April 17, 2017

You may be somebody who understands the importance of baking at home or it could be the drooling photographs in the baking recipes books that excite you. Whatever it is, but you are here because you understand the importance of learning.

Reading baking books helps you with a step by step delicious baking recipe and adds a lot of maturity to your baking skills. I know many who read baking books and they feel like that they are reading a book of short stories. Each story is different from each other but carrying a common theme between each other.

Baking is not just to tickle your taste buds, it’s much beyond that. For many, baking is a stress buster and for a few baking is a deeply personal experience, I call it spirituality.

You could be baking a cookie or bread, a cake or muffin, these baking books will save you from taking a wrong turn.

These are the must to have baking cookbooks for people who are passionate about baking from the masters in the world of baking. Here are some best baking book for beginners.

Best Baking Books for Beginners

Mary Berry's Baking Bible

Mary-Rosa Alleyna Berry is a British food writer and television presenter and has been a judge on BBC "The Great British Bake-off". This book is a collection of 250 classic recipes and is a great choice of the book both for beginners and professionals.

From conversion table to baking equipment to baking terminologies, this books covers everything. Mary is an undisputed queen of cakes and that reflects in her book as well.

The book covers a larger number of sweet bakes including a huge variety of cakes, cookies, shortbreads, fruit bread, pudding, and pies. For people who are heavily into Cakes and Muffins, this is a book for them. Beautiful pictures and illustrations help novice and experienced both to take their baking experience to the next level.

How to Bake

Paul has a straight forward approach of making recipe simpler by giving easy to follow steps in his recipes. This is exactly what he has done in his book. For something that might seem complicated to you so far, this book will make it real simple for you.

Paul takes you through the basic techniques and then provides clear and concise directions for you to start baking. The combination of what and why makes these books stand out. Paul also provides a British nomenclature to American so to ensure that people from all parts of the world understand the terms used in the book. This book clearly helps in developing your interest in baking irrespective of your age. This book is little more towards the bread but does cover cakes, pastries etc. and provide complete baking know how.


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Baking Basics by Lora Brody

For somebody who is entering into the world of baking, this book will be a perfect companion. Lora Brody gives a detailed explanation of each ingredient and its role in baking. If you were ever confused between the difference between baking soda and baking powder, don’t worry, this book will clear them all.

A writer who convinced people that they could bake amazing bread at their home in her previous books has detailed baking science in this book that every novice and the seasoned baker will love to read.

This book helps you learn how folding, beating and mixing differ from each other and when to use which technique. A must read book irrespective of the level of proficiency you have in baking.

Best Baking Books for Experience Bakers

The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

A collection of flawless recipes by the winner of 2015 IACP Cookbook for Baking. This book is divided mainly into four sections viz. Pastries, Yeast Pastries, Breads, and Cookies.

If you are not specifically looking for quick recipes and aren’t afraid of learning new techniques so that you can put them to work, this book is for you.

If you are looking for quick recipes, this book is not for you.

In the Sweet Kitchen by Regan Daley

Be prepared to learn about an ingredient in more than 500 words before you read a recipe that is less than 300 words. That’s how detailed the book is when it comes to baking techniques, ingredients, and baking science. The first half of the book is a complete encyclopedia of all the tools and ingredients a baker will ever need. And the second half has tons of excellent recipes.

You cannot imagine your kitchen without this book on your shelf. This book reveals the secret of ingredients and enables you to play with them to create delicious recipes. This book helps a novice become an expert in baking and demonstrate the fact that "Anyone can Bake". When you know the substitute of an ingredient, you will never fail in your recipes. This book was chosen "Book of the year" by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Best Cake Baking Books

The Perfect Cake by America’s Test Kitchen

Who doesn’t love cakes? Because everybody loves them, they get maximum attention in any kind of celebration.

This book is a first all-cake book that includes that recipe from Classic Pound Cake to exotic Blueberry Jam Cake.

Be it single-layered or a 24 layer high cake, a coffee cake, a bundt cake or a chiffon cake, this books covers it all.

Favorite Cakes by Williams Sonoma

Cakes are for every kind of celebrations and one of the most versatile desserts. From Tea cakes to naked cakes and from decorated simple cake to multi-layered cake, this cake book has it all.

This Cake book is a collection of simple and easy-to-follow 40 recipes with amazing photographs.

This little book has a lot of good looking cake recipes as well as tips, pictures of techniques and basic recipes.

Best Cookie Baking Books

Sally’s Cookie Addiction by Sally McKenney

Sally has her own unique way of writing easy to follow recipes. Moreover, her photography makes every delicacy look mouth-watering.

Popularly known as the “Cookie Lady”, she is the master of Cookies and her love for peanut butter is incomparable. I love her blog and follow her for inspiration.

This is absolutely one of the best Cookie baking books, you must have in your kitchen.

The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion

A collection of popular cookies and many hidden treasures that are tried and tested by the bakers at King Arthur Flour. These tried and tested step-by-step recipes will help you bake cookies in no time. Tips, substitutions, and variations, this cookie baking book has got it all.

This is a great start for home bakers who want accuracy and a thorough range of standard US cookies without being burdened with too much technical information or formulas (recipes) that take too long to prepare. You will be impressed by the amount of professional instruction and explanation included in this baking book.

Best Bread Baking Books

Paul Hollywood's Bread

This book is all about bread baking. Paul teaches you how to make different varieties of bread and that how you spin off the recipe into a fantastic meal.

Paul divides his no-fail recipes into six sections with 5 bread recipes in each section. Each recipe is with a step-by-step photograph.

Paul is known for breaking the long-held myths about bread baking and he does the same in this book as well. Bread baking was never so easier.

Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

Rustic Boules and Neapolitan-style Pizzas that easily doable by a home baker is what this book from Portland-based baker is all about. The book is equally suitable for beginners and pro, you will find a recipe that suits your baking level. This book gives you a step-by-step guide to taking your bread baking to the next level.

You will learn to make a levain starter with only flour and water. Learn the baker's percentages and advice on manipulating ingredients ratio. The book is exceptionally detailed and clearly written keeping the dedicated bakers in mind.

Best Vegan Baking Book

Easy Vegan Baking by Daniela Lais

Follow vegan diet? Then this baking book is for you. This cookbook is a collection of amazing sweet and savory vegan recipes.

Daniela transcribed all the delicious traditional baked goods to vegan format. If you have ever baked anything before, these will be easy.

I don't think they would be hard even for a first-time baker. The winter/holiday baking section is delightful.

Modern Vegan Baking by Gretchen Price

A combination of sweet and savory recipes, this cookbook is an ultimate guide to vegan baking. Gretchen recipes for items are all pretested and work the first time.

If you are afraid of trying vegan baking, Gretchen will show you how interesting and delicious vegan baking could be.

All the recipes are with completely homemade items, no market mixes. Since Gretchen owned a bakery in the past, all the recipes are of bakery quality.

Best Eggless Baking Books

Bakin' Without Eggs by Rosemarie Emro

For those who have a nose for Eggs or have food allergies, this book is highly recommended. Baking without eggs is challenging and this book simplifies all your problems.

Every recipe in this cookbook works as written.

Rosemarie has put together recipes for almost all types of baked goods you would imagine baking at home. All the recipes in this eggless baking book are much easier than traditional baking.

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Whether you are a beginner or a pro, whether you are afraid of baking or baking is your lifeline, there is something for everyone in these books. Learning should be constant and an ongoing process and these books will expose you to many new recipes that you would have never thought of. Go ahead and buy your choice of baking book and improve your baking skills.

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