Tea & Coffee are simply incomplete if they are not accompanied by great Cookies. Freshly baked Cookies is one of the best ways to enjoy Best Homemade Cookies. Baking cookies at home is a lot of fun. It can also get you a lot of appreciation and business to home-bakers if you have the right recipe to work on.

Today I am going to share my top 10 best homemade cookies recipe with you. These are simple, quick and yet delicious cookies that will make you feel awesome and make your snacking delightful.

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My Best Homemade Cookies


Candied Fruit Cookies are popularly known as tutti-frutti cookies. Close to my heart as these were the cookies that I used to eat in my childhood. More than eating the cookie, the fun was in eating the cooking and saving the tutti-frutti to eat all of them together at the end. The thought itself brings a big curve on my face.

The love of these cookies will never end and today I am sharing this love with you.


I have always liked Jeera Cookies. My Grandma used to make it for me and more than sweet cookies, I liked the salty cookies. But here at my place, I did not have the privilege of eating Grandma baked cookies.

So I had to make my own experiment and recipe.  And while making an experiment, I used gram flour and vegetables too in this amazing cookie recipe.


Macaroon is an Italian style Cookie that is typically made with Almond Flour and Egg White. Almond Flour might not be available all the time. Also, I am 100% vegetarian person, so egg white was not an option for me.

You will be surprised to know that the recipe uses only 3 ingredients and only 20 minutes of your time. There is no reason to not try this super quick and easy cookie recipe.


This one is a blockbuster. Ragi being Gluten-free and constituting 50% of the recipe makes this recipe diet-friendly. Those who are trying to lose weight, this would be one of the best homemade cookies recipes for them.

After I replaced regular cookies at home with these ragi cookies, I could see the considerable control in my husband’s cholesterol levels. Additionally, Ragi is diabetic friendly cereal too.


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Chocolate chip cookies are liked by people of all ages and especially by the kids. This healthy whole wheat cookie is filled with the benefits of honey, flaxseed, and wheat germ. If you are working on improving child concentration, the food needs to be altered accordingly and these cookies help the child in concentrating on studies.

The chocolate chips ensure that it is equally good on your taste buds too. One of the best homemade cookies recipe for the growing kids.


This is a great healthy experimental recipe. The recipe uses the Gulab Jamun premix which gives a unique flavor to these quick and easy cookie recipes.

The inclusion of Oat Meal keeps the calorie count in check and the dry fruits add a lot of nutrition to the cookie.


The crunchiness of Pistachios and the tanginess of cranberries makes this recipe extremely delightful and rich in taste. Along with taste, the recipe is also good for health. Both cranberries and pistachios have multiple health benefits.

And the dried cranberries in these golden cookies give an ornamental look. Specially recommended to bake for a formal get-together, if you like to earn a lot of appreciation.


If you have not tasted Karachi Fruit Biscuits, you have not really tasted the good stuff. There has to be a reason for these cookies to have worldwide popularity. And you will know the reason when you bake these melt-in-mouth buttery Fruit Biscuits at home.

The golden color of the biscuits and the colorful candied fruit in them makes them one of the best homemade cookies.


The Chocolate Cookie recipe is still one of the most amazing cookie recipes around the world. Try to find a person who does not like chocolate cookies and you will understand why is this recipe so popular.

12 minutes of baking and you will get these extremely delicious cookies. The buttery flavor of these cookies makes them extremely special.


I saved the best one for the last. This single recipe has crossed more than 33,000 views in no time and still one of the best performing recipes.

The beauty of this cookie recipe is its simplicity. And I am sure it does attract the people who wanted to bake cookies on a Gas Stove using a Pressure Cooker or Idli Maker.

In just an hour (including the 30 minutes of resting time) you will be able to bake fresh and delightful cookies, even if you do not have an oven at home. The recipe has a special place in my heart because this is the recipe that made when I did not have an oven at my place.

Now that you have got the list of my top 10 best homemade cookies, I am sure you would be thinking of baking them straight away.

Hang on!

Best Homemade Cookies Basics

Let’s run through with some Cookie baking basics.

Regular cookie dough is = 3 times flour, 2 times fat, 1-time sugar.

Flour & Fat

Cookies are typically made with refined flour or all-purpose flour. Organic, bleached, or unbleached all are interchangeable in the recipe and have a negligible difference in the taste and texture. Unbleached is, however, a better choice.

I recommend using butter in your cookies. Using shortening will change the taste and texture of your recipe. Butter has a lower melting point than shortening and hence the difference in taste and texture.

You get unsalted and salted butter in the market. Different companies have different levels of salt in their butter and hence using unsalted butter is preferred in cookies. This way you will know how much salt you are actually using in your cookies.

If you make a recipe with butter and the same recipe with shortening, butter cookies are going to be thinner than cookies made with shortening.

Sweetener and Leavener

Brown sugar will absorb the moisture from the recipe making the cookies chewy whereas white sugar will keep the recipe crispier. Both types of sugar can be used in the same quantity in a recipe depending on whether you need crispy cookies or chewy cookies.

Baking powder and Baking soda are used as the leavening agents in the cookies. Baking soda neutralized the ingredients acidic levels. On the other side, the baking powder gives a light and cakey texture to the cookies.

Tip: If your cookies turn out to be less chewy and they puff out more, increase the quantity of sugar. Alternatively, if you want your cookies to be crispier, increase the amount of fat in your cookies.

So what are you going to bake today? Which recipe excites you most? And what did you in these amazing cookie recipes? Any other recipe you wanted me to include in this list?

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and I will personally respond back to you.

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