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April 10, 2021

I am a tea lover and this reason was enough to bake a Masala Chai Cake with my favorite Kadak Masala Chai. If you too are fond of tea, you should definitely try this Masala Chai Cake for its unique flavor.

This Spiced Indian Cake is moist and has rich flavors coming from all the Indian spices used in masala chai. These spices will lift up the recipe and will lift up your mood as well.

When I first thought to bake the eggless chai cake with such a unique flavor, I was not sure about the result. But after baking it when I served it to my friends, I didn’t disclose the flavor.

After tasting it they all felt as they are eating something like Ginger tea. This gave me confidence that my followers are definitely going to love this recipe.

Masala Chai Cake

I know of people that have up to 5-6 cups a day and consider it a comfort drink no matter if it’s summer or winter.

Just like my previously shared fusion recipe of Eggless Paan cake which was a combination of cake and Indian mouth freshener betel, this masala chai cake is another fusion recipe for die-hard tea lovers.

By the way, among all the fusion recipes I have on my blog, Orange Carrot Pastry is the most loved one by people. There is something very special about the recipe, that you will know only after making it.

Click here to watch the full video recipe
But if you are like me who like to read step-by-step process then continue reading.

Without further delay, let’s get started!


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Quick Notes

Tin Size

23 cm Bundt pan

Oven Temp

180 °C

Baking Time

35 min

MW Convection Temp

170 °C

Baking Time

35 min

Demold Instructions

5 min

Cooling Time

10 min

PS: Use conversion table to switch recipe between grams and cups

Eggless Masala Chai Cake Recipe

In a bowl take 120 gm unsalted butter. The butter should be soft enough as it will be easy to whisk it. Add 60 gm powdered sugar while whisking the butter. Whisk both together until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Add 200 gm condensed milk. Continue to whisk and combine everything.

Take a sifter. Add 250 gm all-purpose flour, 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp baking soda, and ¼ tsp salt to it. Start sifting. Sieving not only helps to remove the unwanted particles but also helps to aerate the flour.

Start mixing everything. While mixing dry ingredients into wet ingredients, start adding masala chai.

This is regular tea prepared using ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. This tea is without sugar as we have already added condensed milk which will make the cake sweet.

Keep adding tea until you get a smooth batter of pouring consistency. Here I have used 300 ml of tea in total.

Now add few drops of Ossoro’s masala chai flavor. Ossoro’s Masala chai flavour is very unique and just 2 drops of this unique flavor will fill your kitchen with the aroma.

Give it a stir and the batter is ready.

Here I am using a 23 cm silicon bundt pan.  Pour the prepared batter into it and gently spread it evenly.

Tap the tin on the counter. I am going to bake this cake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for 35 minutes.

After 35 minutes, the cake is out of the oven. It has baked completely. Let the cake rest in the mold for 10 minutes. Immediate unmolding can break the cake into pieces.

After 10 min of resting, unmold the cake.

Because of the silicon mold that I have used, the unmolding was pretty easy. Look at the beautiful color of the masala tea cake.

Now try this recipe and share your feedback. Till then happy baking!


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Let me know your experience with the recipe in the comment box below. I will try to respond back as much as possible.

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eggless exotic masala chai cake
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Eggless Cake, Eggless Cake Recipe, Eggless Desserts, Fusion Desserts, Indian Dessert Recipe
Servings: 10 people



  • In a bowl take soft butter and start whisking it.
  • Add powdered sugar and continue to whisk.
  • Add condensed milk and mix everything until combines.
  • Using a sifter, sieve all the dry ingredients directly into the bowl of wet ingredients.
  • Mix dry and wet ingredients and start adding masala chai to the mixture.
  • Prepare a batter of pouring consistency.
  • Add few drops of Masala chai essence from Ossoro and mix it.
  • Pour the prepared batter into the tin and tap it on counter.
  • Bake it in preheated oven at 180 C for 35 min.
  • After 35 minutes, take the cake out from the oven.
  • Unmould it and serve it.



  1. Every ingredient in the recipe and its quantity has its significance. Do not alter them.
  2. This recipe is a tried and tested recipe. Substitute the ingredient/s only at your own risk.
  3. You can adjust the servings of this recipe in the “Recipe Card” and all the ingredients and their measurement will automatically adjust.
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