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April 2, 2022

Baked Kulcha Recipe could be absolutely new for you to hear because traditionally kulchas are made in a tawa or tandoor. Some of the most loved traditional kulcha varieties are Amritsari Aloo Kulcha, Amritsari paneer kulcha etc. 

But trust me, these baked kulchas are soft in texture and easy to make. Today I will tell you how to make a Baked Kulcha Recipe in oven.

Kulcha is a popular north Indian Flat Bread served mostly with Chole or Matar. We will be making our baked kulcha in oven with some yeast. Yeast will help us give the sponginess to our Kulcha bread.

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Let's get started! 

Baked Kulcha Recipe

As a first step, we will activate the yeast. Take 1 tsp yeast and add 2 tsp sugar. Add 100 ml lukewarm water. Stir it and let it froth.

Quick Notes

Tin Size

Baking Tray

Oven Temp

200 °C

Baking Time

20 min

MW Convection Temp

180 °C

Baking Time

20 min

Demold Instructions


Cooling Time


PS: Use conversion table to switch recipe between grams and cups.

Preparation: Step-by-step recipe of Baked Kulcha

Now in a bowl add 400 gm maida, 1 tsp salt, 2 tbsp milk powder, and add activated yeast solution. Start kneading the dough by adding little water at a time. To make our kulcha recipe with yeast in the oven, we need a soft, slightly sticky dough.

Here I have used approximately 300 ml of water. Continue to mix until the dough becomes smooth. Now add 2 tbsp oil and gently mix it into the dough. Take a look at the dough. It appears to be soft, smooth, and stretchable.

baked kulcha recipe dough before proofing

As a next step in making our kulcha bread, shape the dough into a ball. Keep it in the bowl covered with cling wrap. Let the dough rest until it doubles in volume.


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It takes approximately 35 minutes to double. This proofing time can vary for you depending upon the climatic conditions of your place. So wait until it doubles.

baked kulcha recipe dough after proofing

Now Remove the cling wrap and punch the dough to knock out the air. Gently remove it from the bowl and take it out on the counter.

Sprinkle some dry flour on the counter. For the baked kulchas, divide the dough into 6 equal portions. And then roll each portion into a ball.

Place the shaped dough balls on a lined tray and sprinkle some dry flour over them. Cover these with a muslin cloth and let them rest for another 10 minutes.

baked kulcha recipe rolling the bread

To give our bread kulchas shape, roll the dough ball into an oval shape with a rolling pin. Sprinkle little water and add chopped coriander and sesame seeds on top of it.

Press it so that it sticks well to the shaped kulcha dough.

baked kulcha recipe before baking

Shape the remaining kulcha bread in the same manner and place them on a lined baking tray, leaving some space between them.

Cover the tray lightly with a clean kitchen towel and set aside for 15-20 minutes, or until they have doubled in volume.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200 °Celsius for baking our kulchas.

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Let’s Bake the Kulcha Bread

Now bake the kulchas in a preheated oven at 200 °C for 20 minutes. Do not overbake these or they will become hard and dry.

Once baked, take the tray out from the oven and transfer all the baked kulchas on a wire rack. Brush these with butter to soften the crust and to add the glaze to our kulcha bread.

Our baked kulcha recipe with yeast is now ready. Serve with your favourite gravy and enjoy.

These kulchas are absolutely soft, spongy, and stay good for up to 4 days in the refrigerator.

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baked kulcha recipe after baking

Now try this recipe and share your feedback. Till then happy baking!


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baked kulcha recipe
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Passive Time: 1 hour
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Baked
Keyword: indian flatbread, italian flatbread
Servings: 6 pcs



  • In a bowl add 1 tsp yeast, add 2 tsp sugar,approximately 100 ml water. Mix it well and set it aside for yeast to activate.
  • Take  400 grams of all-purpose flour, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp milk powder,  and activated yeast solution in a bowl.
  • Start adding water slowly and knead a soft and slightly sticky dough.
  • Knead the dough till smooth. Add 2 tbsp oil and knead it further till the dough appears soft and stretchable.
  • Shape the dough into a ball, cover with a cling wrap and let it double in size.
  • After about 35-40 mins, remove the cling wrap and knock the dough to remove the excess air from it.
  • Divide the dough into balls of equal size and roll them on a flour sprinkled counter.
  • Place these dough balls on a lined tray. sprinkle some dry flour on each ball of dough.
  • Cover with a kitchen towel and let them rest for another 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, using a rolling pin, roll each ball of dough into an oval shape.
  • Apply little water on the rolled dough.
  • Sprinkle a layer of sesame seeds and coriander leaves on top of this and press them gently so that they stick well.
  • Make all of the kulchas from the dough balls in the same manner.
  • Place them on a lined tray, leaving space between them.
  • Cover the tray with a kitchen towel and set it aside for 15-20 mins or till they double in size.
  • Preheat oven at 200˙℃.
  • Bake the kulchas in a preheated oven  at 200˙℃ for 20 mins.
  • Once baked, cool them on a wired rack and brush them with a layer of butter.
  • Soft and delicious baked kulchas are ready to be served with gravy of your choice.


  1. Every ingredient in the recipe and its quantity has its own significance. Do not alter them.
  2. This recipe is a tried and tested recipe. Substitute the ingredient/s only at your own risk.
  3. You can adjust the servings of this recipe in the “Recipe Card” and all the ingredients and their measurement will automatically adjust.
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