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Overnight Breakfast Rolls #BreadBakers

Overnight Breakfast rolls
These Overnight Breakfast rolls are so easy to make that once you try this recipe, you will love it. The best part about this recipe is that these can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated until you are ready to bake. Convenient, isn’t it? A simple recipe for make-ahead breakfast for a crowd, when need be. Unlike...

Vegan Pesto Babka #BreadBaker

Vegan Pesto Babka
Babka is a popular braided Jewish bread. This twisted bread mostly has chocolate, cinnamon or Nutella as filling. Last year I baked Chocolate Cinnamon Babka and my family cherished it a lot. This time I thought to try my hands on savory babka. People who know me, know my love for fresh herbs so I decided to use homemade fresh...

Gluten Free Amaranth Crackers #BreadBakers

Amaranth Crackers
Amaranth crackers made with Gluten-Free Amaranth flour is a high nutrition cracker recipe. Google it and get surprised with the benefits of Amaranth flour. Amaranth plan benefits include lowering high cholesterol level, support the digestive system, a good source of protein, helps in weight loss, strengthen the eyesight, and also work as an antioxidant. It’s a gluten-free seed so people...

Baked Cajun Potatoes

Baked Cajun potatoes
Baked Cajun Potatoes is one of the easiest appetizers that can make you showstopper in any get-together. With few easily available ingredients at home, you can make it any time of the day. For me, I don’t wait for any occasion to make this recipe. Just 30 minutes and your yummy and super delicious snack is ready to indulge...

You must read this before using Microwave Oven for Baking

Microwave Oven for Baking
A modern kitchen feels incomplete without a Microwave Oven. People use microwave oven for baking and cooking and a microwave oven has significantly simplified both of them. Traditional cooking methods are time-consuming and time is what people do not have nowadays. And hence, everybody needs the microwave oven for baking and cooking in their kitchen. Also for bachelors and people...

Amazing Foxtail Millet Triple Chocolate Millet Brownies

Foxtail Millet Brownies
With the changing lifestyle and health issues, people nowadays are more concerned about their food. After all its 70% of food that defines your body. Such changes have increased the usage of Millets. And our today’s Millet Brownies is one such healthy recipe that will delight each of the health-conscious people. Millets are known as superfoods. Today our recipe is...

10 Best Homemade Cookie Recipes

Best Homemade Cookies
Tea & Coffee are simply incomplete if they are not accompanied by great Cookies. Freshly baked Cookies is one of the best ways to enjoy Best Homemade Cookies. Baking cookies at home is a lot of fun. It can also get you a lot of appreciation and business to home-bakers if you have the right recipe to work on. Today...

2 Amazing Variants of Buttermilk Beignets #BreadBakers

Buttermilk Beignets
Beignets, known as French donuts are a new addition to my bread recipes. These super soft and moderately sweet small squares of happiness, Buttermilk Beignets, are perfect to make your tea-time memorable. These are traditionally prepared before consumption so to eat fresh and warm. The term beignet has two varieties depending upon the type of pastry. The French-style beignets in...

Irish Soda bread #BreadBakers

Soda bread
Irish soda bread is a no yeast bread recipe. Traditional Irish soda bread is shaped as a boule and then baked. It has golden color on the crust with a dense tight crumb. But I love to have my bread as a loaf and I shaped it so. Frankly, I never liked the version of quick bread and always enjoy...

Healthy Cakes – Myth or Reality?

Healthy Cakes
Cakes!! What is the first thing that pops in your mind, when someone yells “cake”? Yay!! It’s a birthday!! Is that it? Is there anything like Healthy Cakes? Well, cakes today are much more than just birthdays. Now, a cake is a dessert, an emotion, an expression, a status symbol, a gift and a celebration in itself. It...

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