Monday, December 10, 2018

Hi, I am Sonia Gupta

I am a Baking Trainer, Blogger, Author, Recipe Creator and Product Reviewer. I am on my mission to help Home Makers become Home Bakers.

The need and desire to keep my child away from unhealthy food made me think about starting baking. I was never aware that baking would influence and indulge me so very until I started learning and baking in 2014.Check the baking books I read and recommend all the beginners to read to gain correct knowledge on baking.

No, I don't come from a hospitality background, but being a Punjabi by birth, I gotta be a foodie by nature. And when I introduced myself to baking, I fell in love with it. It is divine how the aromatic bakes drive my impulses. Thence, I keep on baking to ensure the presence of baking aroma in the house.

I realized that this is a sure shot way to include healthy food in my child meal, without saying No to all the fancy food he desires to eat, for example, burger, pizza and much more.

This worried mother of a foodie child and husband wanted to ensure healthy eating habits for her family. This led to the birth of AnybodyCanBake and started my journey of healthy baking.



I keep on inventing and creating new recipes. I strive to spread awareness and encourage people towards healthy eating lifestyle. In my baking process, I seek possibilities of reducing or replacing unhealthy ingredients.

My cooking preference always goes with the food that nourishes the body. This is the reason I bake with whole wheat grains without using any preservative. People from my baking classes often visit to tell me they never knew baking can be this tasty. They appreciate the successful efforts of maintaining health along the way.

Baking at home today is more than a trend, it is a necessity. Especially for mothers who wish their children’s health and their smiles. This exactly is my goal.

I aim to transform every homemaker into a homebaker. To achieve this I conduct healthy baking classes for beginners to old-handies. Here I impart every possible knowledge and skillful ways of baking healthy. I believe that with proper direction every homemaker can become a great home baker.

Healthy Baking Workshops

In my workshops, I teach people how to bake with 100% whole wheat without using chemicals, preservatives, Eggs, and Maida. It makes me feel happy when I get text messages from mothers about how happy they are to see their child eat healthy Pizza's and Burger, which they used to say NO until they attended my workshop.

This helps the mother keep health in check and child get to eat everything they desire to. And if anyone likes to start their home baking business, I love to help them go commercial.

I started as a novice but my sheer passion for baking fresh and chemical free led me to an entrepreneur. And the person behind this blog. Growing from my mistakes and with the support of the loved ones I go ahead. I keep on creating concepts of baking tasty and easy in my little baking school for all who love baking.

Today I conduct my baking workshops in over 10 cities like Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. Besides, I love to help people who wish to go commercial with their baking skills.

In my blog, I share many tips, tricks, and knowledge about baking. I am also a published author of an eBook “Eggless Baking for Beginners”. Here are all the simple and easy eggless recipes for beginners. I will continue to publish more books in coming future to help the beginners and encourage them to bake.



April 2017: Media Coverage under Inspiring Moms by I Want That Momma
Dec 2017: Online Magazine Eartha publishing our Sugar Free Ragi Cookies
Jan 2018: Rated under Top 5 Food Bloggers in Pune by SaleBhai
Mar 2018: Rated #3 Eggless Baking Blog by FeedSpot
Aug 2018: Ranked among Top 10 Baking & Dessert Food Blogs by Bonusapp