March 21


Healthy Chocolate Banana Cake

By Sonia Gupta

March 21, 2018

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Sonia Gupta

About the author

I am a Baking Instructor, Blogger, YouTuber, and Recipe Creator. I love to experiment with my camera tell stories through my pictures.

  • 5 stars
    Dear Sonia,
    I have tried some of ur recipes which came out really well. A big thanks to you.
    I have one query though. Can I use musturd oil in this recipe?

  • 5 stars
    Mam, I tried this recipe today. First of all I had to add double the milk as mentioned, but reading another comment’s answer as u said the flour quality maybe different. Secondly I baked in convection mode for atleast 40 mins at 160 degree ( my microwave convection achieves 160 deg when it shows 180 deg on panel ) but still my toothpick is not coming out clean..what can be the reason I tried to make batter of pouring consistency..can too thin a batter be the reason for increase in baking ur video seeinv the batter it seems my batter was thin…

    • Sweta,

      When the batter has more moisture content, obviously it will take longer time to evaporate. so if your batter was runny, then bake it for little longer time until it passes the toothpick test.

      Happy Baking!

  • I tried baking this came but it was quite thick and I had to add another 50ml of milk. Can this be the reason for my cakes of being drier side as I end up adding little more milk to make it pouring consistency.

    • Namita, every flour has different absorption capacity. Moreover if bananas are not properly ripe then also you will end up adding more milk. So that is absolutely fine.

  • 5 stars
    Hey Sonia !

    I have made this cake today and it’s really nice .. however it has little chewiness . What should I add to ensure that it’s leww chewy.. can u pls let me know the exact measurement of banana purée as measurement varies with the size of banana .

  • I have tried banana cakes from other recipes and mostly every one includes egg. Please help me understand how we are excluding eggs in this recipe. I am new to baking and would really like to know what exactly is the use of egg while baking and when / how should we include/exclude it . Sorry if its a long question!!

    • Preeta

      First of all, don’t say sorry for any question. I love to answer. So feel free to ask whenever in doubt.

      Now coming to your question, Banana itself is a replacement of egg. So in any recipe where banana is there, you can easily skip eggs. Eggs have a different purpose in different recipes. In few recipes eggs used as a binder, in few to give richness and in few to make the cake rise. With practice you will understand all these things. So keep experimenting and sharing with us. I am there to help.

      Happy Baking

  • Your title shud be …” Nobody bake like me ” can’t tell you your recipe is so easy to follow …yet delicious …I am loving it ….

  • Please share recipe of strawberry cake with fresh strawberry … in this recipe may I replace bana with fresh strawberry grinded??

    • Hello Shalini,
      I will not suggest until I do a successful experiment at my end. however, if you experiment, share your results so that I can learn from it.


  • Trying this today. Can I add butter scotch essence instead of cinnamon powder?

    Also can I add flax seeds powder in to this?

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