The bakery is one of the largest segments in India in the processed food category. The industry offers a lot of growth and business opportunities. The bakery industry in India is experiencing robust growth of over 9% and was calculated to be USD 7.22 billion in 2018. And it has been growing steeply year on

The Rise of the Home Baking Business in India

Why Whole Wheat Bread 0% Cholesterol Protein-Rich High-Fiber Low-Fat Micro-Nutrients Recommended Read: Benefits of Eating Whole Grains Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread on Health Women who eat whole grains weigh less than women who don’t. Fiber from wholegrain, especially whole wheat is protective against Breast Cancer; which is very common these days. The more whole

Brown Bread is not Whole Wheat Bread

Blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with the world. It’s so amazing to be able to put your thoughts across the world and see like-minded people connecting back. There is no better feeling than seeing your ideas getting appreciated by a large audience. But can you make money from blogging? Food is

15 Ways For Food Bloggers to Make Money From Blogging

There could be several reasons for you to leave your high paying job and start a home baking business. I have met numerous home bakers and found marriage, children, and passion were the top three reasons of people venturing into home baking business in India.   As it seems, it is certainly easy to kick

Top 10 Tips on How to start a home baking business in India

Tea & Coffee are simply incomplete if they are not accompanied by great Cookies. Freshly baked Cookies is one of the best ways to enjoy Best Homemade Cookies. Baking cookies at home is a lot of fun. It can also get you a lot of appreciation and business to home-bakers if you have the right

10 Best Homemade Cookie Recipes