps home bakers understand the dynamics of running a successful baking business from home.

His valuable insights, innovative strategies, and actionable advice empower home bakers to turn their passion into a thriving business. Amit's mission is to support aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey towards financial independence.

Meet Pritha Sengupta

Social Media Manager

Pritha Sengupta, our dedicated Social Media Specialist, brings an innovative vision to AnybodyCanBake's online presence. With substantial experience in social media marketing, she crafts engaging content strategies, effortlessly adapting to the dynamic digital landscape.

Her knack for trend-spotting and generating fresh ideas helps our brand stay relevant and vibrant. Pritha's creative spirit not only adds spark to our social media platforms but also makes them an exciting space for our community.

Her passion for baking syncs seamlessly with our ethos, reinforcing her commitment to her role. At AnybodyCanBake, we truly value Pritha's expertise and her ability to create an inviting and interactive social media experience for our global community.

Meet Pooja Mane

SEO Executive

Pooja Mane, our diligent SEO Executive at AnybodyCanBake, plays a pivotal role in propelling our digital presence through her SEO and content marketing expertise.

Leveraging her extensive on-page optimization and link-building knowledge, Pooja crafts effective SEO strategies that consistently yield measurable results.

Her unwavering commitment and a keen eye for detail enable us to stay abreast of SEO best practices, ensuring that AnybodyCanBake is always in the digital spotlight.

Pooja's customer-focused approach aligns perfectly with our vision, making her an invaluable asset to our team as we continue to foster a thriving global community of home bakers.


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