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So how do you convert grams to cups? Referring to multiple conversion tables and converting cups to grams and grams to cups has always confused bakers. If you are new to baking at home, you must ensure to make yourself familiar with conversion of grams to cups in baking.

Always Bake by Weight for Tastier Results

How much is 1 cup in ml and how much is 1 cup in grams? Such questions do pop up when you read a recipe on the internet.

The constant switch between the imperial and metric unit system creates all these confusion. I will explain the difference between metric and imperial unit system a little later. But for bakers who read recipes on the internet must be careful in following a suitable unit system for themselves.

Cups to Grams Conversion Table

It is always helpful to keep a conversion calculator handy with yourself. The conversion calculator makes it easy to translate grams to cups when you follow recipe measurements. Measuring your ingredients in grams and milliliters is always a more accurate way to bake.

You might be using a standard cup to measure your ingredients, but remember different ingredients weight differently. 1 cup of sugar will weight differently to 1 cup of flour. In fact, 1 cup of all-purpose flour will weigh different to 1 cup of whole wheat flour. Measure butter and honey in grams whereas water and milk in ml. Similarly, it makes sense to measure curd in grams whereas buttermilk in ml.

Measuring ingredients in wrong units might lead to disaster in your baking.

Conversion Table: Metric system vs Imperial System

Many countries follow the metric unit system. According to me, the precision is higher in this metric unit system. Metric system uses the measuring units such as meters, centimeter, grams, kilograms, liters, and milliliters.

To be precise and accurate, I recommend buying a kitchen weighing scale.

The US people follow the legacy Imperial Unit system that uses measuring units such as feet, inches, and pounds.

The temperature is also measured differently in both the unit systems. Americans measure temperature in Fahrenheit, whereas countries following the metric unit system measure temperature in Centigrade. 0 degree Celsius, which is the freezing point of water is measured as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. We all can use calculators and convert a unit system over the other, however when you are in the middle of your project, all you need is a simple conversion table of grams to cups and Fahrenheit to Centigrade.

baking conversion table cups to grams
baking conversion table cups to grams

How to read the conversion table

Ever noticed the measuring cups for dry and liquid ingredients? They are different. Notice that for dry ingredients the cups are supposed to be filled till the top and then the access you just shake off to level the dry ingredient, whereas for measuring liquids there is always a spout in the measuring cups. You measure liquids by filling the cup to the spout level. Wrong measurements of the ingredients, most of the time, is the reason for the failure of your recipe. 

In my conversion table, I have tried to mention commonly required conversion in temperature, liquids, and weights. While following any recipe, don’t mix grams and liters, they are not interchangeable. Conversions are approximate and have been rounded up or down. Follow one set of measurements only.

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  1. How to be part of your baking group.
    As I am beginner in baking I love to be part of your group.. I liked Ur all post.

    Do you have a WhatsApp group too then plz share link. I would like to join that for continuous learning.


    • Ankita,

      You can join my Facebook group, Anybody can bake. It’s free of cost and there are around 10k bakers from different parts of the world. I am sure you will get a good help there.

      Happy Baking

  2. Nice blog.nice healthy recipes..Keep up the good work ..I have a suggestion in your recipe you have mentioned the ingredients in grams .Also ,can you also please provide the equivalent in cups as it would be easy for people who do not have weighing machine or we don’t have to refer to conversation chart

    • Dear Arpita,
      I believe in being accurate with the measurements as a slight change here and there in the ingredients measurements makes a lot of difference in the outcome. Also, cups come in different variety and there is no consistency in them. It is highly advisable to invest in a kitchen weighing scale if you like your baking to be better. It is a fairly small investment but is really helpful in baking.

  3. Its really nice to read your notes…your recipes and thoughts….I am.enjoying being part of your baking group…keep the good work going.


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