With the changing lifestyle and health issues, people nowadays are more concerned about their food. After all its 70% of food that defines your body. Such changes have increased the usage of Millets. And our today’s Millet Brownies is one such healthy recipe that will delight each of the health-conscious people. Millets are known as

Amazing Foxtail Millet Triple Chocolate Millet Brownies

Have you ever tried biscuit brownies? Wondering what that is? Alright, let me simplify it for you. I am talking about brownies that are made with the leftover or broken biscuit pieces in the box jar. No? All right, then this recipe might be for you: If you like gooey brownies then this recipe is

Cranberry Biscuit Brownies

Quinoa has amazing health benefits. I have been wishing to experiment with quinoa but when Place of Origin sent me a pack of Quinoa, I was absolutely thrilled. Not only Quinoa, but they also sent me a pack of Oman Dates. With both the ingredients, I was excited to experiment with Quinoa brownies which I

Quinoa Brownies Recipe Eggless

Chewy whole wheat brownies with Nutella and Almond, the name describes it all. In this recipe for Nutella brownies, I have used whole wheat flour, brown sugar, and almonds. The brownies have an irresistible taste that makes every Nutella lover go crazy. Replacement of all-purpose flour with wheat makes it a healthier brownie. Worried about

Nutella Whole Wheat Brownies

My husband was working in Mumbai for a good year and a half. I heard a lot of stories from him about the best brownie recipe in the world that he used to order from a nearby store in Mumbai. Almost every time he would eat a dessert, he would not forget to bring his

American Walnut Brownie Recipe