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Take Care of your Body, that's the only place you
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Welcome to the world of 100% Whole Wheat Baking

Your body is the reflection of what you eat. Just the way you like to dress up well and look good, you need to eat healthy for your body to feel good.

Baked food one of the favorite cuisine across the world and is liked by people of all ages. Let's make baked food healthier by eliminating refined flour, dangerous chemicals, and preservatives from them.

"The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead!"

Dr. Joel Fuhrman




Our Baking Workshop focuses on complete understanding of baking with whole grain, its challenges, and its solutions. Interactive sessions and plenty of hands-on exercise to build right understanding of the key concepts of baking.

I am a complete beginner. Will I be able to learn in just one day?

The workshop is designed keeping beginners in the mind. Even if you have never entered into your kitchen, you will be explained the science and process in way that you will be able to walk out of the workshop with full confidence.

A bread workshop needs to complete in one day.

Not to forget our 6 months of after-workshop support that helps you master the art with a constant support.

Who can join?

  • Anyone above 15 years of age. We do not discriminate based on gender.
  • Should have OTG or Microwave Oven at home for practicing.

Why should you attend?

  • No prior baking experience required.
  • One day complete interactive sessions with hands-on exercises.
  • Easy baking techniques with tools generally available at home.
  • Quiz-time to build solid foundation.
  • 6 months of after workshop support to support your learning.
  • Eligibility to “Tag-A-Friend” Program.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamentals of Baking.
  • Failure handling techniques.
  • The art of kneading a perfect dough.
  • The proofing process.
  • Shaping and Scoring.
  • Substituting refined sugar.
  • Substituting flavors.
  • Working with OTG and Microwave Oven.
  • Secret behind every step and ingredient.
  • Baker tips and tricks.

Workshop take-away:

  • Premium course material and plenty of examples and explanations.
  • Portion of your bakes.
  • 6 months of unconditional support.
  • Certificate of Participation.
  • A life time of experience. 
  • Special discounts (Only for Members) for future courses.

Student Testimonials

I just attended the workshop in Ahmedabad last week and till now I never new bread baking was so easy ! Luv’d the workshop and learned a lot of techniques. Sonia and Amit are very good and they answer to all the queries too with patience . I would strongly recommend attending their workshop

Shweta Patel


I attended Sonia’s workshop in Chandigarh. Bread making for me now, is so easy.So happy with her recipes and her way of teaching..

Love the way she makes sure that all the queries are answered as soon as possible. looking forward to another class from you, Sonia.

Manbeena Dhillon


I see my friend evolved over these years and I met the new Sonia who is very passionate and working towards a superb cause of healthy baking and what excites me even more is that she is imparting knowledge seamlessly.

Kudos to Sonia and Amit.

Chokkalingam Vidya


hi attended sonia's workshop in gurgaon. it was exactly what i was looking for. A short hands on healthy baking experience. She also gives excellent tips to help improve your breads and the support group afterwards is also very helpful. thankyou sonia amit and laddoo for a great experience

Sangeeta Agrawal


Attended whole wheat flour healthy baking workshop.. Sonia maam is damn good at teaching, it was a great session. Learned many new concepts over bread and baking.

It was a great experience learning from Pune’s best mentors. They patiently reply to every questions and query which are roused in the sessions.
Thanks a ton Sonia maam & Amit sir🙏

Sneha Niraj Paney


I attended Sonia's workshop. What interested me to attend her workshop was that she was going to teach to bake healthy breads. I liked it even more because it's all eggless. The workshop was hands on experience and Sonia knows how to teach people. The best about Sonia and Amit is that they go all the way out to support and encourage new bakers by creating a whatsapp group and connecting all bakers across cities.

Sudha Krishnan


I was all excited to attend Sonia's masterclass on bread making. And it was such an amazing experience altogether.

Appreciate the way she showed us various techniques. It seemed like a cake walk. She patiently addressed to all our queries.

Really happy that I attended her masterclass. Thank you once again Sonia and Amit.

Puneeta Mehta


I attended the whole wheat bread baking workshop in February and I must say that as a person who doesn't have any knowledge about baking it was a wonderful session. Sonia is a wonderful teacher and makes sure that everyone gets the technique right from the basics and is very encouraging too! I am so proud that after attending I v been trying to bake and getting good support. The group lives upto it's name Anybody can bake!!!

Anjana T Nair


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Why Learn From Us

No White Sugar

Removing sugar from your diet helps improve immune system, contribute to smaller waistline and a longer, better quality of life.

No All-Purpose Flour (Maida)

Refined flour spikes sugar levels in your blood and hence cause fat to deposit. It just stuck in your intestine.

No Eggs

Many people have strong nose to eggs. We teach baking excellent without eggs, so even strict vegetarians can enjoy baked goodies.

No Preservatives

Preservatives might increase the shelf life of baked items, but it certainly reduces the life of consumer.

No Improvers

Why add chemicals when you can make gorgeous and healthy bakes without them.

Health First

We focus completely on healthy baking and eliminate unhealthy ingredients as much as possible.

Whole Wheat Baking

We help people master the art of baking with whole wheat. Once you learn the technique rest of the baking becomes fun.

Hands-On Experience

We beleive in making you do-it-yourself workshop while the trainer is there to correct your mistakes in live environment.

Small Batch Policy

A one-to-one personal attention is what makes us different from others. Our batch size never exceeds 15.

After Workshop Support

Workshop is just the beginning of our relationship. We constantly support our students with their baking experiments.


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