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Soft Spongy and Spicy Pull apart Bread recipe from scratch

Spicy pull apart bread
I started with cheesy pizza pull apart rolls and everybody liked them. The pizza pull apart rolls are really great, however, I wanted to make it more flavorful. I further made Cheese Garlic pull apart. This pull apart was is a huge hit in my house. The perfect blend of cheese and garlic makes this bread special. However, I...

Soft and Easy Honey Buttermilk Bread with Whole Wheat

Honey Buttermilk Bread
I would like to include this honey buttermilk bread recipe into the list of easiest bread a beginner should do. This Honey buttermilk bread recipe with 50% whole wheat is slightly different from my other bread recipes thus far. Video Recipe I had been contemplating for a long to do this buttermilk bread recipe, but the schedule was keeping me completely...

How to make Braided Nutella Rolls that makes you crazy

Braided Nutella Rolls
There is an interesting story behind these braided Nutella rolls. I recall Bigg Boss season 8 where I saw the participants fighting over Nutella. I wondered what is so special about Nutella until my child started acting crazy for it. The name itself is enough for him to start craving for it. Trust me, he can be sinful for...

Popular Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe

Popular Aloo Tikki Burger
Aloo Tikki Burgers are extremely popular veg burgers between all ages of people, especially kids. But as a parent, we try to keep our children away from popular McDonald’s aloo tikki burger or veg burgers from any fast food joint. There are two primary reasons we avoid our kids to eat these burgers: The burger is made of all-purpose flour...

How to make Vegan Banana Bread with wheat

Vegan Banana Bread with Walnuts
If you have been following Veganism, then you might know how to make vegan banana bread. Most of the online banana bread vegan recipe calls for all-purpose flour. Today you will learn how to make healthy vegan banana bread with whole wheat. Want to know the benefits of whole wheat, read it on Multigrain bread recipe. This is one of...

Amritsari Kulcha with Wheat Flour

Amritsari Kulcha Whole Wheat
Different regions have different popular flatbread in that region. |Popular Italian Flat Bread: Focaccia Bread |Popular Middle Eastern Flat Bread: Pita Bread Similarly, Amritsari Kulcha is a famous north Indian flatbread and popularity of stuffed Amritsari kulcha recipe can be seen around the world. Indians love the Punjabi kulcha recipe. The spicy stuffed kulcha recipe, adopted its name from the region Amritsar.   I have curated...

Cheesy Vegetarian Stromboli Recipe [Whole Wheat]

Sliced Vegetarian Stromboli
Vegetarian Stromboli Whole Wheat Vegetarian Stromboli recipe is a healthy twist to the regular Italian Stromboli recipe. This recipe is also known as Stromboli pizza. The first time I read this word, I had no idea what it would be. The name itself made me think of something complicated and I thought not to experiment. However, the element of curiosity to...

Homemade Pav Bun Recipe |How to make Pav at home

Homemade Pav Bun
Pav Bun or Ladi Pav is a palm size small round bread loaf. A perfectly bake Ladi Pav recipe is a soft, light, and spongy Pav bread. These were first introduced in India by Portuguese. The Pav bun recipe took its shape in Goa and then traveled to Mumbai. Since then Pav bun became an integral part of the...

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana Bread
Chocolate Banana Bread When I first worked with the vegan banana bread in my vegan bread experiment, I was a little scared. I had no prior experience of how to work with a banana mix, but this time I was more confident. The name might feel difficult, vegan chocolate banana bread with whole wheat flour, but trust me this is...

Gluten Free Pizza with Lentil Crust

Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Gluten Free Pizza Recipe We all love Pizza, don’t we? But we avoid Pizza because of the calorie content in the Pizza. I have had my experiments in making a whole wheat healthy Pizza but the experimental soul did not rest. It kept thinking of what other variations I can do with the Pizza and finally I am with you...

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