tools for baking
tools for baking

Tools play an important role in Baking. As a beginner, it might be complex for you to know all the essential tools for baking. When I started developing a passion for baking, I was not aware of different baking tools and equipment and their uses. I wish somebody had given me a baking essential checklist and helped me out. This is exactly what I will help you with. In this article, I will talk about the essential baking tools for beginners and help you create your baking tool list.

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things

Neil Gershenfeld

Let’s divide the tools for baking into three parts. Before oven, in the oven, and after oven. Typically, anything that falls into the category of “before oven” and “in the oven” is must to have tools. After oven may or may not fall into must to have baking tools. Further, for a particular tool, you may find a few alternatives already available in your home and might not even need to buy. For example, I don’t use a donut cutter. I simply use a small size bowl to cut the shape of the donut and use a bottle cap to cut the center portion of the donut.

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From where to buy basic tools for baking?

Thumb rule, never buy a tool because they look fancy. Do not fall for the smart salesperson make you believe the incompleteness of your baking without that tool. I stopped visiting baking tool shop a long time ago. They kind of make you believe that everything in the shop is a must to have for you. Thanks to online shopping,

There were numerous questions from people about where to buy baking tools from and which tool to buy. To help all of them, I have curated my list for you. Please don’t confuse the list with must to have tools for baking. Both are different. You will find all must to have baking tools in the curated list, However, you will also find a lot of other tools which, you might not need for now.

Must to have baking equipment for beginners


It is one of the most important baking essentials tools. A few recipes of cakes and bread can be done without an oven. However, for most of the other recipes, Oven is a must. Make a wise decision depending on your needs and family size. I recommend buying a little larger than what you think you would need. It becomes useful when you have a guest at home and also when you need to bake that 9” pizza.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

You need them to measure dry and wet ingredients. Dry and wet ingredients weigh different. Do not confuse yourself with milliliters and grams. To convert cups into grams and grams into cups, use a conversion table. Use correct measurement to reduce your chances of failure with a recipe. Use measuring cups and spoons with sturdy handles and easy to read measurements.

Weighing Scale

My experience while conducting my workshops for beginners, made me realize that most of the people did not get the concept of measurement in cups. They did not know that cups could be of various size, ex. 200ml and 250ml. Sometimes they confuse this with a coffee cup. My counsel to all of them is to rely on the metric system as much as possible and use a weighing scale.


Stirring, mixing, scrapping or spreading, spatulas do wonders. I recommend using silicone spatula of 9” to 12” size. They are flexible and can be used at high temperatures.

Baking Trays

Start with just 2 baking trays in the beginning. The heavier the bottom, the better it is for baking. Heavy bottom allows even distribution of the temperature and hence even baking. You will find a lot of cheaper baking trays with compromised weight and material. I suggest investing in good and long life tins and trays.

Cooling Racks

Every baked item needs to cool down on a wired rack. If you don’t let your baked item rest on a wired rack, after they come out of the oven, you will risk them become soggy from inside. Before you make a decision of buying it, check your kitchen again. You might have the alternative already available. If you don’t have one, don’t skip buying this.

Parchment Paper

It prevents your baked goodies from sticking to the walls or bottom of the pan. Do not confuse butter paper with parchment paper. A lower quality of parchment paper will produce smoke or will get partially burnt in just one bake. The one that I use, last for minimum 3 bakes.


If you are a hobby baker and bakes occasionally then use the regular whisker. But if you like to whisk cream for cakes opts for electric whisker. For people who like to frost cakes, a hand mixer is an important tool.


Sifting aerates the dry ingredients and helps remove unwanted particles. Again, you may already have this, if not, buy a metal sifter.


Pastry brush or silicon brushes have their own significance. These help you in milk wash, Egg wash, Water wash and applying butter or oil without making any mess. You can use silicon brushes at any temperature hence I recommend using a silicone brush.

Baking Pans/Tins

A baking pan or cake pans are available in many shapes and sizes. These are available in silicon, aluminum, glass and non-stick coating. Just like the baking trays, it is always advisable to use heavy duty pans. Selecting the right size of the pan while following any recipe crucial. Otherwise, you need to adjust the baking time and temperature which is a complex process. To begin with buy one circular, one square, and one rectangular shaped pan. Later on, based upon your requirements, keep on adding. If your budget permits, choose Silicon pans. They are easy to maintain, takes less space, easy to carry and moulds fast.

Oven Thermometer

Every oven behaves differently. It is very important to know your oven capabilities and limitations. The inaccurate temperature will either over bake or under bake your baked goodies. You would not prefer to lose your precious ingredients, efforts, and time invested. An oven thermometer can save you from a lot of such problems.

Rolling Pin

Indian kitchen is incomplete without a rolling pin. I had to buy a new one because the regular rolling pin I had, was of less width. Your rolling pin should be able to fully cover the width of the dough or icing sheet. This is the only deciding factor in whether to buy a new rolling pin or not. Ideally, a rolling pin should be of about 18” to 24”.

Mixing Bowls

These come in numerous shape, size, color, and material. It is advisable to use food grade quality plastic bowls. You will have many such bowls in your kitchen and might not need to buy.

Palette Knife

It is a long, thin tool with a round end. You need this for icing the cake, scrapping, leveling ingredients, spreading ingredients evenly. If you are the one who likes to eat cake frosted with cream, a palette knife is must to have. Check my video recipe for cake decoration and understand why I call it an important tool for cake makers. If cakes are not your priority, you can delay buying a palette knife.

Let me know if you find this baking tools and equipment list useful. Did I miss any important tool that you feel should be listed here?

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  1. Hey
    I liked the consolidated list of your baking tools..In your list you should add the bread slicing knife details.Today I baked your honey wheat buttermilk bread and it came out really nice but because I didn’t had a bread knife the pieces didn’t cut properly.Let me know which knife should I buy for it.

  2. Wow. Very nice and interesting information for baking tools. I like this tools. It’s impressed me. It will make my cooking work easier. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Hi Sonia, u have a fabulous fan following, I am one of them, seeing your posts ignited me to bake, I have a Morphy Richards 20l mwo at home, my question is my bakes turn dark outside very soon, any suggestions please

    • Hello Lakshmi, Thanks a bunch for liking my work. I am humbled by your feedback.
      Coming to your question, try the following:
      Keep the temperature lower than what is mentioned in the recipe. Also after 10-15 minutes of the bake, when you get the required color, cover your bake with aluminum foil and continue baking further.

  4. Hi Soniya,
    I am from Chennai. I am interested in baking. I would like you to recommend an oven for me. My family size is 6 adults and 3 kids. Your website is very helpful.
    Thank you

    • Dear Usha,

      Thanks much for liking my work and showing faith in me. Depending on your baking needs (hobby baking or serious baking) you may decide between 30L to 50L of OTG. I am highly satisfied with Morphy Richards and Bajaj OTG
      PS: Morphy Richards are also serviced by Bajaj OTG and both Morphy and Bajaj comes with 2 year Onsite warranty
      Look at the following options that will suit you
      I personally use the third one and absolutely satisfied.
      Let me know if you need more help



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