Bake to Good Sleep
Bake to Good Sleep

Tired but can’t sleep? Don’t worry you’re not alone. All you may need is to bake to good sleep.

New to baking? Learn why Baking at home is important for you.

An ever-increasing amount of us suffers from sleep disorders, with insomnia being top of the list.

You may have tried everything to get more shuteye, from altering your sleep routine to making use of snooze aids and even banning screens from your bedroom, but still, somehow you can’t get the slumber you deserve.

Well before you give up and start downing dangerous amounts of sleeping pills have your first thought carefully about what you are eating?

Good sleep is vital for good health. And healthy eating is important for healthy sleep. So, if you are struggling to get the required 8 hours a night, chances are your diet may be playing a negative role.

Below we look at 5 of the worst foods to consume before heading to bed and suggest how salvation could come from an unlikely source – baking.

Sceptical? Well read on and we will change your mind..



Sorry to be the one to break this to you but when it comes to sleep, alcohol is just not your friend.

While opening a bottle and drinking a glass or two of Merlot on the couch can feel like an incredibly relaxing way to unwind after a hard day, unfortunately consuming alcohol doesn’t prepare your body or your mind for a good night’s sleep.

Being slightly tipsy may help you nod off initially but the bodily processes that imbibing alcohol sets in motion are more than likely to result in broken sleep. Especially that lovely deep REM sleep that comes later in the night, the good stuff that we all need to power us through the next day.



This may be an obvious one and chances are anyone who is suffering from sleep problems has already given up having post-dinner coffee in the evening. But what many don’t realize is just how potent caffeine actually is.

The effects of a cup of coffee can remain in the body for well over 6 hours

So, it isn’t just about skipping the coffee after dinner, coffee should really be avoided any time after lunch. They are called ‘coffee mornings’ for a reason after all!



What first wine, then coffee and now chocolate too?

Yep, sorry but a chocolate bar can contain as much caffeine as a soda and you wouldn’t drink a soda just before heading to bed so why would you eat a chocolate bar?

Either cut down to a solitary square of your beloved chocolate or save your sweet tooth for way earlier in the day. Maybe have it with your pre-lunch coffee instead.



Do you like to eat dinner later in the evening? Well, your choice of meal and mealtime could be having a big impact on your sleep. Steak, and, well, any big portion of meat really, are definite no-no before bed. So say goodbye to that bacon sandwich too!

Meat is protein and while protein is essential for good health, it takes an awful lot of work for your digestive system to break it down and process it. And with all that work going on down below it is little wonder that foods like steak are bad for your sleep.

Spicy Food

Spicy Food

Are you a fan of a good curry? I know I am. But if you are struggling to sleep, maybe opt for the korma next time instead of the spicy vindaloo.

The consummation of spicy food is problematic for sleep for a number of reasons. One is that it raises the body temperature which apparently confuses the brain, as the body’s natural process is to gradual cool down as we enter the sleepy end of the day. And secondly, spicy food increases the chance of heartburn, especially if eaten very close to when you lay yourself flat on your bed.

Good Night Sleep

Bake to good sleep

So there you have it, five foods to avoid in the run-up to bedtime. But what now? Well, why not replace that steak sandwich and a glass of wine with a baked delight from the oven.

And we don’t mean go off and bake a great big chocolate cake but rather a healthier alternative, maybe

By selecting recipes that are free from sugar and gluten, you are giving your body less work to do.

But why baked goods?

Well because the very act of baking is relaxing and an almost meditative act. So why not replace watching television or replying to emails before bed with baking some bread to have with your breakfast the following morning?

The process of mixing and measuring your ingredients will be slow and methodical, and therefore calming. A complete remove from the over stimulation you would alternatively be receiving from your screens.

And your baked snack needn’t be a complicated recipe, something as simple and tasty as baked sweet potatoes or baked avocados require almost zero preparation but being choked full of potassium, magnesium, and calcium – three minerals are proven to help you relax – are great pre-bed snacks.

There you have, why not bake your way to a good night’s sleep?

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