The Most Enticing Healthy-Whole Wheat Bread Baking Course Online

Even if you have ZERO knowledge about Baking !

Does your 100% whole wheat loaves tend to be dense, too dry and smells bad?

Don't worry, you are not alone in this.
When I started, I was also told that 100% Whole Wheat Baking is just not possible. But I am here to break all those Myths.

As a mother, it is difficult to satisfy all the needs of your kids, elders, etc. They want to eat something new and delicious.

You try to bake by watching some random YouTube videos. With so much excitement, you follow all the steps shown in the video. But the whole wheat bread, pizza, burgers etc tastes not so good. Finally, you are fed up.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to make 100% Whole Wheat sandwich loaf, pizza, and burgers just by watching YouTube videos. 

YouTube baking gurus won’t reveal their baking secrets, techniques, tactics, and winning recipes. And you can’t bake scrumptious without knowing the science behind whole wheat baking.

The Problem

Bread is daily staple food and is consumed around the world for its convenience and taste.

Market based bread needs to survive until it completes the full cycle of manufacturing, packaging, distribution at national level, distribution at regional level, whole seller and then finally to the retailer, where the bread should still be soft and 3-4 days of expiration date so that you can buy.

Its the nature of business that they cannot produce bread without adding preservatives and harmful chemicals whether they write it or not in the list of ingredients on their packaging.

What is the solution?

In order to help concerned moms like you, I have specially designed a 100% Whole Wheat Bread Baking Course that will enable you to bake preservative and harmful chemical free bread at the comfort of your home.

I will share all my secret tips and tricks that I have learnt in the process of mastering this art of 100% Whole Wheat Baking.

Don’t worry, we will hold your hand and teach you everything about baking. We guarantee that you will bake tasty and hygienic bakes and your loved ones will appreciate you for your efforts

Introducing 100% Whole Wheat Bread Masterclass

Don’t blame your kids. They are innocent. They want something that tastes good and they don’t care about their health. But being a Mom, it’s your responsibility to make sure that they eat only healthy foods.

After training 3000+ students, I understand your struggles.

Your 3 painful baking problems:

  • You try several recipes online but haven't quite found the one that tastes good.
  • Your 100% whole wheat loaves tend to be dense, too dry and smells bad.
  • Finding a perfect eggless recipe is even a bigger pain. After all vegetarians also like to eat the baked goodies.
  • You don’t have proper guidance and support because nobody reveals their secret tips and recipes.

Nothing comes free of cost. YouTube videos are free and that’s why you are not able to learn the basic baking hacks that simplify baking.

Even if you have ZERO knowledge about Baking !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

To master a skill you need to practice. And to practice, you need two important things. Access to the visuals of the recipe so that you do not miss the fine details (hands-on is just one time), and somebody to point your mistakes and assist you in correcting that. So we developed this online lifetime access and lifetime support to ensure that you get 10x worth of every penny spent.

The course will be with pre-recorded videos that you can watch at a time of your choice and from a location of your preference. You will have access to a support group on Facebook where your queries will be solved as long as you want to be supported.

100% Eggless Recipes

People still believe it’s difficult to bake without eggs. I disagree. None of our recipes has eggs, still we teach you how to bake tasty bakes.

Exclusive Family Friendly Recipes

Gain access to exclusive recipes developed with 100% Whole Wheat. All the recipes are no-fail recipes, tried and tested in our own kitchen.

The complete science of Whole Wheat Baking is covered

Baking with refined flour is easy but the empty calories in it affect your health. Switch to 100% Whole Wheat Baking & Stay Healthy!

Graduate in preservative & harmful chemical free Baking

It is medically proven that preservatives and chemicals in outside food cause lack of concentration, hypertension and cancer.

High Quality Pre-Recorded Videos

An intensive step by step tutorial videos giving out every minute detail that you need to master the art and science of 100% whole wheat baking.

Facebook Live Sessions

Exclusively for the students directly with the Trainer to clear all your doubts. These live sessions are full of fun, experience sharing, and Q&A.

Lifetime Support

Whenever you’re stuck, we are here to help you. We will respond to your queries related to the workshop recipes and help you master the art of baking.

Lifetime Access

Watch, play and replay as many times as you want to. Did you forget how we did the recipe, no worries, come back and watch the videos again.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

People want to bake healthy and eat healthy. Home Makers want to take control of the health of their loved ones. And that is why they just love this course.

Divya Suresh

Divya Suresh

Home Maker, Gurgaon

Baking Made Simple

First of all both Sonia Gupta Ji & Amit Gupta Sir make it (baking) sound like an easy, simple thing that anyone can learn by justifying to their tagline "anybody can bake".
And she is an awesome instructor, who simply explains each and everything in a simple, easy method/manner that there is no chance to get confused or hesitated. I was always skeptical about baking, and always wanted to learn proper baking. Sonia Ji's confident assurance made me join the course and after baking just few recipes I feel confident and will continue with baking for ever.


Priya Sharma

Home Maker, Mumbai

The Support Matters

Loved d experience .. the science of baking is explained so well and interestingly .
Made some lovely delicious bread.
Sonia and Amit were extremely warm and welcomed and dealt with all questions .


Renita Pinto

VP, IKS Health

An Amazing Coach - Sonia

This is my first every class in baking . was always hesitant to go for a class wondering if its interactive enough for me to learn practicality of baking breads . and yes it met all my requirements. Sonia is patient and warm. her subject knowledge right from science of baking to the products used is commendable. looking forward to more workshops and more learning

What’s in the course?

The course follows a simple structure. We like to keep is easy for everyone and specially for beginners.


Module 1: Basics of Baking

This module covers all the aspects of foundational level of knowledge about baking. Once the foundation is strong, it becomes easy to build over it. Once you understands the basics of baking, it will become easier for you to understand the concepts.

9 Exclusive Lesson covering the basics of baking and important hacks.


Module 2: Concepts of Eggless Bread Baking

Bread is a daily staple. Baking with eggs is the easier, but when it comes to baking without eggs, the world struggles. In this module we will cover the concepts of bread baking and how do we replace eggs from our recipes. 

5 Specially designed Lessons to open up the world of Eggless Bread Baking.


Module 3: Science of Whole Wheat Baking

While Whole Wheat is a difficult animal to tame, but we will go in the depth of every part of whole wheat so to help you understand the Why's and How's of Whole Wheat Baking. After completing this module, you will feel super confident in baking with whole wheat without using Eggs, Preservatives, and Harmful Chemicals.

4 Valuable Lessons to take you in-depth on Whole Wheat Baking.


Module 4: Specially Designed No Fail Recipes

Now that you are fully equipped with the foundation level knowledge of baking and you understand the concepts of whole wheat, we will get into executing the knowledge by baking some specially designed recipes and strengthen our baking techniques.

We will be covering the recipes that are useful in our day to day life and are widely used, for example - Sandwich loaf, Garlic Bread, Pav Bun, Pizza, Burger bun etc.

9 Super Simple and day-to-day Eggless Bread Recipes.


Recipes Covered in the Course

Time and Tested No-Fail Recipes to make your Day to Day Healthy Eating More Exciting

Wheat Sandwich Loaf- Variation 1
Whole Wheat Garlic Bread
Wheat Pav Bun
Whole Wheat Burger Buns
Cheese n Corn Pizza
Focaccia with Fresh Herbs
Pita Bread Sandwich
Cinnamon Rolls

About The Course Teacher,
Sonia Gupta

When I started my career, many people told me that baking is difficult and 100% Whole Wheat is impossible. I wanted to prove them wrong. Today, here I am after 3 years, who has learnt the science and mastered the art of baking.

I have tried and tested 1000+ recipes, techniques, methods in my 13-year career. I have compiled my complete baking knowledge and am giving it to you. Even if you have never baked in your life, my course will make you a baking expert in the next 30 days.

I am also known for my easy eggless recipes with ingredients typically available at home. People also know me for my creative baking recipes for kids.

I have trained more than 3000 homemakers and transformed them into home bakers. Many of my students are running a successful baking business and earning a good chunk of money.

Sonia 30DaysBakingChallenge

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Sonia is one of the most trusted baking trainer!

Kinjal Hindocha

Kinjal Hindocha

Home Maker, Mumbai

Sonia inspire hopes...

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love of learning" This is what Sonia ma'am is. Superb mentor with great teaching techniques and humble enough to solve each query. Thank you so much.


Swati Khare

Holiday Expert, MMT

Sonia is humble & down to earth..

I have attended workshop for whole wheat bread, it was an excellent experience all together to work with such a talented lady but at the same time down to earth. Sonia you are the best, the way you explain each and every step was just perfect. That help us to understand better.


Mincy Jeevan

Home Maker, Chennai

Sonia is a patient & loving teacher

The whole wheat bread masterclass was mind blowing. At last i could see my fear of baking with wheat flour vanish. Sonia is an amazing teacher n more an amazing person. She was so patient n loving in clearing all our doubts (however silly it was 😝) I would recommend AnyBodyCanBake to all my near n dear ones, who will very much benefit from this masterclass. Looking forward to an amazing association, Sonia n Amit...u r truly amazing in what u r doing...keep up the good work n keep inspiring us 🤗God bless 🤗

This Course Is Perfect For

❖ Homemakers and housewives who want to learn whole wheat baking and make super delicious cakes, muffins and pizza that their kids love eating.

❖ Women who are bored and frustrated with their 9-5 job and want to switch to a new high-income career.

❖ Aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to start their baking business and earn well every single month.

★ Locked up homemakers who want to learn a new skill and earn a smart passive income consistently.


Included all the bonuses

(this offer is for limited time only)


/one time

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

After taking this course, every mom was able to bake 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Pizza, Burger etc for their lovely kids and family. It's an amazing feeling to make foods that are healthy as well as tasty. As a mom, it feels super happy to have complete control over your child’s health.

I guarantee you 100% satisfaction after completing the course, in terms of learning and support.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Our goal it to help you master the art. We are sure to see your face here next.


Yogita Khanna

Homebaker at Health-i-licious

Sonia as a teacher is perfect

What an experience it was ! wonderful!! In whole wheat bread workshop..I learnt not only the art behind baking but science behind it as well...Sonia as a teacher is the perfect ,most humble n has a thorough knowledge of what she is baking !


Sudha Krishnan

COO & Co-founder at ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited

Sonia knows how to teach people

What interested me to attend her workshop was that she was going to teach to bake healthy breads at home. I liked it even more because it's all eggless. Sonia knows how to teach people who are completely new to it. The best about Sonia and Amit is that they go all the way out to support and encourage new bakers. My family was excited and thrilled to taste my first whole wheat bread at home.


Smita Jain

Home Maker, Jaipur

Delightful experience to join..

It was a delightful experience to join online classes for baking with you. It not only helped me to improvise on the baking skills but also brought out my jonour in it.Needless to mention that it was a very detailed class to understand the knick and knacks of it. I m truly thankful because we being jains don't eat breads that are available in market but now everything is homemade like wheatbread which is healthy n nutricious, my sons specially like the masala pav bread which i bake with healthy veggie fillings.This baking class had added more taste in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timings of the classes?

It is not a live course with a specific time. All the videos are pre-recorded videos that you will be able to watch at a time of your choice.

Is this a 100% Whole Wheat Course means No Maida ?

Yes, you are correct. Maida, Eggs, White Sugar, Preservatives are not our ingredients. Everything in the course is with whole wheat.

What all ingredients & tools I need to arrange?

The list of ingredients and tools will be provided in the. You will find the information in your course access. You will not need any special tool or ingredients for this course.

Where will I get the videos of the course? Can you send them over WhatsApp of Facebook?

You will be given access to Teachable. Teachable is world renowned Online Learning Platform. The course will be hosted on Teachable. Course videos cannot be sent over WhatsApp or Facebook.

I have never baked. Is this course good for me?

Yes, it will be. The course is designed keeping beginners in mind.

Will I get a certificate after the Course?

Yes, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion after you complete the course.

How do you provide lifetime support?

You will be given access to the Facebook Support Group. Ask your questions in the members only Facebook Group.

I don't have a Facebook Account. Can you support me WhatsApp?

Sorry, our support is only on Facebook. You will need a valid Facebook Account to gain access to support system. It is not possible to maintain multiple support channel.

What is your refund policy?

Sure, please refer to our detailed Refund policy.

100% Whole Wheat Baking Course

Including all the Bonuses

(this offer is for limited time only)


/one time

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Your personal note

We have reached the bottom of the page and if you are still not convinced, then you need to think about your health and your child’s health.

By buying outside food, you are putting your loved ones at risk. But your kids love to eat only cakes, bread, muffins, burgers, pizza, etc. How do you satisfy them?

You can watch YouTube videos and bake, but output won’t taste that good. You need some guidance and training to bake super delicious bakes.

AnyBodyCanBake is the only place where you can learn the science of baking and master the art of baking.

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