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January 9, 2020

Last Updated: 16 August 2023

Blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with the world. Sharing your thoughts worldwide and connecting with fellow food bloggers and like-minded individuals is truly marvellous.

There is no better feeling than seeing your ideas getting appreciated by a great audience. These audiences can help you make money from blogging.

Food is something that everybody eats, many times a day. Some fantasise to cook a delicious meal and some fantasy to eat a delicious meal.

Food photography plays a vital role in satisfying fantasy for food. And now you would understand why the Food Porn term was coined by Luisa Stagi
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Food is evergreen and much talked about the subject of life. Everybody likes to eat and experiment with new food. Hence, food blogs gain so much popularity and they never run out of business.

Can Food Bloggers Make Money? Let's Explore the Possibility

A food blog should earn, not just fulfil others' fantasies. You as a food blogger would need to make money with a food blog.

Let's explore how food bloggers can turn their passion into real success through monetization. Discovering 15 legitimate ways to earn from your food blog and ditch the 9-5 job.

What does Food bloggers do?

Food blogging is not just making a recipe and posting it on your blog. There is a lot more to food blogging. A food blogger is typically found involved in:

  • Building connections on Social media
  • Responding to comments and questions on the blog and other social media
  • Dealing with the tech and non-tech issues of their blog
  • Spending time in developing new Recipes
  • Improving their skills in Food Photography
  • Recording videos of their new recipe and then editing it
  • Writing articles for their blog and social media
  • Writing guest posts
  • Involved in creating cookbooks
  • Connecting with brands

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15 Ways Food Bloggers Make Money from Blogging

How to monetize a food blog? Out of 15 possible ways to make money from your food blog that we are going to discuss further. We currently use eight of these ways to earn income. At various phases our high revenue sources have been workshops and online courses. You need to keep that in mind our affiliate income and YouTube is picking up the race quickly.

Let’s being.


CookBooks & Ebooks

Writing a book has always been an exciting thing for me. Remember how we used to first look at the name of the author of our school books? and if my story books were of Ruskin Bond, I always used to get filled with joy.

Will people buy my books by just looking at my name on the book, because they trust me? The feeling itself is great. And the best is that it helps you make money too.

Food Blogger Make Money Ebook

So far I have only done one e-book. It was a trial to see how things work, and my first attempt was successful. It is a small book of 12 recipes. Nothing too great about photography because I was childish those days with my photography skills.

Food Blogger Make Money EBook Earning

But, I was able to publish my book on Amazon. Made 5K from it. So all I need is just 20 such silly books to make 100K. And will I be making more if I produce great-quality books? Of course yes. Quality content is worth much more than you think. And what about the hard copies of these books?

If you penetrate this, there is a lot to exploit.

Food Blogger Make Money Ebook Sales

My goal was to test, which was successful. Now I just need to find the time and publish my other books.


Sponsored Post

Product owners may approach you for posts promoting their offerings. It includes a link to their site if you have a popular food blog with a huge readership. This can result in compensation for your valued services.

Sponsored posts are a great way to make money from blogging. The key to this is to keep sponsored posts limited to brands that you trust or have used personally. You want to be sure that you are not recommending the wrong product to your audience.

Your blog credibility something that you should be careful of. Also, Google might not favor too many sponsor posts in a short span.

Food Blogger Make Money Sponsored Post

Advertisers may approach you for sponsored posts on behalf of their clients, with minimal compensation. But, if you deal directly with the clients, you might expect bigger compensation. I have never preferred working with brokers.

Depending on your blog traffic people charge anywhere from $50 to $3000 per blog post. Higher the traffic, more you make per sponsored post.

I know a few people with many blogs who earn through sponsored posts.


Food Critic

Curious about food critic? For academics, a food critic explores eateries, writes about them, and introduces food businesses to people.

Food critics share their experiences with different places and different cuisines. Their opinion matters to their audience and hence they matter to food businesses.

Food Blogger Make Money Food Tasting

Once again your follower-ship puts you at different levels in your journey of being a food critic.

Exploring different places, getting invites from restaurants all around. Being invited to try their food and share your opinion is inspiring. And if you happen to be a foodie, it is too much rewarding too. Be cautious, Experimenting with your body too much can be harmful to your health.

The food industry is ever-growing and ever-evolving and so is the demand for food critics. Food critics may at first bargain for their services. With more followers, you could earn $10k to $15k per visit or even hundred thousand more for full event.

One of our friends in the industry gets full-house booze with his gang. A pay-out of 20K for himself and 5K per gang member. You can bring influencers for the tasting and have each cover the event on their Instagram. A lot of fun isn't it? Should we call it the best-entertained way to make money from blogging?


Recipe Development

Brands look out for people to develop a perfect recipe using their products. A client from Hyderabad asked us to create a flawless Pizza and Burger recipe utilizing their healthy flours.

tangy oats breakfast muffins

We also had a café approaching us to design their menu and develop some recipes for them. But, since we did not like the proposal, we did not pick the offer. But that’s an opportunity area too.

Still, social media is a game-changer here. If you have a strong social media presence, you will find people connecting with you.

Do you avoid social media? You must actively seek out and approach clients for jobs. How much you can earn completely depends on how strong your social media presence is.


Offer Meal Planning Service

Because you have readers and followers who trust you, you can help them by offering a meal-planning service. A big 3 times daily challenge for homemakers: "What to cook for the next meal?"

You can become their meal planner and help them with daily, weekly or monthly meal planning.

Food Blogger Make Money Meal Planning

You can also create a grocery list for the meal plan you've provided. Make sure to include affiliate links in this list.

Start small, but this steady income source can build a stable, lasting revenue stream for your business.


Display Advertisement

It is one of the simplest ways to make money from blogging. Different Ad Networks pay you a certain amount of $$ for displaying advertising on your blog.

Generally, it is some dollar amount per 1000 impressions. Different ad types and categories will have different earnings and you will need to select what you want to display on your blog.

10 most popular ad networks that I know are:

To maintain a pleasant user experience, avoid overcrowding your posts with display adverts.

Food Blogger Make Money Site Traffic

Frequent visitors spending more time on your blog is key to earning from display ads.


Affiliate Income

Most e-commerce websites offer an affiliate program. After you join, you can promote products and earn commissions on sales you generate.

There are no additional fees for the customer. But, when you help the e-commerce site get a new customer, they reward you with affiliate money. We at AnybodyCanBake use affiliate channels to make money from blogging.

Top E-Com sites offering an affiliate income are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. eBay
  4. Indiamart
  5. TataCliq
  6. Apple
  7. Snapdeal
  8. Shopclues 
  9. Myntra
  10. Jabong

Snapdeal, Shopclues, Myntra, and Jabong have affiliate programs through affiliate networks.

Apart from that many companies have their affiliate program and you will need to join those programs individually.

Food Blogger Make Money Affiliate Earning India
Food Blogger Make Money Content Writing

If you understand affiliate properly, this could turn out to be a great source of income.


Food Styling and Photography

Excellent photos and imaginative plating make it easier to monetize your food blog. Food, unless presented well and photographed beautifully, does not excite people. Brands, Restaurants, Bloggers, Advertisers, Publishers, they all need good food photographs.

waffles recipe

Show your photography and styling skills on your blog, and connect with prospective clients. You can sell your services in areas like F&B. This is a digital age and company needs digital media to promote themselves.


Writing Services

If you are not good with your photography skills, fret not. There are tons of bloggers who need writing services. If you have the skill to articulate with words, you could start selling your writing skills. And since you understand food better than others, your writing skills will be much preferred by food bloggers.

Food Blogger Make Money Content Writing

Depending on your writing skills, you can easily make between ₹0.50 per word to ₹2.00 per word. Better writing and SEO-friendly articles lead to better payouts. But, more than the SEO friendliness of the articles it’s about how engaging your write-ups are.

I know a few people who not only write articles for food bloggers but also create recipes and write recipes for them.

Once you join hands with a blogger, most likely it is going to be repetitive work. People who devote full time to this can write anything between 2000 words to 4000 per day. Your writing alone can bring in earnings from 30K to 240K per month.

We at AnyBodyCanBake are always on the lookout for good content writers. So, If you got skills, Connect with us.


Conduct Workshops

This was our principal source of income till 2019. As a result of the loss, we began looking at alternative revenue streams such as online courses.

Your writing and trusted audience will create an environment of eager learners.

Food Blogger Make Money Handson Workshop

Now workshops can vary from self-hosted workshops to a workshop hosted by a partner. Collaborations with related brands can help you get a lot of visibility and audience for your workshop.

For example, you can collaborate with kitchen manufacturers and have a mutual association where you use their space and advertise them. In-return they also advertise you in their network creating a win-win situation for both the parties.

Exploring the opportunities of working with corporates could also be a great way to make money from blogging. Corporates look for new ideas to integrate into their monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual fun activities. Cooking workshops and baking workshops have been trending in companies.


Online Courses

Online learning is the current way of learning. The new generation has moved largely towards online learning because it provides a lot of additional benefits over the traditional classroom learning.

Online courses also open up the size of the audience you can cater to. The ability to cater to a large audience helps you maximize your earnings. Now you are no longer bound within the geographical boundaries.

And so is the student. You can have your followers from any part of the world, and they might be interested in learning from you. But because you are miles away from them, online learning is the only way to go.

Food Blogger Make Money Online Courses

In September 2019 we started our journey of Online Classes. By the end of 2019, we had already served more than 500 people. I like the scalability of online courses.

If you are not aware of our online courses, you must check them here.



There is hardly anyone who can deny the fact that videos attract the maximum eyeballs. And you would have seen many people turning to videos when it comes to content creation. It’s relatively easier and cheaper than ever, to create video content.

If you like creating content then Make videos, have fun, and earn money! YouTube is by and large the leader in video content. You can open a YouTube channel and add video content and start monetizing.

Food Blogger Make Money YouTube Channel

YouTube shows targeted ads on your video that users see, and you receive a portion of that ad revenue.

There is a huge opportunity that lying on the table when it comes to video content creation. Somebody needs to take effort and pick it up. Read the story of Nisha Madhulika to find out what YouTube can do for you.


Social Media Collaboration

Brands are ready to partner since they have a strong social media presence and engagement. We have many brands approaching us for the same. All they want is to create content for them and promote that content in our social media. This content could be in the form of an article on a blog. It can also be in the form of a video on YouTube or Instagram.

The amount of money you get paid could vary from the barter system to up to 50K per post. Influencers use either a flat fee per post or a charge based on social engagement levels.

The current trend is Instagram. If you have 10K and above followers on Instagram, you have people connecting with you for social media collaboration. Currently at 4.5K Insta followers, we get a lot of requests.


Sell products on your website

This could go a long way. You can tie up with manufacturers of products that you trust and bring display their products on your blog. Help your audience with the benefits of those products in their life. If it's done then you can start selling those products on your website.

You will need to convert a part of your site into an e-commerce site and start collecting orders. Pass on those orders directly to the vendors and earn your selling commissions.

The products could be anything from ingredients, tools, equipment, courses of other people and anything that helps your audience.

Begin slowly, but with time and dedication, you will be able to build a consistent income. Your audience size is going to be highly important to grow this stream of earnings. You will need to focus more on the SEO and social signals for your site.

You might also like to join a vendor and take their exclusive rights to sell their products online. My friend collaborates with a vegan food company, promoting their products and hosting plant-based food seminars for earnings.


Teach Blogging

Remember your struggle during the early stages of your blogging. Online guru advice might not suit your blog; success often comes from trial and error.

Just like you, many struggles with their food blogging and most of them just crash because of lack of guidance.

Food Blogger Make Money Teach Blogging

You can turn your knowledge into coaching, by assisting them with technical and non-technical aspects of blogging. You can guide them through blog creation, content strategy, keyword search and many more aspects of blogging.

Flaunt Your Food Skills, Globally

Start your Food Blog Now.

We have put all our learnings in a 30 days Food Blogging Course. The goal is to help new food bloggers using our proven step-by-step process.


Looking at all the different possibilities for making money from your food blog is certainly exciting. But don’t mistake this with an easy money-making scheme. Making it work needs a lot of passion, persistence, and patience. It is a combination of hard work and talent that will make you successful.

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About the Author Sonia Gupta

Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

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