Meet the Lady who Started it All

Hey everyone! Sonia here. I am just like you, as simple as possible. I am a mother of a boy, who happened to be my reason to be in the world of Baking. Like so many other mothers who wanted to ensure healthy and clean eating for their child, I started my journey but did not stop until I found success.


I am an explorer, researcher, and an experimenter. I am constantly learning.


An Early Realization


As my child was growing, I could clearly notice his eating pattern. I realized that I have given birth to a big time foodie and a child who is hugely inclined towards baked goodies. People around me advised me to keep him away from all such baked items as they are junk and are not healthy in any way.

And initially I followed the advise. But trust me a mother is never happy seeing her child wanting to eat something but not eating because of your restrictions. And internally you know that he will eat whenever you are not controlling the environment.

So I decided to take the problem in my hands and instead of controlling the environment, I decided to tackle the problem. The problem was that baked items were full of chemicals and preservatives and I had to get rid of that.

I realized that baking was no longer a luxury, but an essential skill that I had to master. It's a skill that every home maker every mother should know.

Passion to Profession

Sonia Teaching

June 2016 I had started my food Blog where I publish my experimental recipes regularly. Slowly the blog became my business log and became my income source. I've learned so much from my experiments that I am an award winning baking instructor.

My online baking course have gained popularity. I am also the brain behind India's first and biggest 30 Days Online Baking Course.
I help home bakers setup a profitable home baking business by teaching them the most important business skills including positioning and marketing. 30 Days Home Baker Challenge is a complete business course for home bakers.

I started with blogging and after learning the secrets of food blogging and what works in this space, I am now helping new food bloggers to start monetizing their blog with my

30 Days Food Blogging Course


If you ever want to grow your business, start helping others.


My Mission, Vision, and Core Values


I am proud to be driven by a purpose. I am excited to share my commitment to you as a means of ensuring that my work is held accountable to these high standards.

A mission is to transform HomeMakers into HomeBakers. It establishes a reason of “why” I exist. I want to empower the homemakers so they are able to give chemical and preservative free baking to their kids. Nothing is more important than a healthy child.

A vision is a logical image of how you see your business to be in future. My vision is absolutely clear. I want to help more and more people achieve success in the food industry.

AnyBodyCanBake is a trusted learning platform that serves a world wide community of food entrepreneurs. I help people take action towards achieving their goals by providing best-in-class educational content and training experiences.

My Core Values

Core values are my fundamental beliefs not to be negotiated. These values dictates my behavior and will help me determine if I am on right path.


Sharing Without Hiding

A good teacher is one who shares everything he/she knows with the students. What education is that when I am not ready to share my entire knowledge. I offer the complete picture of my experiences to my students to enable authentic learning that promotes my values without compromise.


Support In Need

I am not just here to make you learn. I want to see you learn and then take actions based on that learning. And I will stay with you, no matter when and how many times you need me. That's my commitment of life-time support to each of my student.


Embrace Learning

I am always curious, curious to know how it's done. I learn from my failure. I don't assume, I experiment. I find as much joy in baking and learning as in the teaching.

About Me is About You

You are my reason for being. Whether you’re an aspiring home baker or a blogger or just a hobby baker, I do what I do to serve you.

My journey is endless because my mission is big, vision is long and needs are ever-changing. I appreciate your trust in me.

I am here to help.
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