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Do you provide beginners friendly courses?

All our courses are designed keeping beginners in mind. We ensure fundamental knowledge is shared with the students so beginners can adapt quickly.

Beginners could start with picking our eggless baking masterclasses and depending on their interests they could also pick our popular 30 days baking course.

Who will be the tutor?

You will be learning from award-winning baking instructor Sonia Gupta. She is by-and-large one of the best healthy baking instructors across the country and has taught more than 9000 students by Apr. 2022 and counting.
Click here to read more about your baking instructor.

Who are these courses for?

Our eggless baking courses are fully suitable for people of all ages. But if you are looking forward to start your home baking business, then we recommed to look at our 6 months diploma in baking.

What courses do you offer?

We offer different courses:-

6 Months Baking Diploma

This online course covers everything that an aspiring home baker or an existing home baker would like to learn to start or scale up a home bakery business.

30 Days Baking Course

This online course covers everything that a hobby baker should know either for self-consumption or to start a small home-based business.

30 Days Healthy Baking Course

This online course covers everything for somebody who would like to bake healthy at home for their family or for their customers.

Grow & Scale up your Home Baking Business

There are three major skills a person needs to possess in order to grow their home-based business viz. Finding Niche, Positing, and Marketing. The consulting program is focused on building these skills in you so that you can grow any home-based business.


If you need to experience our baking tutorial quality or you have a specific learning need then you could pick our masterclasses and learn.

Do you offer eggless courses?

Our baking course and 100% eggless. All demonstrations are completely eggfree. If you need to know how and when to add eggs to the recipes, you could use the support group for additional help.

Do you teach Whole-Wheat Baking?

While some of you may know, but for some it is important to know that Sonia Gupta is by and large one of the best 100% whole wheat and healthy baking trainer in India. Pepole call her "Queen of Breads". If you are interested in learning whole wheat baking, we recommend you to look at our 30 days healthy baking course.

Do you teach Gluten-Free Baking?

For people who want to learn Gluten-Free Baking, they can join our Gluten-Free Bread Course. Gluten-Free Breads and Gluten-Free Cakes are also a part of our 6 months diploma in baking.

What all things your over in your 6 months diploma in baking course?

6 Months online baking course is one the most affordable online baking course covering baking techniques including day-to-day baking, whole wheat baking, gluten-free baking, vegan baking, sourdough baking, puff pastries, short crust pastries etc.

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