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Top 5 Life Skills & Benefits of Baking


The whole purpose of a living being is to stay happy and baking is one such thing that can bring happiness to the mind and body. There are numerous benefits of baking that I bet you don’t even know.

In this post I am going to talk about not just the benefits of baking on human mind and body, but will also talk about the important life skills that you learn along with.

Don’t start assuming and thinking… What the heck? How can baking bring happiness to the mind and body?

Read on.

Let’s being with talking about the life skills that baking adds to your life.

5 Life Skills Baking develops in you

In your today’s lifestyle and the amount of stress each of you builds up, it must be relieved and flushed out daily. Those who let it build in themselves face consequences of hypertension, headaches, nervous twitches, mood swings, heart issues, anxiety, etc.

And people across the world believe baking to be one stress-buster that can help you flush your daily stress by filling you with joy and happiness.

Check this Huffington Post that explained the psychological benefits of baking.

Let’s look at the top 5 life skills you learn when you start baking at home.


Life Skill #1

Train your mind to Read and Follow Instructions

Since baking is a combination of science and art, it forces you to read the instructions clearly and follow them accurately. When you do not do that, it leads to disasters. So while you perfect your baking, you also train your mind to read, understand, and follow the given instructions.


Life Skill #2Develop your Decision-Making abilities

As we said earlier, baking is science. And science is all about experimenting. Baking will lead you to decide on what flavors will go with what recipe, what happens when you alternate ingredients, and further the customization of your recipes according to your taste or your customer demands. Hence it helps you develop the ability to make decisions.


Life Skill #3Brightens your creativity

Combining the above two life skills in your bakes you also benefit yourself in developing creativity. You constantly think of a new design and shape for the new cake you are going to bake. Using the design tools and working on creative various patterns shines up your creativity.


Life Skill #4Improve the feel, smell, sound, and vision sensory

When you bake, you learn how to judge the quality of your bakes in four ways:- You learn to understand the texture through vision and touch.- You start understanding the language of aroma by smelling it.- The sound of the baked items helps you understand if the baking is complete or not.Thus, Baking helps you improve all these 4 senses.


Life Skill #5Gives you the Power of Expression

Love, affection, care are a few expressions difficult to express with words. But baked goods give you the power to express your emotions for the one you care about.

life skills and benefits of baking at home

How cool is this. You are baking and without even you realizing you are helping yourself develop some important life skills. Many parents just involve their kids in some baking course to ensure their kids learning these life skills in the most entertaining and engaging methods.

It’s time for us to talk about some of the important benefits of baking.

5 Benefits of Baking at Home


Benefits of Baking #1

They are low in Fat

Unlike traditional cooking where a lot of oil goes into the food, baking requires a very little amount of oil, and the rest of the magic is done by the heat.


Benefits of Baking #2Nutritious & Healthy

Food items, when they are in raw form, contain vitamins and minerals. Often they are lost during the boiling process. Nutritionists, therefore, ask you to eat half-boiled vegetables. Baking, however, uses heat and preserves these important vitamins and minerals in the food itself.


Benefits of Baking #3Keep a check on weight

If baked at home with the right ingredients, and unlike deep-fried Indian food, baked items reduce the amount of fat entering into your body and thus keeping a check on your weight.


Benefits of Baking #4Taste good

Studies confirm that fermented food tastes better and is good for health too. Since a lot of baking involves the fermentation process, therefore it always tastes better than the other form of food.


Benefits of Baking #5Become Financially Independent

Since not everyone understands baking with precision, but if you do, you will have a lot of buyers willing to buy from you adding up to a stream of income for you.

Now whether you run a home baking business or you only bake for your friends and family, baking brings has a lot of positive impact on your life.

And that is why, I stress too much on baking at home and that every kid must learn baking to build the important life skills in them.

A body and mind remains happy when it breathes and lives in a peaceful environment. That’s what baking does for you by absorbing your stress and convert that stress into income. Do you know other ways to attain happiness like this?

30 days baking challenge course


Baking Basics

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