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September 25, 2017

Karnataka is the leading producer of ragi. Ragi is a source of good carbohydrate. Ragi is a gluten-free cereal. It is loaded with several benefits and we should embrace Ragi in our food. Ragi Cookies is a great choice for healthy cookies and works great when you are trying to lose weight.

Whether you call it finger millet, nachani or ragi, it all means health.

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I recently got our complete body check-up done and discovered that Amit has started getting his weight and cholesterol level under control, however, a lot was still to be achieved. Everything that helps in weight loss became our choice of food. Ragi Cookies followed the way.

This recent routine health check-up made my thought stronger to make Ragi cookies. To make it healthier I planned to make ragi cookies with Jaggery.

Ragi Cookies (Ragi Biscuits)

Ragi has many health benefits including:

Skin: Source of vitamin D improves vitality, improve skin tissues and reduce wrinkles.

Diabetes: Ragi has a low glycemic index and hence reduces food cravings. Helps in keeping the blood sugar in check.

Anemia: Ragi is a good source of iron and helps improve hemoglobin levels.

Insomnia: Ragi is a source of antioxidants like Tryptophan and Amino acids. This helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and Insomnia.

Weight loss: Ragi is high in dietary fiber. It reduces unnecessary food cravings thus helps in weight loss.

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Nachni Biscuits for Babies

This is an eggless butter biscuit recipe. The recipe includes ragi, oats and whole wheat. Feel free to call them multigrain cookies. This simple cookie recipe produces healthy biscuits for kids. The melt-in-mouth flavor of the cookies makes the kids fall for them.

I have curated the list of recommended tools and ingredients for baking. I recommend only tried and tested products that have given satisfactory results in my kitchen.

If you bake this recipe, please share a picture with me on my Instagram using #bakewithsonia

Ragi cookies in the Microwave?

Of course yes. Remember the following

  • Ensure the microwave is in convection mode
  • Bake the ragi cookies at 150 °C for 12 to 15 min
  • Let's start the Ragi Cookies recipe (Ragi Biscuits Recipe)

    In a non-stick pan, dry roast the finger millet flour (ragi flour) on low flame for about 10 minutes This will help to remove the raw smell or taste of the flour. Transfer it to a bowl and let it cool.

    In another mixing bowl, take wheat flour, oats, millet flour, jaggery powder, and baking powder. Mix all the dry ingredients well.

    Dry and wet ingredients Nachni Cookies

    Add butter to the dry ingredients and with the help of the fingertips start mixing butter with dry ingredients until you get the texture like breadcrumbs.

    Now add 1 tbs milk and bind the dough. I used 2 tbs for the recipe. If you feel your dough is still dry, you may add more milk.

    Tip: Don’t over knead the dough like regular chapatti or bread dough. We don’t want to form the gluten.
    Dough for Ragi Biscuits

    Cover the dough with a cling wrap and place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

    Tip: Refrigeration will help to set the dough and results in crispy cookies.
    Ragi Cookies Rested Dough

    After 30 minutes take the dough out from the refrigerator. Divide the dough into 16 equal portions. Start shaping the cookies.

    Let’s Bake

    Meanwhile, keep the oven for preheating at 160 °C. Roll each dough portion into a ball and slightly flatten it by pressing it with palm. Place all the shaped cookies on a baking tray lined with parchment paper by leaving some space in between as cookies will expand while baking.

    Bake the cookies in a preheated oven for about 15 to 18 minutes.

    Ragi Cookies before baking

    Once done, take the tray out from the oven and using a flat spatula transfer all the ragi cookies to a wired rack and let them cool.

    Ragi Cookies after baking

    Our healthy cookies are ready to be served. Stock these ragi jaggery cookies in an airtight container for up to one month.

    Ragi cookies

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    Healthy Ragi Cookies with Jaggery

    Ragi Cookies aka Ragi Biscuits is a great healthy choice for cookies. Make sugarless Ragi Cookies at home with my step-by-step easy to follow recipe. These Ragi Cookies are made with Jaggery.

    Ragi cookies with jaggery
    4.67 from 3 votes
    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 18 minutes
    Total Time: 58 minutes
    Course: Snacks, Tea Time
    Cuisine: American
    Servings: 16 Cookies



    • In a non-stick pan, dry roast the finger millet flour (ragi flour) on low flame for about 10 minutes This will help to remove the raw smell or taste of the flour. Transfer it into a bowl and let it cool.
    • In a mixing bowl, mix all the dry ingredients by adding butter into it.
    • Add 1 tbs milk at a time and start binding the dough.
    • Cover the dough with a cling wrap and let it rest in refrigerator for 30 min.
    • Meanwhile preheat the oven at 160 °C .
    • Shape the refrigerated dough into small balls. Flatten each dough ball between the palms and place on a baking tray by leaving so space in between.
    • Bake the cookies in a preheated oven for 15 to 18 minutes.
    • After baking, let the cookies cool down completely on a wired rack.
    • Ragi cookies with Jaggery are ready to be served.


    • Don’t forget to dry roast the finger millet flour, else you will get the earthen flavour in the cookies after baking.
    • Do not over knead the dough. Just bind it gently.
    • Use cold butter for the recipe.
    • Resting the dough in refrigerator helps to get crunchy cookies.
    • In case you don’t have jaggery, use 50 gm of powdered sugar.
    • Substituting unsalted butter with salted butter will change the texture as well as flavour of the cookies.
    • To get crispy cookies, roll the dough thinner.
    • Add milk to the dough accordingly. The dough should be hard and firm.
    • Always bake cookies in a preheated oven.
    • Store the cookies in an air tight container.
    Tried this recipe? Share it with me on Instagram!Mention @bakewithsonia or tag #bakewithsonia
    About the Author Sonia Gupta

    Founder of AnyBodyCanBake, Noted Entrepreneur, Celebrated Baker, Certified Baking Instructor, and Accomplished Food Blogger.

  • Hi Sonia I tried raagi cookies today my son loved them. Thanks for sharing such an amazing recipe ., I baked in two batches dont know why my first batch cookies didnt bind so well any idea why…

    • Dear Anuradha,
      Resting made the oats and ragi flour absorb the moisture well and that is why the binding was much easy for the later batch. Hope it helps to clear your doubt.
      Happy Baking!

  • Can I use ghee instead of butter. If yes then does the ghee need to be cold ? Replace same amount to butter ?

  • Tried these cookies today..Turned out awesome..keep posting such awesome recipes..Planing to try my hands on some other cookies too..

  • 5 stars
    The biscuits were amazing. I made it for my 16 months son but could not stop myself from eating them. I have added powdered roasted flax and sesame seeds to make it even healthier.
    The recipe is really good. Thank you for sharing it ☺️

  • Hi Mam,
    Tried these cookies today and they came out awesome.. I have gained interest in baking veey recently only because of my one and half year kid and he absolutely loved these cookies. As a new Baker I am feeling much more confident after baking these beauties.
    Thank you for inspiring soo many mother’s like me for baking healthy for their family.

  • Hi, I tried this recipe and it came out well. But of I’m supposed to use coconut oil instead of ghee or butter, what should be the quantity..? Could you please clarify.

  • i wanna make this for my one year girl. could you please let me know how can i make it more softer.i don’t want it to be very crispy.

  • Hi Sonia, I love this recipe and am surely going to try it today. My only concern is that I am gluten and dairy free. I am allowed only homemade ghee. So was thinking to substitute the butter with ghee. Do you have a substitute suggestion for wheat flour? I was thinking to add rice flour or not to add any flour at all. Just oats and ragi should work fine. Do you think it would work?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Radhika,

      Yes you can substitute butter with ghee. It works fine.
      And many times I bake these cookies only with ragi and oat flour. Try this way and let me know how was it.

      Happy Baking!

  • I tried using coconut oil which i had put in the fridge instead of the liquid consistency. After baking the cookies for 17 mins and cooling them down, the cookies were still very soft. Can you tell me what could have gone wrong?

    • Megha,

      Oil doesn’t saturate at room temperature hence cookies with oil are going to be soft only. For crunchy and crisp cookies, try using ghee or butter.

      Happy Baking!

  • Hi Sonia,

    I have never used Ragi. Can you please let me know if it is ok to buy the flour directly or we should make Ragi flour at home? Also please let me know the preferred brand for Ragi flour

  • Hi soniaji,
    Instead of oats what else can be added? I don’t like oats..what is the purpose of oats here.. Please let me know

  • Hiii sonia….

    I tried this recipe but just wanted to ask why they spread so much.I use 1tbs milk and the moment I take out the dough it tends to get soft and dough after baking dough spreads like anything

  • Hi Sonia, Thanks for this lovely recipe. It is super easy. My 1 year 7 month daughter is enjoying it like anything. I added some grounded and powdered cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachio and chocolate chips as a variation and it turned out great. One quick question, other than ragi, what other millets variation I can use?

    • Hi Pradeep,

      Thank you so much for such amazing feedback. It’s like a reward for me 🙂

      You can try baking these cookies with Amaranth or Sorghum without making any other change to the recipe.

      Happy Baking!

  • Great recipe. Thank you for sharing. I’ve baked these cookies multiple times and it continues to be a good snack for my toddler. I’m hoping to substitute the jaggery with date paste one of these days.

    • Hi Sindhu,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with me. This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and almost daily I get emails and comments as feedback. This all makes me so happy.

      Sindhu as you mentioned, you want to replace jaggery with date paste, I just want to add something here. Adding date paste can make the cookies soggy.

      Best of luck for your experiment and so share about it with me.


  • Maam i tried the recipe but my cookies didnt hold the shape after baking and started to crumble…what might have gone wrong…i substituted ghee for butter

    • Gaurav

      Changing an ingredient can change the result. And to get success in your experiment, it can take 2-3 attempts. So don’t lose patience and try one more time and add 2 tbs milk extra this time. Hope this will help you.

      Best of luck

  • Hi
    Today I made 4th batch of cookie all time turned out very well ..
    And 1batch tried with ghee that also came out very well .
    And my customer love the cookies thanku so much

  • Hi Sonia I tried your recipe Ragi cookies seconds time
    Both time cookies came out very well..
    ..have one query
    Can I use ghee instead of butter

  • Hi Sonia,
    Ur recipe looks gud and I want to try your recipe but i have a question how do we preheat microwave?
    I never baked anything in microwave before. Kindly help ..

  • Hi Sonia,
    Just tried this recipe. It’s super awesome and easy… Made few changes , instead of oats I added powdered poha of same quantity { as I didn’t have oats at n I had read somewhere that poha is replacement for oats so}. Instead of ragi flour , I used ragi huri hittu which is available in stores.. n I didn’t roast it.. quantity same.. took 20mintues for me.

  • Hi
    I made ragi biscuits as mentiines in recepie.But the base was drak brown and slightly burned.What could be the reason?
    I set the temprature and time as mentioned in recepie.
    Can we tell when the cookies are ready by looking at them so that don’t end with burning the base?

    • Ishu,

      Thanks for trying the recipe.

      Ishu every oven behaves differently. That is why I always recommend to use oven thermometer for good results. If your cookies were brown from the base it means those got over-baked and your oven temperature was too high.
      Cookies turn golden from edges when baked.

      Happy Baking

  • Can you please say the measurements in cup instead of grams? Also can I use Quaker oats for this recipe?

  • Tried this for my 14 month old baby.. She enjoyed them. Worked well for my dad n hubby as well since it had pnly jaggery and not white sugar. Enhanced the flavor by adding chopped cashew nuts (bits). Thank u for the lovely easy recipe.

      • Glad Sonia.. Making the second batch today with minced almonds and walnuts. The only question i had is if we use cold butter it takes time to blend..what happens if we use warmed up melted butter?
        Also..last time I had melted jaggery in milk and then used it. That Can be done if one doesnt have powdered jaggery.
        Another change I have tried is using multigrains atta instead of just wheat flour. Didnt taste bad last time either.
        Power of grains and nuts

        • Hello Sandhya,
          Thanks for connecting, Happy to see you making batches of the cookies of Ragi.
          If you use warmed up melted butter, handling the dough will be difficult and the cookies will not hold the shape.


          • They came out perfect sonia.. Didnt struggled much. Also the nuts adding gave it a nice taste n I had my dad n friend ask me for a few. Made them thinner last time n they came out crispier as per ur notes. Thank u again. On demand making third batch today. Lots of love

  • Hi, I made this recipe as it is, cookies came out excellent, we just love them. But is there any option we remove Aata from it. Can I omit Aata and use more of oats and Ragi

  • The cookies were so yummy. I am already drooling over it. Very easy recipe
    It took 25 minutes in baking. It’s crisp.
    Thank you for sharing ingredients in grams as it is more accurate and thank you for the recipe.

  • It’s a great recipe. But it’s not gluten free since you’ve used wheat flour in it. Please edit the gluten free part because it’s misleading.

  • Hello Sonia
    Thank you for your beautiful recipe and very useful process tips.
    Can we organise a workshop on making healthy cookies at Kochi (Kerala) by you?

    • Hi Jayan,
      This is a nice idea. Let me know what is your plan. You can alternatively also talk to Amit @ 9873232662. He takes care of all the workshops event planning.


  • Hi, so I tried this recipe out – loved the idea. But two things –
    1. There is no ingredients lists – so I actually just made assumptions wrt quantity.
    2. Which led to this point – after taking out from the fridge the dough was still crumbly.

    Am waiting for the biscuits to get baked as I write this – so will keep you posted on the end result. But can you share the ingredients and the amount for next time :

    • Dear Rajika,
      Thanks for writing to me and liking the idea of ragi cookies.
      Answering your questions:
      1. There is no ingredients lists – so I actually just made assumptions wrt quantity.
      – Well looks like you did not scroll down and checked the recipe card. The recipe card has the list of the ingredients and shortened steps. The recipe card is printable.

      2. Which led to this point – after taking out from the fridge the dough was still crumbly.
      – Hoping that using the correct ingredients and correct quantity should solve your problem.


    • Dear Dr. Neeru Mehra, Butter is purposely used to give binding to the flour which is difficult to achieve with Refined oil. As an alternate, you may use clarified butter (desi ghee) or coconut oil.


  • Thanks for sharing delicious recipe for me. My grandfather is sugar patient . so I searching new sugar free recipe. I will definitely prepare your recipe for him.

  • Thanks for this super food Super healthy recipe! Can we make this into spicy cookie? If yes, what would u add? TIA!

    • Hi Bharati,
      Thanks for liking the cookie. I haven’t yet tried a spicy version of this cookie and cannot comment as of now. Spicy biscuits can range from simple cumin seeds biscuits to biscuits with ginger, chillies, cinnamon, curry leaves etc.


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