September 14

The Rise of the Home Baking Business in India


The bakery is one of the largest segments in India in the processed food category. The industry offers a lot of growth and business opportunities. The bakery industry in India is experiencing robust growth of over 9% and was calculated to be USD 7.22 billion in 2018. And it has been growing steeply year on year.

However, the changing customer habits and lifestyle are making the traditional bakeries obsolete and given enormous growth to the home bakers. The demand for customized bakeries, healthy ingredients, choice of flavors makes the home bakers much more popular than any traditional bakery.

The consumption of bakery items is high in every household. Just look at the number of times you consume bread, biscuits, cookies, etc. in your day to day life. But as much as we like to consume these baked goodies, we also actively look for healthy alternatives of the same. And that’s when the consumer turn towards a home baker.

Moreover, the baked items taste best when they are fresh. Large commercial bakeries do not have the possibility of baking fresh for each customer. Customers today look for guilt-free, gluten-free, vegan, multigrain, diabetic-friendly, etc. variety when it comes to baked goods. Home bakers have an edge here. Baking can be made healthier and the customer is happy to pay a premium for the same.

Challenges in Home Baking Business

Not every home bakers start after completing a 3-year degree in food. Most of the home bakers get into home baking because of sheer passion. The industry of home baking is mostly driven by passion into business than otherwise.

However, the scattered and inadequate learning towards the business side of home baking leads to a lack of awareness within Home bakers. Even if a home baker like to acquire knowledge, there is hardly a platform from them, considering they are all working and cannot go into a full-time course.

One of the biggest challenges most of the home bakers find is the process of finding paying customers for their bakes. Most of the Home bakers struggle in finding the right type of customer. They hate talking to customers who do not understand their niche and only end up negotiating on prices.

Why do Home bakers struggle in finding paying customers?

We ran a campaign and in a duration of 2 years, we spoke with more than 2000 home bakers across India. We found something interesting.

Most of the home baking business got started because the friends and family appreciated the baking abilities of the individual and encouraged the individual to start a home baking business. This is great to start with.

But because the person did not have any background in managing a business or marketing the business or on brand positioning, the business always stayed within the reach of friends and family.

Like any other business, home baking business, however small it may be, still needs a proper business plan, marketing plan, and brand positioning along with a 360-degree knowledge of baking.

The clutter in the environment

With so much clutter in the environment, it becomes difficult for an aspiring home baker to find the right source of knowledge and information. They established institutes that are too heavy on pockets and it requires a full-time commitment to be in the course. Not everyone has that ability and flexibility.

Other reliable sources are too scattered and it’s super expensive if one has to learn all. Else you put your fate on learning from unreliable sources.

We at ABCB decided to do something about this situation and created a programs that helps all the aspiring home bakers start their home baking business.

We covered everything from marketing to brand building, from setting up the home baking business, and every type of baking that a home baker should know that will keep them in business.

The layout of the program was highly appreciated by the home bakers and they were thrilled to see a single platform where they could learn everything that they need to start a successful and sustainable home baking business. If along with home baking you like to earn from blogging, we have a complete guide of how food bloggers can make money from blogging.

Make a change in your life today.


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