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June 6, 2017

Last Updated: 25 December 2021

This article is dedicated to females who left their full-time corporate jobs and took the courage to follow their dreams. These Female Food Bloggers started their inspiring food blogs to build their careers in the blogging world. I also wrote about some amazing cake artists creating waves with their eye-popping and lip-smacking cakes.

Everyone wants to cook something that delights them and others. In fact, cookbooks have inspired almost everyone to try something new in their kitchen. But with the digitization of the world, food blogs started taking over to the cookbooks. As a result, people now switch to online sources to find recipes. Consequently, this has increased the popularity of food blogs.

The New Generation of Female Food Bloggers

Writing a food blog requires a lot of patience. You go through repeated sessions of error and trials. You need a deeper understanding of photography and the ability to create a story.

Above all the passion towards food and the zeal to be a recognized voice is what drives a food blog.

Blogging is highly rewarding if done with a specific strategy. Food blogging is a little different because other than getting your articles ranked, you have to apply strategy to get your recipes ranked.

Ironically, most of the people just look at a blog as a medium of publishing their recipes. They never realize that it can be your full-blown business too and you can make money from your blog.

Check the 30DaysFoodBloggingChallenge to see how a blog can make money for you.


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Noticeable Female Food Bloggers

Meet these 6 awesome Female Food Bloggers who left their full-time corporate jobs to and became food bloggers. These Female Food Bloggers are on their way to make their blog a full-blown career. Watch them as they build their own space in the world of Food Blogs.

Note: The sequence is alphabetic and does not represent their rankings. The information is purely on the “as-received” basis.

Devaki Sonawala – 100RecipePromise

Devaki Sonawala

Born in Pune, Devaki grew up in Calicut, Kerala. She was born in a Maharashtrian family and is living in Kerala with Gujarati neighborhood.  As a result, Devaki was exposed to cross culture and varied cuisines. Devaki was heavily engaged in hosting parties and watching cookery shows.

Devaki is a food lover soul who was working in sales. After Devaki was blessed with a child, she decided to write a book for her with 100 family recipes. The idea of writing a book eventually got digitized and gave birth to the blog in October 2016. Her current vision is to record as many recipes as possible. Her husband is a digital marketer who helps in her blog. Devaki feels that procrastination has been her biggest mistake. As a matter of fact, she feels that she should have started her blog almost 6 years ago.

Devaki falls into the category of self-taught Female Food Bloggers. She has learned most of the things from YouTube or from reading influencer blogs. She picked up photography by buying a DSLR and continues to improve her photography.

Devaki likes to promote vegetarian Kerala cuisine, Kokanastha Brahmin cuisine, and Gujarati cuisine. She wants to travel the world and teach fellow food lovers to cook all these recipes at their homes.

Mukulika Sengupta – A Pigeon n a Pie

Mukullika SenGupta

Mukulika was born in Jabalpur and is currently settled in Mumbai. She was a student in a Sainik school that imbibed discipline in her blood. After her marriage with an Army officer, her life has been a continuous movement from one place to another. At the same time, this created an opportunity for her to explore the beautiful country, India. In addition, this brought her in touch with the lives, cultures, and food of various communities.

She taught in various schools for several years. However, as her growing child needed her time, she quit her job and chose to be a stay at home mom. She started freelance online content development work that paved her way to blogging. Staying at home gave her the luxury of time. The foodie Mukulika used this time to slowly develop her passion for baking. Her friends and family liked her recipes and baking. Furthermore, they encouraged her to start a food blog and mark her entry into the list of Female Food Bloggers.

Mukulika currently spends the majority of her time to promote her blog and developing recipes. Mukulika believes in promoting only tried and tested recipes. She also conducts cooking and baking workshops. Photography is a crucial aspect of a blog, she took a crash course to better her photography. Being an English literature postgraduate, content writing was never a problem for her.

Intelligent and inquisitive Mukulika is a voracious reader. She loves to travel and play badminton. Friends call her “Mookle” for her extensive knowledge and she acts as their personal Google when they need any input on food or travel.

She has completed many professional courses in baking. Mukulika plans to start a YouTube channel as well as a culinary academy and teach baking to those who love food.

Namrata Ghate - FoodiezFlavor

Namrata Ghate

Born and brought up in Nagpur, Namrata holds M.Tech. in Wireless Communication and is currently settled in Johannesburg, SA. Raised in a liberal and harmonious family that followed a way to lead a healthy and balanced life. The family encouraged homemade food vs eating out.

Namrata is a strong-minded cheerful soul and enjoys calm moments with herself. She likes to read books pamper her patio, crafts, DIY and cuddling with her 4-year-old darling daughter.

For 8 years of her life, Namrata has worked as Asst. Professor in different engineering colleges. In 2014, she had to quit her job due to a certain medical situation in the family. Later the entire family moved to South Africa in 2016. This is where Namrata started her food blog. She is a self-taught recipe creator and a food blogger.

Every time she writes a new recipe her mind revolves around its nutritional value. She inherited most of her recipes from the traditional procedure. At times sometimes reformed to make it healthier.

Her blog section “Ayurveda Medicinal Foods” Namrata adds recipes with medicinal properties. In her “No Buy DIY” column, she provides procedures to make sauces, condiments, and other food items. Lately, Namrata has started exploring worldwide cuisines. She plans to add authentic international recipes in her blog in the coming few years.

Pooja Mohanty – Food without Borders

Pooja Mohanty

Being a daughter of a Civil Servant, Pooja traveled a lot within India and abroad. She was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and moved to New York, the USA for higher education. She is currently settled in the States with her husband and two little dogs, Oliver and Angelo.

Pooja is a food viveur, animal lover and a Lawyer by profession. She likes to stay in metros to continuously expose herself to a diverse culture. A perfectionist, who tries to reach as close as possible to perfection. Since her childhood, Pooja was always passionate about food. She joined the league of Female Food Bloggers in January 2016 to capture all her travel and food across the world in one place. Currently, she spends her 70% of her time on food blogging and spends only 30% of her time practicing law.

Along with content on the blog, Pooja also produces video recipes on her YouTube channel. She feels that each of us writes for the audience and to please them. In all her recipes, she has a special love for her “Paleo Banana Bread Recipe”.

Pooja converts her feelings and experiences into stories. She uses Facebook Ads to flaunt her work to the audience. Pooja is never afraid of the competition. She believes that each blogger has a unique writing style and respective audience.

Pooja is a person who lives in the moment. She loves traveling and exploring different cuisines. People know her as a funny firecracker, who only knows how to look at the positive side of the world.

In the coming few years she would try to bring videos and recipes of a five-course meal from every country in this world. Her advice to newbies is to write quality content, follow a style and never give up.

Shaheen Ali – Spoon Fork and Food

Shaheen Ali

Shaheen was born and brought up in Rourkela, Odisha. She is a food stylist, a food photographer, a blogger, and a singer. Shaheen likes to sketch portraits and sleep as much as she can.

Shaheen comes from a family of foodies. She recalls that most of the conversations within the family revolved around food. This chirpy and fun-loving kind girl is Masters in Physiotherapy. She has worked as a consultant physiotherapist in Bhopal with some renowned doctors. But her heart was not into what she was doing. Finally, she quit her job in 2014 and started a food blog. Initially, to keep the sanity in check, blogging later turned into pursuing her dreams. She is now working towards creating an identity of her own that brings her into the list of the few best ones.

From the list of self-taught Female Food Bloggers, Shaheen was always good with her writing skills. She writes compelling posts by writing the story behind every recipe. Her biggest motivation – appreciation from her Mom.

Tina Basu – Twinkling Tina Cooks

Tina Basu

Postgraduate in communication, Tina was born in Kolkata and currently settled in Bangalore. She was born in a food-obsessed Bengali family that holds parties every week. Single and pampered child Tina got tired of weekly parties and in her childhood and she hated food. Ironically, she runs a food blog today.

Once her Mom said, “when you leave home you will understand what good food is”. When Tina moved to Bangalore, she hated the canteen food. Finally, she pushed herself to get into the kitchen and started her cooking journey.

For about 7 years, Tina worked for one of the biggest FMCG brands in India as a Design Assistant. Those years were the formative part of her life. She faced challenges and deadlines but never said no to them and continued to excel. Though she joined the league of Female Food Bloggers in 2011 itself, the focus was trivial.

Tina wanted to write on a lot of things and started a personal blog “Sunnyside of Life” in 2011. Soon after in 2012, she started her food blog “Twinkling Tina Cooks”. This was to share all her daily food experiences. Tina started this blog as a personal online journal.

After she felt her obsession with baking and desserts this blog became a serious business. Now her blog is her space, her business center. She quit her corporate career in 2016 and took blogging as her full-time career. This Mom Blogger is also involved in graphic design and branding business.

Tina’s biggest competition is with herself who manages her blog independently. It is a single woman army, a Lady Boss, tech geek, accounts clerk, marketing professional, all folded in one.

Noticeable work

Interned with The Indian Express as a Journalist, Tina had a flair for writing. She writes on her Lifestyle Blog Tinabasu.com. She also contributes to other content sharing platform online. Tina is a published author and has co-authored three anthologies. She recently published a Dessert cookbook. In her blogs, she writes anything that interests her. Whether to write the history of a recipe or to write the review of a restaurant is completely dependent on her mood. She believes her food blog is her reflection and it is what defines her.

Tina believes that photography is an essential element of a food blog. She is learning and improving the photography. She prefers not to post a recipe if the photographs are less than expected. Tina is also focusing on the plating of the food.

Tina likes to keep her blog simple and basic. This could be one of the reasons for her special love for her Spinach and Potato Breakfast Casserole recipe. She spends considerable time on her design business and also on fooling around with her son. This self-taught person cook/bake for the one and a half men in the house. Her entire family is a foodie and food is a big part of their culture. The first word in the morning will be “what will they have for lunch!”

Tina wants to her own food show in her own food channel and is perfecting and preparing herself for the same. Watch out for her #BakingWithTina challenge on her blog. This is an upcoming event in September 2017.

Wrapping up

There are many more Female Food Bloggers, who are away from my purview. We would like to connect with more female food bloggers and bring noticeable stories for you. If you like to recommend somebody, please do by leaving a comment for us.

About the Author Sonia Gupta

Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

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  • This article is great! These women are the inspiration for young ones or the one who is still confused about their career and interest. Being a food lover I have also started food blogging.

  • What an interesting set of women! Kudos for following their dreams and creating these spaces! Being a non-cooker (if that’s even the write word!), I personally rely on Tina’s blog for easy to make recipes to help me out! Will surely be checking out the other bloggers you have showcases – each sounds lovely & talented!

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