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May 28, 2022

Social media platforms are undoubtedly some of the great sources of revenue for food bloggers. This blog post speaks about one such platform- “Instagram!” Learn how to be to become a food blogger on Instagram: a rising trend that's caught everyone's attention. 

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and short videos with their followers.  With Instagram's rise, Food Blogging on Instagram has grown too. Food blogging uses photos to share recipes, cooking tips, and tricks with followers. 

Read ahead to find out how you can earn a consistent income from this Social Media giant and help your food blog gain popularity in no time!

As you explore the various avenues to generate income as a food blogger on Instagram. Let's delve into the fundamental question of how to become a food blogger on Instagram.

How to Become a Food Blogger on Instagram and Why?

There are many social media platforms out there.

Why am I suggesting Instagram? Instagram helps you create a network for your food blog or business which is not that easy using other channels.

It is easy to use and appealingly interactive with several fascinating features. Most importantly, its audience size is beyond imagination!

Posting stellar content along with appetizing pictures on Instagram will certainly boost your food blogging business. It will help you realize your dream of becoming a top-notch food blogger...and rich too! 

If you want to know how to grow a food Instagram account and have great blog ideas.

Why wait?

Let’s Begin!

Top 5 tips for Food blogging on Instagram

Engage your audience through Instagram Stories

Giving your audience insights into your life using snappy videos and images can help them connect with you at a personal level. People like to get casual vibes through behind-the-scenes clippings or IGTV videos.

Also, try posting up-front links to your food blog’s posts with interesting captions.

This will certainly help divert traffic towards your food blog and promote new posts as well as old ones!

Polls in Instagram stories are a superb tool for follower engagement! When you ask for votes in polls, your viewers feel like you're talking to them directly!

This makes viewers happy and helps you understand what your audience likes.

This knowledge will help you plan your next content and make sure that people are highly reactive to your upcoming posts.

Here are some ideas for your polls

● Let your audience decide your next recipe

● Ask your viewers about their favorite cuisine

● Ask them to compare your recipes

● Ask them what they wish to learn

Do not forget to share your poll results afterward! Posting Instagram lands Stories regularly land them on the trending list. As a result, more and more people get attracted to them!

Food bloggers who posted stories every day reported rapid growth in popularity in a very short period.

Another feature to consider is Instagram’s “Highlights”. Using this feature you can now highlight Instagram stories for more than 24 hours!

If you get curious as to how to get more followers for your food blog on Instagram? The answer is a question! Do you make posts that are getting lots of engagement? Engagement is the major key to growth on Instagram. Put it in highlights so viewers can easily see it on your profile.

Using the highlight feature, you can create portfolios of your work, or offer a highlight of any Insta stories you make for your client if you do sponsor content.

You can always come up with your own creative ways to make the most out of this feature!

Connect with your audience at a personal level

Now, when I say “personal”, I’m not asking you to share anything too personal which can pose a threat to your privacy.

Just give your audience a glimpse into your lifestyle. Also, share the hardships and obstacles you face in your daily life.

This way, your audience will find you relatable and undoubtedly be more than interested to hear what you’ve got to say. Don’t be afraid to get real with your viewers!

Here are some things you can share : 

● Show them your kitchen before and after cooking to give a glimpse into your recipe process.

● Show your video-shooting setup

● Tell them what you’ve been reading or watching recently. It could be anything from cookbooks to web series!

● Make your audience laugh! Yes, you read that right. A person who’s good with food, relatable, witty, and funny, who wouldn’t want to follow you?

● Tell your audience about YOUR story.

  • What inspired you?
  • When did you start your career as a food blogger?
  • How did you tackle the difficulties that came your way?

This will make your viewers feel closer to you, leading to a loyal audience.

And a loyal audience, my friend, is what you need!

Stay active AND interactive

Statistics reveal that Instagram's algorithm likes when you engage a lot with your followers, or respond to comments on your stories actively. 

Respond to comments on your posts within 10 minutes or during the first hour of sharing a photo. 

A good way to stay in touch with your posts and audience is by scheduling your posts.

But, when you do so, make sure that your posts are on time, and that you are there at that instant to respond to any comments or reactions.

Make your audience aware of your schedule beforehand to get the topmost views and engagement.


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Don’t get hyper with Hashtags

Using Instagram Hashtags properly is a skill most food bloggers lack.

Use them, but don’t go overboard! It’s a myth that using Hashtags promotes engagement. As a matter of fact, for some food bloggers, it does, but for some, it doesn’t.

The best way to find out is by using them yourself!

Instagram’s algorithm likes to see new and creative hashtags. Do not use the same hashtags for every post.

How can I tell if my hashtags are right? Using the right hashtags is crucial, especially since users can now follow hashtags in their feeds! If people start following your Hashtags, your posts will end up right in their feeds. 

Once this happens, your blog’s popularity will skyrocket! Make it a point that your Hashtags are present in your creative caption.

When your post is sponsored, use hashtags before the caption.

Instagram will regularly show you related hashtags based on your account activity. This is a great way to find hashtags that suit your niche!

Build a strong network

While you have that basic question on How to become a food blogger on Instagram? To make it happen, engage with popular Instagrammers by leaving thoughtful comments on their posts. Once you develop strong contacts, you can collaborate with them and create even more exciting posts!

Getting to know other influential Instagrammers in your niche will help you gain recognition and build a network. Through this network, you can learn from others, share your ideas or even develop content together!

For example, when we see our favorite Youtubers collaborating, we are more than eager to see their videos!

One big idea to take away from all of these tips and tricks is that frequent, genuine, and immediate engagement is key to getting your audience to interact with you.

This, in turn, will get your posts in more feeds!

Make it a point that your followers know how much you appreciate their support and interaction.

After following these tips, your Instagram food blog must have gained enough audience for you to start thinking about monetization.

Food Blogging on Instagram

Here are 5 ways to make money from Food Blogging on Instagram

Sponsorships and Ambassadorships as an Instagram food blogger

Unlike other platforms, Instagram does not pay its content creators.

Primarily, Instagram food bloggers earn money through Sponsorships and Ambassadorships.

Collaborating with popular and relevant brands provides food influencers and bloggers with a good income.

This is because brands believe that they can easily reach their target audience by partnering with their favorite food bloggers on social media.

But, such collaborations should be mutually good for each other!

The amount of money an Instagram food blogger can make through sponsorships depends on the following factors-

● Location

● Number of followers

● Content quality

● Niche

Sponsorships pay you well enough if you have a large following!

But, relying on sponsorships as a main source of income can be difficult as you never know when you might get your next sponsorship.

Food workshops

Your audience would be more than willing to learn your recipes and cooking hacks from you. Workshops are a great way for Instagram food bloggers to connect with their audience and offer personalized learning.

Before conducting a workshop, you need to have enough experience and practice in your area of expertise. You need resilience, preparation and good presentation skills along with knowledge.

Workshops have a reasonable profit margin when compared to other sources of income. You can make a lot of money even in a single session!

For this to happen, you need to make sure that you do your best and keep your customers engaged at all times.

In this case, mouth-to-mouth publicity also plays a huge role.

For example, your customers might bring their friends to your workshop next time!

If you keep organizing workshops, your customers along with your income will multiply with each session.

Workshops take a lot of time, which can be a drawback. This is a big challenge faced by a majority of Instagram food bloggers. Spending so much time is tough since you must be active on your food blog and Instagram. 

But, workshops demand significant time investment, a common challenge for Instagram food bloggers. Balancing workshop commitments with your food blog and Instagram presence requires careful planning.

Workshops demand time, but their good payoff makes them worth it.


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Food blog advertising

Displaying advertisements on your Instagram food blog can certainly add to your income.

But, you need quite a lot of views to earn even a little amount of money from adverts.

The profit you make also depends on-

● The advertising firm you’re working with

● Your food blog’s niche

● The all-round theme and set up of your food blog

A major disadvantage of placing adverts on your food blog is that they might clutter your content and interfere with your blog’s readability. Too many ads are a major turn-off for most people, as they increase loading time and distract them from the real content.

So, you need to be very careful about where you place adverts on your Instagram food blog.

Remember these tips to earn a good income from ads without losing your audience!

Food styling and photography projects

As an Instagram food blogger, you've likely mastered the skill of taking tempting photos for your posts. Why not make use of your skills and offer your services to restaurants and brands?

Food companies are always on the lookout for food stylists and photographers, either on social media or on their websites.

If you draw in such companies through your Instagram food blog, you can definitely earn a LOT of money!

By doing this, you'll boost your popularity in the food market and attract more offers quickly.

Writing E-books

Since nowadays quality content is available online for free, it can be quite difficult to convince people to pay for your recipes. But, you need not be discouraged by this fact! If you have a huge fan following, people would certainly consider buying your e-books, merchandise, and products.

For your cookbooks to sell out, you need to make sure that you provide some exclusive value and content to your readers.

Promote your E-book in such a way that your audience gets excited about its launch and considers buying it.

The best thing about E-books is that they cost next to nothing to create. Combine your knowledge, secret tips, and verified recipes along with your content writing skills to create an E-book that would stand out from the rest!

On a final note

There are a number of ways you can earn money through Food Blogging. The Current trend is however through Social media platforms.  

The Current trend is through Social media platforms. Like all social media platforms, Instagram and its clever algorithm are constantly evolving. There might be many upcoming features and updates we don’t even know about yet!

Our job is to optimally use Instagram’s audience size and features to make the most of our career as food bloggers.

While making money, make sure that you do not lose yourself in the process.

Keep reminding yourself why you started food blogging in the first place.

Stay passionate, for soon you are going to realize your dream of becoming a food influencer! These tips should help you succeed in creating a thriving food blogging on Instagram.

Wishing you the very best for your journey as an Instagram food blogger!

About the Author Sonia Gupta

Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

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