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30 Days Blogging Challenge


  • Finding the right niche
  • Finding the right business name
  • Domain registration & Configuration
  • Hosting services & registration
  • Blog Installation
  • Theme, Logo, Essential plugins
  • Essential Content
  • Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Indexing
  • Blog Security
  • Email Id’s and Social Media Setup
  • Keyword and Content Plan Finalization
  • Finalizing the structure of your content
  • Writing & Scheduling articles
  • Tips to write good content
  • Promotional Part of Blogging
  • Useful Social Media Channels
  • Automation in Social Media
  • Understanding your audience at various platform
  • How to take feedback about your blog content
  • Content re-purposing
  • Growing Social Media
  • Creative Part of Blogging
  • Creating Graphics for Blog and Social Media
  • Creating and experimenting with Videos for Blog & Social Media
  • Guest blog outreach
  • Partnership outreach
  • Email marketing outreach
  • Interviews Outreach

30 Days Blogging Challenge
If you desire to start blogging and make money from blogging then take the 30 Days Blogging Challenge.
Learn how you can get started quickly with my step-by-step guided course. Food blogging-specific problems also covered.
You will learn: How to set up your blog, how to design your blog, how to find a niche, writing good blog posts, finding inspiration for posts, monetizing your blog, getting traffic, and much more.

PS: This course is only for serious action takers who can dedicate 2-3 hours of their day to blogging. You will be writing content for your blog, so you must be comfortable writing content in English.
The course will cover how to write a good blog post, but correcting the grammar and the English language will be beyond the scope of this course.

Your Attention Please

  1. Use the correct email while you register. The email that you will register will have all the access to the course. No modification is possible later on.
  2. Use your full name while registering. The name will appear on your certificate.
  3. Once you register, you should get the invoice within a couple of minutes on your email.
  4. Within 24 hours you will receive an email from ABCB with more details of your course access.

When You Enroll Remember

  1. To use the correct email id and WhatsApp number. The course access and other communication will be done with the information you provide.
  2. Changes to the email address and WhatsApp number, later on, will not be possible.

Payment Process

On the payment page, you have multiple payment options. Here is a step-by-step process:
1. Click on Add To Cart.
2. Click on View Cart.
3. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
4. Fill in your details and click on Place Order.
5. Click the QR code to pay via Paytm or UPI, or else More payment options at the bottom to pay via other methods like a Credit card, etc.


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