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Who doesn’t love cakes? And for years we have eaten cakes almost in every type of celebrations. But as we become more aware of what we are eating, the need for customized cakes and home bakers have increased.

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Today’s generation is aware of the difference between customized cakes and regular cakes. They are more specific about their needs. Most importantly, the internet has made the world too small. Many of us have been watching those amazing looking custom cakes pictures in different magazines and websites.

When you need customized cakes for birthday, anniversary, or wedding you start finding a baker. A home-baker who can customize the cake per your needs or a baker who can match the theme of your party.

So what are your options?

Customized Cakes
Picture Credit: Bakeway.com

Finding Customized Cakes

I am sure each of you has struggled to find a near-by baker. A home-baker who has the ability to make customized cakes. A reliable home-baker who can deliver a quality cake, right at the time when you need it.

Did you also try to post messages on social media for recommendations only to get more confused? Many times the social media recommendations are so biased to even make a correct decision.

Good news is that you don’t have to do all this anymore. Thanks to Bakeway.com. It focuses on bringing the home bakers on a single platform showcasing their work. The platform makes it super easy for a user to search a home baker near his/her locality.

Not only the platform make the home-bakers findable, but the platform also helps the user the compare various offerings, prices and type of work a baker is capable of. The rating/feedback system allows the users to rate a home-baker. Based on the rating system, it is easy to find reliable home-bakers near you.

Placing an order with bakeway.com brings a lot of peace. The hassle-free system saves you from the trouble of calling many bakers and negotiate. You also don’t have to worry about following once you have placed the order through the system.

The ease of making a payment and getting a timely delivery from the home-baker is all managed by bakeway.com. All you do is, place an order and chill. No more follow-ups. You can now get a cake delivered at late night or at midnight.

Custom Cakes
Picture Credit: Bakeway.com

PS: I was able to easily surprise my wife right at 00:00 hours while I was traveling out of Pune.

Ok, this reminds of the fact that the services of finding customized cakes online are currently available in Pune only. The team has big plans to open their services soon for other cities too.

I recommend Bakeway.com to all the cake lovers. The services is for-sure gonna delight you. It helps you solve your problem of finding a reliable home-baker near your place.

Remember, there is nothing better than a homemade cake and bakeway.com has made it available to you in a few clicks.


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