Plattershare Feedback
Plattershare Feedback

Connecting with Plattereshare

FB has been connecting people since years. I am a part of Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community on FB owned by Simran Oberoi Multani. As usual, I was browsing the group, reading messages and recipes shared by other bakers and came across with Plattershare. I was impressed reading about Kirti and Ankush and what they are trying to achieve. I decided to be a part of this group and hence joined them sometime in Jan 2017. However, I wasn’t active into the group in the beginning.

Plattershare Feedback

I am more towards healthy and experimental baking. I recently discovered that Plattershare promotes healthy eating. This interested me and since then I am an active participant to this group. I am enjoying every bit of my presence with it and thought to provide my Plattershare feedback to the world. Kirti and her team has created a marvelous platform for food bloggers. A platform where a food blogger can reach out to the world and showcase his/her experiments. A platform to meet other like minded people, exchange ideas, learn new recipes, participate in contests and what not.

Plattershare team helps in promoting write-ups and recipe at repeated intervals. This helps the blogger to create brand and build audience. I understand how important it is to have an audience and how difficult it is to bring that audience. In a world where people try to steal others credit, Plattershare ensures that the credit is passed on to the rightful individual.

Belly Nirvana

BellyNirvana is another unique program which has a lot stored in for a Bakers/ Chefs. You get to test and innovate healthy recipes from the ingredients provided by the program. You further share your recipe and reviews on the ingredients under the program. I certainly look forward to become a part of the BellyNirvana Program.

There are a few more recipe sharing platforms on web and FB. But what makes Plattershare unique is the story sharing part. This feature gives an advantage to the blogger to connect closely with their readers. People now know me more than a recipe creator. I am sure, like me, almost everyone loves this facility. I have loved reading about other bloggers and bakers and now I know them a lot better.

My wishlist on Plattershare

Time to time city wise meetup will help knowing each other better. A city representative who can conduct local events is an idea might be worth looking at. What say?

Thank You

My sincere thanks to the Plattershare team for this tireless and wonderful effort. Thanks for helping me by being my partner and helping me create my brand.

I wish the entire team a successful path ahead.


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