Baking at Home
is the first step
towards Clean Eating

There is no better joy than to see your family eating food, with no additives or preservatives!

The presence of Chemicals & Preservatives is one of the reasons kids face issues like Hypertension, Obesity, Lack of Concentration

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Why just blame kids, aren’t adults attracted towards the baked goodies?
Do you not like to eat pizza, burger, sandwich, cake, pastry, cookies, brownies etc.?

And do you not stop yourself eating them, even if you want to because:

  1. There are a lot of calories in what you eat from market.
  2. The presence of harmful chemicals and preservatives makes it unhealthy.
  3. Hygiene in making those products is always at question.

Time and again Experts have warned us about the impact of chemicals, preservatives, and additives on human body.

But now you can stop saying No to yourself & your kids and eat every baked goodie you desire.

Introducing 30 Days Baking Challenge Course

A unique program to that helps you learn wide array of baking delicacies including muffins, cupcakes, cakes, cake decoration, pie, tart, blondie, brownie, cookies, breads, buns and more.

You will not only get 30 recipes but you will also get 30 lessons on baking. All of the recipes are done without using any unhealthy ingredients and without preservatives.

The recipes are just so easy that you will love baking them and your family will never stop praising you. You will feel contained because now you will have their health in your control.

A Glimpse of the Course Structure.

Module 1: Muffins & Cupcake

8 exclusive recipes and 9 lessons to build the foundation level knowledge of the eggless baking. You will discover the golden rules of eggless baking, exposure to the egg replacers and much more.

Module 2: Cakes and Decoration with Whipping Cream & Ganache

In this week you will learn 6 extraordinary cakes along with basic frosting techniques including whipping cream and Ganache. You will also get 6 lessons that will strength your knowledge on basics of cake baking.

Module 3: Cookies, Pie, Tart, Brownie & Blondie

It is going to be a rocking week. You will be learning a lot of variety using 10 different recipes. There will be lessons that will support your week 3 learning. By know you will have established a strong foundation level knowledge on baking.

Module 4: Bread & Buns

This will be our final week and one of the most exotic week. Not only that you will start taming the yeast, you will also bake some of the exotic and delightful bread that will bring all your neighbors to your doorstep.

We will have bread specific baking lesson to ensure that you know everything before you qualify for the certification.

Recipes Included in the Course

  1. Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins
  2. Hot Kapi Muffins
  3. Parsi Mawa Muffins
  4. Orange Cranberry Muffins
  5. Cranberry Cardamom Spice Muffins
  6. Happy Apple Oatmeal Muffins
  7. Chocolate Cupcake with Icing
  8. Tutti Fruity Cupcake with Icing
  9. Almond Streusel Loaf
  10. Orange Glazed Hotmilk Cake
  11. Gulab Jamun Rabri Cake
  12. Black Forest Cake
  13. Caramel Coffee Banana Cake
  14. Patterned Swiss Roll Cake
  15. Honey Oat Raisin Cookies
  16. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
  17. Cranberry Almond Shortbread Cookies
  18. Grandmom’s Butter Cookies
  19. Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies
  20. Candy Bar Blondie
  21. Chocolate Pots
  22. Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart
  23. Pear & Cranberry Pie
  24. Beetroot & Oats Bread
  25. Cheese & Pesto Rolls
  26. Iyneger Khara Buns
  27. Leopard Print Bread
  28. Cheese Burst Pizza
  29. Pappa Roti
  30. Pretzels

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