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I’m Sonia Gupta, and I am on my mission to transform home-makers into home-bakers. Baking is an essential skill that every mother must know so to avoid their children eating unhealthy market baked items. My goal is to help you learn a skill that will keep your children happy and healthy.

Since 2016 I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of home makers get started with baking and many of them are running their successful home based baking business.

What is Healthy Baking?

My take on healthy baking

There has been a lot of discussion over baking and much to that over healthy baking. Sugar free baking, gluten free baking and many more types of confusing statements have surfaced over a period. But if you remove sugar or gluten from your baking, does that make it healthy?

Well, let us take a step back and understand what are we trying to achieve? If we are gluten allergic, adopting gluten free bakes will make sense. However, gluten is simply not unhealthy. Generations have been eating gluten in wheat since ages. And gluten is a natural protein available in wheat grain. I have talked all about gluten for those who like to go further in depth.

Replacing only refined sugar with its alternates does not make your bakes healthy. Think about the among of fats, quality of flour and other ingredients involved in the whole process. But, if we carefully design a method, there is certainly a healthier way to bake.