Kirti Yadav Food Social Media Plattershare
Kirti Yadav Food Social Media Plattershare

Kirti Yadav: Co-founder of a Food Social Media Plattershare

Kirti Yadav is a technologist turned trainer turned entrepreneur. After around 10 years of corporate job, Kirti took a lifetime decision of quitting her job. She wanted to do something different. Her heart was always into food. A viveur foodie joined hands with Ankush Dhiman. And they both started shaping up the food social media Plattershare.

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Kirti is MBA in IT. She comes from a family where girls and boys were treated no differently. Her father Virender Singh and Mom Uma Kanti taught her the life mantra – Stay strong, Stand up and Dare to dream. Their upbringing made Kirti a thoughtful and confident person. She took the courage of leaving her job and start a startup.

Kirti parents always wanted her to stand on a stage and speak. They loved when Kirti gave speeches, which is what she continues to do now. Kirti has seen her father ups and downs in his business venture. Consequently, this made her see the entire spectrum of life in her childhood. She saw her father never die attitude and learned it from there.

A journey towards food social media Plattershare

Kirti’s work life started with campus selection at IBM in 2005 as a software engineer, where she met her husband. Kirti husband is again a big time foodie and it was his love for food that brought Kirti closer to food and finally Plattershare. Together they went for 2 years of onsite travel to the USA. Visiting New York gave her an exposure of the food scene outside India. Kirti and her husband both are big-time foodies and explored various cuisines in the USA. While quenching the thirst of various cuisines, she had no clue of what future is holding for her.

After coming back to India, Kirti joined Target as a senior software engineer. But she continued to feel some emptiness. Her desire to connect with people made her join the unknown world of HR. She conducted and managed training on various tools that she loved to speak. This paved her way for her next job, as a Training Manager at AIG, India. Meanwhile, Plattershare came as a blessing and so did her daughter. Finally, Kirti decided to say good-bye to the corporate world. And started taking care of two unknowns – Parenting and entrepreneurship.

Ankush and Kirti Yadav

Plattershare is the brain Child of Ankush Dhiman. It started as a blog and a Facebook page to share food experiences. Kirti joined him after 8 months in 2012. Together they started shaping and strategizing on the food social media Plattershare.

Kirti shares an interesting story which resonates faith, belief, and destiny together. She met Ankush over LinkedIn via a common friend and loved the idea so much that she joined him immediately. Both were in two different cities. They did not meet in-person until two years later but worked together 24/7 to make Plattershare what it is today.

USP’s of the Food Social Media Plattershare

Plattershare in its true sense is a social media platform for the FnB industry. It’s a community of food passionate folks who share their love for food with like-minded people. Connecting people help them to unleash and showcase their hidden culinary talent.

It provides a space for food brands, businesses, and budding start-ups. Plattershare also encourages the home-based food businesses to grow. The food social media Plattershare aims to provide reach, visibility, and appreciation to food passionate people and food businesses.

The BellyNirana Program

Belly Nirvana

BellyNirvana is an interesting program with an interesting name. Real nirvana for a foodie is when the belly is satisfied and so team thought of doing exactly the same. Under this program, Plattershare connects the FnB brands to the customers. Brands get to promote their products and services and in return get candid feedback.

BellyNirvana is a Win-win Program for everyone and that’s why it is loved by all. Brands get a reach to its potential customer and home chefs get a chance to associate with brands. The selection is to take part in BellyNirvana program is simple. Be an active participant on Plattershare (Website). Take part in all the contests, share your food stories, recipes, updates and you are part of the program.

Plattershare Mobile App

Plattershare App is available in Andriod as well as iOS Version. The team created the mobile apps for the obvious reasons. Today more than 65% of the users access the internet from their cellphones. The world is moving towards smartphones and mobile technology. For a very long time, Plattershare stayed as a desktop website and felt that they were losing out on traffic. Users want ease and flexibility in sharing and reading content. Thus a mobile app was no longer a luxury but became a necessity.

Plattershare team

Plattershare Team

The team mainly consists of Ankush and Kirti as the core team members and founders. They have one more help to manage the technical front along with Ankush. Kirti focuses on clients, content and user engagement. Food author and specialty chef, Reetu Uday Kugaji, is associated with Plattershare as Advisor and a Chef Judge. She is the brain behind strategizing the Plattershare contests.

Kirti believes that likeminded people will attract each other and will stay together. You don’t have to find them. And the best example is Ankush and Kirti working for 2 years without seeing or meeting in-person. Ankush was in Delhi and she was in Bangalore. But trust, belief, and faith kept them going and growing.

When asked if Plattershare is a full-time career, Kirti said no. The Food Social Media Plattershare is her dream. It is neither a career nor a source of income for her. It’s her passion and she is working towards excellence and to prove that she can do something in life. The money will flow on its own eventually.”

Building up the food social media Plattershare

For Kirti, Plattershare is no more a “professional life”. Kirti calls herself a mother of two, Plattershare being her first baby and her daughter is her second. Kirti gives credit to her husband supporting her in taking care of both the babies. She recognizes her husband as the man behind the stage and supporting the growth of her venture. He has been instrumental in supporting from strategizing, supporting financially and helping her in all undermentioned work.

Kirti Yadav and Family

Ankush has been a great support and mentor for Kirti. He has helped her to gain more patience and calmness to run this platform.

Kirti acknowledges that community building helps towards building businesses. She believes that when a business is oriented towards solving people’s problem, the community support and help grow the business. This is exactly what has worked for Plattershare. The concept of helping the budding FoodPreneurs by providing them a platform to showcase their talent has led to the growth of food social media Plattershare.

Stabilizing all the features has been a teething challenge Plattershare team dealt with. The platform is live and interactive. The team needed to update the features quick and frequently. Ankush has been on toes in keeping the all the features working. He continues to work further in introducing new features. Educating users to effectively use the platform was another challenge. Kirti was instrumental in helping users understand and accept the features.

Achievements and Expansion

The ability to give visibility to Home Chefs and a platform to showcase their talent has been their greatest achievement. Another milestone is their association with big brands and Start-ups for promotions. The team has interviewed various Celebrity Chefs and Culinary masters. They have also connected industry leaders with the Home Chefs.

In future, the team would focus on their YouTube Channel. They would feature Home Chefs and promote budding entrepreneurs. Plattershare will help entrepreneurs promoting their business and provide more sources of income.

Kirti ask Foodpreneurs to use Plattershare. They can use the platform to promote their blog and business. Moreover, the team is working hard to get more and more opportunities for all the Plattershare Members. Stay Tuned!

Kirti tips for budding EntrePreneurs

“Keep Going”. Challenges, frustration and hard times, makes you question yourself but don’t give up. Kirti feels that life is a journey. There is nothing worse or good in life, everything is an experience. You have nothing to lose. So keep trying.

Kirti tips for budding MomPreneurs

Remember you are handling 2 babies and you will have to take care of both of them with equal passion. Don’t hesitate to take help. Don’t try to become a Super Mom who can do it all and have gratitude for anything which happens in your life. Be grateful to your maid also who helps you to do your chores. She will return the favor someday!!

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