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Our online baking courses are not mere recipe instruction; our baking courses empower you with a deep understanding of baking science. Our online eggless baking courses are a simple and great way to quickly learn and start baking at home without using eggs.

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190+ Eggless Baking Recipes
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Featured Online Baking Courses

30 Days Baking Course

Ignite your baking passion with our 30-day course. From mastering essentials to crafting exquisite confections, embark on a delectable journey to elevate your skills and creativity, day by day.

30 Days Whole Wheat Baking

Elevate your skills in our 30-Day Whole Wheat Baking Course. Master whole wheat bread, muffins, cakes, and cookies. Savor wholesome creations, fuel your passion for healthy baking.

Cookie Making Course

Embrace the Cookie Lover's Dream in our 7-Day Cookie Making Course. Explore 14 delightful sweet and savory recipes, featuring diverse flours. Elevate your baking and savor each delicious bite.

Healthy Baking Courses Online

Gluten-Free Baking

Master eggless, gluten-free baking in our course. Elevate your skills, craft delectable treats, and embrace dietary preferences.

Sourdough Baking

Unlock the art of sourdough baking in our course. Perfect tangy loaves, explore diverse flavors, and elevate your baking journey.

Vegan Baking

Discover the delicious world of vegan baking. Master plant-based recipes, create cruelty-free treats, and indulge in compassionate culinary creations.

Whole Wheat Baking

Explore the wholesome art of whole wheat baking. Elevate your skills, savor nutritious creations, and bake with health and flavor in every bite.

Premium Online Baking Courses

Puff Pastries Baking Course

Master the delicate craft of puff pastries. Create buttery, flaky delights with precision, and elevate your baking skills to a new level.

Chocolate Making Course

Unleash your inner chocolatier! Craft delectable chocolates with finesse, from truffles to pralines. Dive into the world of chocolate making today!

Choux Pastry & Eclairs Baking

Learn the art of choux pastry and eclairs. Craft light, airy pastries filled with delectable creams. Elevate your baking skills today.

Modern Bakes & Cakes

Explore contemporary baking artistry. Elevate your skills in crafting modern cakes and bakes that dazzle the senses. Join us in this creative journey!

Cake Decorating Course

Master the art of cake decorating. Elevate your baking with intricate designs, stunning decorations, and delicious cakes.

Short-term Course

Cupcakes & Muffins

Master the delightful world of cupcakes and muffins. Create an array of flavors and designs to sweeten every occasion. 

Travel Cakes & Tea Cakes

Explore the art of travel cakes and tea cakes. Craft portable delights perfect for picnics and afternoon tea.

Brownies Baking Course

Master the art of brownies, from classic fudgy delights to innovative flavor infusions. Elevate your baking skills with every rich, chocolaty bite.

Day-to-day Bread Baking

Unlock the secrets of daily bread baking. Learn diverse bread-making techniques to craft fresh, flavorful loaves and elevate your culinary expertise.

Weekend Baking

Shortcrust Pastries Course

Discover the art of crafting perfect shortcrust pastries. Master techniques for sweet and savory delights in our Shortcrust Pastries Course.

Pre-Fermented Bread

Elevate your breadmaking skills with our Pre-Fermented Bread Course. Learn the secrets to creating flavorful and aromatic pre-ferments.

Eggless Cake Sponges

Master the art of eggless cake sponges with our comprehensive course. Perfect your technique and create delectable cakes.

Christmas Baking

Elevate your holiday baking skills with our Christmas Baking Course. Learn to craft festive treats and create memorable moments.

Business Course

Grow Your Home Bakery

Turn your passion into profit with our "Grow Your Home Bakery" course. Master baking techniques and build a successful home-based bakery business.

30 Days Blogging Course

Unlock your blogging potential in just 30 days! From writing engaging content to monetizing your blog, acquire the skills to succeed.

Enterprising in Baking

Master the art of entrepreneurship in the baking world! Elevate your baking business with marketing, branding, and management skills.

Pricing Your Bakes & Cakes

Learn to price your baked creations effectively. Maximize your profits and grow your baking business with our Pricing Your Bakes & Cakes course.

Branding & Marketing

Unlock the secrets of successful branding and marketing for your baking business. Elevate your brand with our Branding & Marketing Course.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your baking business with our Social Media Marketing Course. Learn the art of leveraging social platforms for growth.

Sonia Gupta - Baking Instructor

"Sonia Gupta, a celebrated and award-winning baking instructor, stands as a beacon of expertise in eggless and healthy baking, particularly whole wheat baking. Her bakery courses have garnered India's highest ratings.

Awards & Recognitions


What they say

Manda Mathur

Recently attended Sonia Ma'am 30 days baking course and I was very pleased! Sonia Mam is a patient and conscientious teacher who really takes the time to make sure you understand what you are doing and that you get all the techniques right. My friends and family are all amazed at the beautiful cakes, muffins and breads that I have been able to create so far - I have already had people asking me to make cakes for them!! I will definitely be heading back for some more classes to expand my knowledge even further. Thank you Sonia Ma'am & Amit Sir for sharing your knowledge, passion and skills. Also Thanks for your quick support to get the certificate right after the course

Srubhi Jain - Rajasthan
Ruchira Kamdar

My first course of Anybody can bake was the 30days Baking challenge. I enjoyed every bit of that course. It had variety and taught me basics of everything in baking - be it muffins, cakes, cookies and breads. IT boosted my confidence to a very great extent. I really loved the structure of the course, the way it was delivered by Sonia maam and the challenges which were set for us each week. Sturcture was superb ..and ofcourse at all times, we got the right support from Sonia Maam and Amitji. That was a stepping stone for a lot of home baking I do for friends and family. Thank you very much.

Ruchira Kamdar - Bangalore

Benefits of Online Bakery Courses

Elevate Your Baking Journey. Discover the Advantages of Online Baking Courses.


Online courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your schedule, accommodating work or family commitments.

Accessible Resources

Online courses provide a wealth of resources, including video tutorials, forums, and digital materials, accessible 24/7.


Online courses often cost less than traditional offline classes, saving money on travel, materials, and accommodation.

Diverse Instructors

Online platforms connect you with instructors from around the world, offering diverse perspectives and expertise.

Global Community

Join a global community of fellow bakers, sharing experiences and insights across borders.

Personalized Learning

Online courses allow you to focus on specific areas of interest or difficulty, tailoring your learning experience.

Feedback and Support

Many online courses offer personalized feedback and support through forums, emails, or live sessions.

No Commute

Eliminate travel time and expenses associated with attending physical classes.

Lifetime Access

Some online courses provide lifetime access to course materials, allowing for ongoing reference and learning.


Online learning cultivates self-discipline and motivation, valuable skills in both baking and life.

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