I am constantly Learning

Some say she is an entrepreneur, others call her a class-apart baker, and a few even recognize her as the calmest tutor.

But when the curtains fall, Sonia Gupta is a loving mother who strives to provide the best to her child.

The master baker behind AnyBodyCanBake and a pioneer in putting eggless baking dishes at the forefront. Sonia Gupta is a force to reckon. 

The Beginning

Sonia Gupta is an ordinary lady who realized the seriousness of her environment and took action.

Not many may know that she was once a Manager in the corporate world and gave it all up for her family. She moved cities with her husband, where they created a new and cheerful life for themselves.

However, the happiness was short-lived, and Sonia's husband was diagnosed with a medical condition that required him to quit his hectic job.

Her husband took a tough call and quit his job, whereas Sonia took the reins in her hand and decided to become the breadwinner of the house.

The Problem

She is a loving wife, a food lover, and a daring entrepreneur. If you meet her, you will notice that she is a calm person mulling over ways to improve the food around her for her loved ones.

Her goal is to create chemical-free, home-baked delicacies that everyone can enjoy. She believes that eating food should not be accompanied by the stress of consuming preservatives or the sensation of eating something you did not enjoy. 

Sonia faced a significant challenge when she first began. Every other recipe she attempted to follow contained an egg. She did not want to use this ingredient in baking because many people dislike its smell and a large population in India is still purely vegetarian.

That is where her mission to develop exclusively eggless baking recipes got off the ground. And she used her experiments and her knowledge to combat the situation at her personal front.

The Journey

As a blogger, she began writing down her recipes, and her blog now assists many people in eating baked goods without stress.

Sonia also wants everyone to be confident with baking eggless dishes, so she has created a structured course that teaches 30 eggless recipes that you can make in 30 days.

It is her signature course, and is one of the most popular and most structured online courses for a beginner in baking.

Over the last five years, she has educated over 9000 students, with many more on the way. She is an affectionate person who wants to make the world a better place, just like you. 

She believes that a woman can achieve whatever she desires. Sonia Gupta is hardworking and organized.  She is a name you will undoubtedly hear more often in the world of food.

Her Core Values


Sharing Without Hiding

A good teacher is one who shares everything he/she knows with the students. What education is that when I am not ready to share my entire knowledge. I offer the complete picture of my experiences to my students to enable authentic learning that promotes my values without compromise.


Support In Need

I am not just here to make you learn. I want to see you learn and then take actions based on that learning. And I will stay with you, no matter when and how many times you need me. That's my commitment of life-time support to each of my student.


Embrace Learning

I am always curious, curious to know how it's done. I learn from my failure. I don't assume, I experiment. I find as much joy in baking and learning as in the teaching.

Straight from Sonia

I am proud to be driven by a purpose.

My mission is to transform HomeMakers into HomeBakers. It establishes a reason of “why” I exist. I want to help more and more people achieve success in the food industry.

AnyBodyCanBake is a trusted learning platform that serves a world wide community of food entrepreneurs. I help people take action towards achieving their goals by providing best-in-class educational content and training experiences.

Whether you’re an aspiring home baker or a blogger or just a hobby baker, I provide best-in-class educational content and training experiences.

My journey is endless because my mission is big, vision is long and needs are ever-changing. I appreciate your trust in me.