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September 30, 2017

Why did I start baking at home and why do I advocate for it?

When I read about the presence of a possible cancer-causing chemical in market bread, I decided to quit buying bread from the market and start home baking. I ensured that I will no longer feed the harmful chemicals and preservatives to my kids that are used in market made bread.

I was certainly not a baker but as I started getting into it, I started to find my connection with baking. I am a self-taught person and you can read my bread baking story to know how I learned baking.

The Hindu and The Times of India has published a detailed article on the health impacts of market baked goods and stressed enough to start baking at home.

My child is a big time foodie and has an undying love for pizzas and burgers. But, after realizing the health issues market baked item has on children health, I was left with only two choices. Either to say “NO” to what my child loves to eat, or start baking at home. I chose to discover the benefits of home baking.

Learn baking at home

I did not have a Guru to teach me baking and hence I had to go through with multiple disasters, failures after failures, and depressed sleepless night. But I did not stop learning from where I could learn about baking. What I missed was a single place where I could learn everything that I need to learn about how to start baking at home.

This had spent days and years to learn and master this art of baking. And I know that there are so many mothers out there who are trying to solve the quest of how to bake at home.

Unlike in European countries, traditional cooking methods are extremely popular in Asian countries. I recommend them to read why baking is healthier than our traditional methods of cooking and frying.

What makes the market baked products unhealthy?

The most commonly used ingredients in the market baked items are:

  • Refined Sugar
  • Margarine/Shortening
  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial flavors and additives

All these ingredients take the baked item towards the unhealthy side. Also, the quality of every ingredient can range from low to high. The quality of the ingredient also impacts the quality of market baked items. Do not underestimate the baking process and hygiene at risk in a manufacturing unit.

What about the cost of baking at home?

If you think that the restaurant is selling food cheap, you must think again. They are in the business of making money by selling food. Rent, electricity, manpower, furniture, maintenance, and profit has to come from food. Do you think baking at home is expensive than this?

And baking at home means that the fanciest equipment you need is an oven. With the few basic tools for baking and a few basic ingredients for baking, you can kick start baking at home. There is no comparison to fresh baked goods. The aroma and freshness of each eatable will make it worth for baking.

Why do we fall for market baked items?

  • TV Commercials that are making you believe that the product is healthy.
  • The brand ambassadors that are getting paid a fortune to endorse the products. Do they themselves eat those cakes and bread they advertise? I bet.
  • The beautiful packaging and the discounts on the product.
  • Children fall for them because they have a love for sugary things. It’s difficult to say No to children.
  • The convenience that let you suppress your conscious and compromise with quality.

Benefits and Advantages of Home Baking

Apart from the nutritional benefits, there are many other proven benefits of baking. Let us look at the top 5 benefits of baking at home.

  1. Home Baking means Quality ingredients

For many buying bread from the market seems quick, easy, and cheap. However, we often overlook the ingredients with which the market bread are made. You must note that when I am saying bread, it includes any type of bread including burgers, pizza bases, pav buns etc.

The market bread has to sustain the entire supply chain cycle and still have to look fresh. Preservatives are the only way for the manufacturers to stay sellable and make profits. Profits, at the cost of your health.

When you are baking at home, you have complete control over the ingredient quality.

  1. Home Baking to lose weight

Go to restaurants and everything they have on the menu is to add extra calories that pile up and leads to obesity.

Eating at home does not come with all these challenges. Even if you have cooked/baked more than required, you can always save it for later.

At home, you have a choice of the size of baked goodies that you like to make. Replace the large size muffin with small size muffin. Small changes, for over a period of time, makes a visible difference.

  1. A family who bakes together stays together

Baking is a great way to bring people together. When you bake at home, you can take care of everyone's choice and taste. This is an indirect way to show your concern, care, and love for your family. Involve your kids when you bake and see them loving the moment of it.

According to a survey done by The Telegraph, Baking is regarded as great family bonding time, say 59 percent of Britons.

  1. Baking is Meditative

Baking is meditative and helps in reducing depression and anxiety. Meditation to me means awareness. Anything that you do with utmost awareness is meditation. So is Baking. You need to have your complete attention when you bake.

Awareness is what strengthens your mind and it wouldn’t be a lie to say that bakers are happier than others. Watch somebody baking. They are just in themselves. It's such a therapeutic to bake for yourself and your family.

Baking stimulates all your five senses. Eyes appreciate the creativity, ears love the thumping sound, tongue loves the taste, nose love aroma and skin loves the feel of a baked item. When all your five senses are involved you feel exuberant.

  1. Baking is Addictive

Baking is an addiction. Once you start baking, you would not go for market goodies.

According to a survey by Huffington Post, UK, baking rules because it helps relieve stress. The survey found that one in three of those asked say they feel more stressed than they did five years ago. 80% of them took baking to help reduce pressure.

"Baking helps lift my depression. It can't cure it, but it helps," says John Whaite, 2012 winner of The Great British Bake Off. He was diagnosed with manic depression in 2005. Read this full news on BBC.


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What should you bake?

I get many emails where people ask what we should bake at home. My advice has been to start with simple recipes first and then move towards the more complex bread types. Some of the baking recipes for beginners that I suggest are:

What about the Gluten? Is it safe to eat Gluten?

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Gluten but I have covered a lot about gluten in “All you need to know about Gluten”.

Gluten is a natural protein available in most of the grains. Some people develop allergies to this protein and shift to Gluten-free products. Most of the Gluten-free food has low intrinsic fiber contents. It makes necessary to add more fiber to complete the nutritional profile of such food. Baking again comes as a rescue here.

Yeast in Baking? Is it safe to eat Yeast?

Yeast is a single cell fungus that helps the bread to rise and become soft and spongy. Yeast is a living bacteria that dies when put in more than 50 °C. So when you bake your bread the yeast will die. There are many types of yeast used in baking. Some of them are commercial and some of them are extracted from fruit and grains. However, any type of yeast that is used in our bread baking, is completely safe unless it is consumed in raw form.

Can baking be considered as a full-time career?

How to start baking at home? Can it help make money?

If you are taking baking bread at home lightly, you should know that the demand for serious bakers is rising at 7%. Bureau of labor statistics predicts a 7 percent continuous rise in employment of bakers between 2014 till 2024.

There is a serious demand for professionals who expertise in healthy baking. Today’s generation is much more aware and conscious of health. There are a plethora of opportunities for those who want to make baking as their full-time career. Bakeries, home based business, specialized chef, workshops, and the sky is the limit.

Read stories of successful female home bakers.

Baking Tutorial for Beginners

So far we have been eating baked items made of all-purpose flour. Market baked bread are all made with refined flour. Even if they claim to be making wheat bread, they are using refined flour in a larger proportion. Please remember, all-purpose flour is also wheat flour but without any nutritional value.

I have always advocated for baking with whole wheat. In fact, homemade all-purpose flour is far better than market made bread.

Many feel that whole wheat bread is just not possible. I break this myth in my Whole Wheat Bread MasterClass that I conduct in different cities of India. In my online course of Everyday Cakes, Muffins, and Brownies I teach people baking delightful desserts without using Refined Flour and Refined Sugar.

And because I am a vegetarian, all these courses are completely eggless.

Did I miss anything? Why not share your views in the comments section? If you liked the article, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Video Recipes. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About the Author Sonia Gupta

Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

  • True, first time I baked brown bread and it came out very nice. Your recipes are awesome as i am also not a big fan of Maida. Thank you

  • Thank u so much for explaining the benefits of home baking . These days I started making my own pizza base, burger buns and pav buns . I am planning to start making breads too. Now after going thru ur article I am planning to completely stop buying any kind of breads thank u once again

  • Hey Sonia,
    What an inspiring article! Makes me want to learn as much as I can about bread making ,specially the whole wheat ones. I am a homebaker..but fail at achieving the perfect loaf of bread …have enrolled for the whole wheat masterclass workshop and hope to better myself at the art.

  • Dear Sonia,
    Thank you for the very informative article. I’ve enrolled myself for the upcoming WWF workshop, I’m looking forward to it and to improvise on baking.

    • Hey Anusuya,
      Thanks for liking the article. And I am glad that you took the first step towards taking control of health for your family.
      See you on the course!

  • Wow, beautiful article, lived it, as u said , baking is one type of Meditation. During this Mumbai lockdown, baking is helping me slot to stay cool & calm. Family is enjoying a lot the end baked products.

  • Hi Sonia
    Very well written. I got interested in baking when the lockdown started and I had all the time in my hands to try something new. Baking indeed relieved a lot of stress and is meditative for sure. I am now addicted to baking and cannot pass a day without baking!
    Love to learn many more recipes from you.

  • Hi Sonia, your article is a truly inspiring to become a Baker. Everytime I read your article, it makes me feel that I can achieve it. You make the things look so easy. I have had lot of disasters during bread making. Keep up the great work.Looking forward to your new post. Thanks

  • Hii Sonia .. ‘‘tis is a truly inspiring article . I am a homebaker but I fail many times in whole wheat bread baking … but reading ur article made me feel ,, any body can bake to perfection. Would. Like. To ask u do u take bread classes in Ahmedabad!!? So lemme know..

    • Hi Riya,

      Yes with practice, precision and Practice, anybody can bake. I often conduct workshops in Ahmedabad. If you want to join then please drop a whatsapp message at 7262959006 mentioning you name and city. You will get all the details.

      Happy Baking

  • Your mails ,your expandable knowledge inspire me every time.i m very very fond of cooking whether it’s baking or it’s making different cuisines.For me cooking is my stress buster.I hope I will learn a lot more in baking field in coming workshop. You are a true inspiration.i hope my dream of starting something of my own will come true very soon.Thanks for everything

  • Dear sonia,
    Awesome content and information.I feel difficulty while replacing eggs in my bakes as I’m pure vegetarian.will be more thankful if you can suggest good egg replacers.

    • Hi Viji,

      There are many such substitutes that you can use as egg re-placers like Condensed milk (for this you can follow my recipe), Buttermilk, Curd, Applesauce or bananas.
      Hope this will help you.

      Happy Baking!

  • Hi well written
    You are very inspiring me
    Thanks for everything
    I am eagerly waiting for the Chennai workshop
    Please update

    • Hello Shanthi,
      Thanks for liking the post.
      We are planning our Chennai workshop in the first week of August. If you like to join drop us a whatsapp message on 7262959006 and we will take care of you from there.


  • Hi.. Sonia didi..I am awstuck by ur creativity and perseverance.. The article is so inspiring.. Really want to be under ur guidance.. Do u conduct workshops??

    • Agnishikha,

      Thank you so much for such lovely words. I am feeling overwhelmed.

      I conduct workshops in various cities of India. Based upon your location/city you can join. For more details about same, Please contact at 7262959006.

      Happy Baking

  • Hi Sonia ,
    That’s a great write up . I am new to baking . I did few things in which few came out good to an extent and some made a big mess . Actually I was upset . After reading ur write up – I would like to start baking – a stress reliever in full fledge . If needed can I get ur help . Where can I post my queries about baking with pic ? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Akila

      Thank you so much for liking this article and sparing your time to share your experience. Well I have a facebook group, Anybody can bake. Just join that. Not only you can share your pics but also can post your queries as there are 10K bakers in that group.

  • Hi Sonia ,
    Beautiful write up . I am new to baking and tried few cookies and cakes in which few came in a good shape and few got messed up . Was bit distressed whether to continue and ur article became a eye opener for me . Would like to start baking at full fledge . Thanks .

    • Hi Savithri,

      I can so relate to your experience. Most of us have gone through similar phase. But happy to know that now you are all set and motivated.

      In case you need additional help in you baking journey, feel free to join my Facebook group, Anybody can bake. I created this group to help all who are interested to learn baking. Its totally free.

      Happy Baking

  • Hi have you tried baking diwali dishes at home like chakli and karanji…pls share the recipes if so..

  • Hi well written sonia… wer r u based in pune.. i too want to start baking… u do conduct workshops for cakes?

    • Hello Nikhitha,

      Yes, you can use brown sugar or cane sugar.

      Anything in moderation is not going to harm, access of everything is harmful. Whether to replace cheese or not, is completely on you. To replace cheese in pizzas, I at times grate cottage cheese. This makes my pizzas look cheesy and at the same time makes it healthier.


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