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July 3, 2017

The art of cake decorating

Cakes are an important and integral part of our life. They represent celebrations. They represent joy. There was a time when cake was only limited to something that was round, covered with frosted cream and that’s about it. Cake decorating has moved beyond imagination and there are people who make these cakes more joyful with their cake decorating skills. A few days ago we wrote about female food bloggers and today we have picked 7 famous female cake decorators and famous female cake bakers who decorate every cake like a masterpiece.

These cake artists are passionate about baking and designing cakes. Their passion rose to a point that they decided to leave their corporate jobs and took cake baking as their profession. To check individual profile, you can simply click on their name and visit their individual profiles. Next time when you have to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary or like to eat cake just like that, try them out and you will never turn to a bakery ever.

There is an additional benefit of buying a cake from a home baker. You get completely fresh cake, specially baked for you. The quality of ingredients are far better. Typically, home bakers do not use chemicals and preservatives. You have a lot more control in the customization of your cake. Yes, it is like you have your personal cake decorator, decorating a cake for you.


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Disclaimer: The following sequence does not represent any ranking. The sequence is a simply alphabetic.

Ashel Dimi | Ashel’s baking Heaven | Bangalore

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashelsbakingheaven/

Email: ashelsbakingheaven@gmail.com

Phone: +91-90081 64962


In her own words:

I was born in Calicut, Kerala. I was a tennis player and ranked number 5 in India in under 14 and 16 categories. My WTA ranking was 1029 in the world. I had to quit professional tennis because of a rotator cuff tear on my right shoulder. Later post marriage, I moved to Bangalore and I currently stay here and that’s how my little baking heaven was born.

After completing my B tech, I started working with TCS in Chennai and later moved to TCS Bangalore. The feeling of something is missing made me quit my job in April 2015. I'm a big time foodie and love experimenting with various types of foods and cuisines. So while I was working, Baking for friends and in my neighborhood came in as a hobby.

Ashel 1

My mom is a wonderful cook. She used to bake a lot. I have seen her and helped her while baking pizzas, old-fashioned butter cakes, and cookies. I baked my first cake when I was 14. All recipes were from old magazines and books. Google was not born till then. With all the magazines and books I had, I tried many recipes. Few worked and few didn’t. I am a person who has trained herself with a lot of trial and error. I did some specialty courses like sugar flowers and wedding cake decorating and like to decorate cakes with real-life edible flowers.

Ashel 2

My focus is on organic and premium ingredients in all my cakes. I bake for different occasions like anniversary, weddings, and birthday parties. Eggless, Sugar-free, Gluten-free are few customizations that I make on clients request. In a day I take a max of 3 orders.

Divya Narwani | Yummilicious | Pune

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yummiliciouspune

Email: yummiliciouscakesnmore@gmail.com

Phone: +91-95456 97733


In her own words:

I was born and brought up in a traditional Sindhi family in Mumbai. I haven't had much exposure to the real world until I got married and moved to a beautiful island, St. Marten. Here I worked as a store manager for 13 years at Kwality Bargains.

Well, being a foodie myself I relate to that urge to eat tasty mouth-watering dishes. Being a vegetarian, the home was where everyone would end up with a hungry stomach. Every morning there used to be a zeal to cook something distinct.

Divya 1

I wasn't happy about being a boring store manager. Finally, I started a home business cake, desserts, chocolates, and Italian dishes. After I came back to India, I tried a few things but it didn’t please my heart. I again turned back to my passion and started 'Yummilicious Cakes and More' in 2016.

Divya 2

They say it's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. And trust me, I whole heartily agree to this. People eat through three ways i.e. through their eyes (Presentation), nose (Fragrance), and mouth (Taste). It's then that your food is actually not just a food but a joyous dish.

I've found my happiness by pursuing my passion. After months of hard work and dedication, I'm a proud owner of two successful cafes in Pune.

Mariya Raj Kagalwala | Choco-liiicious | Pune

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesassypastrychef/

Email: mariyak.mk@gmail.com

Phone: +91-88887 86258


In her own words:

Today cooking is not just a hobby but a passion for many like me who have put that into some serious business. Experimenting and innovating new flavors keeps me distinct from others. I always try living up to the quote "I tried being normal but then it turned out to be boring, so I went back to being crazy again."

I make around 18 flavors in cakes and cupcakes.

Mariya 1

My journey of Choco-liiicious started almost 3 years ago. I enrolled myself in a vocational course in bakery and confectionery while I was in 11th and 12th. This furthered into graduation and masters in Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

I utilized my time between my bachelors and masters and joined Cocoa Patisserie in Pune as a cake artist. Here I learned about icing, cake decorating and other things related to cake baking. The love for cake baking and cake decorating started to stabilize in me.

Mariya 2

This is when I decided to build Choco-liiicious. I specialize in customized cakes, cupcake, brownies, chocolates, and cheesecakes. I also make mini cakes enough for 2 people and cake jars too.

Currently, I serve about 30 orders in a month. The business is taking a stronger and robust shape day after day. My aim is to spread happiness and love through the products that I make.

Nitika Jain | Simply Cakes | Delhi

Web: http://simplycakes.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simplycakesbynitikajain/

Email: simplycakes.nj@gmail.com

Phone: +91-98999 99819


In her own words:

Simply Cakes was born as a result of my passion and love for eggless bakes. The main motive was to provide customers with the best quality eggless bakes. I wanted to make their celebrations more special by customizing their cakes.

I have been baking for the last 6 years. These 6 years have given me a bag full of memories to cherish. Every new theme that I work on, excites me and adds up in the memory bag.

Nikita 1

Despite the difficulty and challenge a new theme might bring, I take pride in delivering on them. The pleasure adds up when you know that you are helping a day become really special for somebody. From all the flavors I make, the chocolate truffle is one flavor that makes my customers go crazy.

Nikita 2

The demand for customized cakes has been increasing. To keep up the pace, I keep upgrading myself with new techniques. I don’t enjoy repeating any previous designs. My clients love me and motivate me for my creations. This drives me to be innovative and better myself every day.

Shefali Suratwala | Chocistry | Pune

Web: http://www.chocoistry.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shefschocoistry/

Email: shefali@chocoistry.com

Phone: +91-98600 70005


In her own words:

Born and bought up in Pune, I am an MBA in finance with a Bachelor’s degree in computer applications. I worked with a chartered accountant for some time. After that, I worked for 2 years with Axis bank as a customer relationship manager. I developed my passion for baking somewhere during college time. I started as a hobby baker where I experimented on cake decorating ideas. While with Axis bank, my hobby of baking starts taking a more formal shape, I also started taking a few orders. The increased popularity of my work kept taking me away from my banking career.

Shefali 1

Soon I realized that banking career is not my cup of tea. I wanted to bake and decided to make a full-time career in cake baking and cake decorating. Finally, I quit the Axis bank and became a full-time home baker. Customer response started increasing and I started getting repeat and referenced orders. Every customer feedback improved my confidence in my work and I never looked back.

To give a more structured shape to my passion, I attended a few one-day crash courses. This helped me gain a better understanding of the ingredients and some latest techniques. I now plan to complete a 3 months diploma course from Dadar Catering College. I am eager to learn some more international techniques for cake decorating.

Shefali 2

Apart from cakes, I also make cookies and a few other confectioneries. My specialty is into Fondant Cakes. One of my signature cake is Mango Rose Cake. Rasmalai cake is another big hit within my clients.

In a day I serve 4 clients at max. I manage my entire business through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is the backbone of my business.

Sindhu Murali |  Crazy Baker  | Pune

Web: http://neemandturmeric.blogspot.in/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sindhucrazybaker

Email: sindhumurali1986@gmail.com

Phone: +91-96239 44542


In her own words:

One and a half years after her daughter’s birth, Sindhu Murali yearned to find her identity and became a “Crazy Baker”.  My father used to bring us small cakes from a bakery near our house and then one day he bought an oven. I took up the task of baking in the house along with my grandmother. I baked for the first time in my 6th standard.” Ever since then it is baking that I enjoy as it offers peace of mind. It lets me explore my creativity.

Before I took up Baking as my career, I worked for a private company as a Purchase Head. I further became Home Chef serving South Indian food for an online food delivery system named MealTango. I am now a Home Baker for about a year and a half. Years of experimenting with baking gave me the confidence to venture into this foray. I did not pursue any professional baking course.

Sindhu 1

I offer cakes, cookies, cupcakes, brownies to my niche clientele. People adore my vegan multigrain diabetic- friendly oat cookies. My Naughty Cakes has a huge fan following among the youth. I am very particular about the quality of the cake, I deliver. This is a major reason why my clients come back to me. To keep improvising my cakes, I attended a fondant modeling class. I do not overburden myself with orders all the time. I choose to do it of my own accord ranging from baking 20 cakes a day to none for two weeks.

Suchi 1

My advice for all the women entrepreneur:

“Women can fly to what height she wants to, by always keeping in mind her roots.”

Suchi Dutta | 21 Baker Street | Kolkata

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/21bakerstreet

Email: 21bakerstreetkolkata@gmail.com

Phone: +91-89614 42271


In her own words:

Hailing from a simple Bengali family, I had spent my initial childhood in Bangalore and then shifted to Kolkata. I knew for a successful career one has to get a degree and work in a 9-5 job. And that is exactly what I did. I passed as a Finance graduate and landed a job in Human Resource. But I soon realized that this is not what I wanted to do and eventually resigned.

My journey as a self-taught baker had started 3 years ago. I first attempted to bake a small chocolate cake in my mother’s 21-year-old cooker. Life in these three years has been an absolute roller coaster ride. Today, I am a proud cake artist and a proud entrepreneur of my tiny baking venture named “21 Baker Street”.

Suchi 1

Being a cake artist has its own set of challenges. We always have to innovate. A cake artist not only has to bake a delicious cake but it also has to be visually appealing. I love the cake decorating part the most. It is so therapeutic for me when I get to decorate my cakes. Keeping it simple yet classy is my motto.

Suchi 2

At 21 Baker Street, I mainly concentrate on making non-fondant cakes. I try to experiment with new flavors and keep myself updated with the current trends. Some of our best sellers would have to be our signature Dark Chocolate truffle cake, bittersweet brownie bars, rasmalai mousse, and Cheesy Chicken tarts. Today I serve clients at least 4 days a week. My goal this year would be to increase my business volume at least 40%. In the near future, I aspire to open my own café and serve a piece of happiness to people.

From the Author

With so much talent around us, we would like to meet more home bakers and present their talent to the world. If you know somebody whom we should have listed here, please feel free to connect with us.

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About the Author Sonia Gupta

Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

  • I know a cake artist who left her job too to become a cake artist. She bakes an amazingly delicious cakes. She lives in Bangalore. I want to know how to connect to u. Is there a number to which we can share the contact?

  • You have missed a younger talent and former baker n pastry chef from JW Marriott Pune.I am talking about Harshita Shorewala,who runs her own business Cake Dior.

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