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    30DaysBakingChallenge - Season 3

    Stop Relying YouTube Videos that Never Tells You the Science Behind Baking

    Sonia Gupta

    Baking Instructor | Author | YouTuber | Blogger

    Master The ART of BAKING

    Let’s be honest…

    You didn’t buy your oven to continue to buy your bread and cakes from market.

    You know market baked bakeries are harmful for health. So why compromise with health of your loved ones when you have the ability to bake healthy at home?

    Sure, baking is not like cooking but trust me with the right guidance and with my secret tips and tricks of what actually works you will bake jaw-dropping bake goodies that leave your friends and family speechless?

    Now, if you’re like most people, you bought your oven because you wanted to delight your family with freshly baked bakeries. And you wanted to ensure that harmful chemicals and preservatives are not entering in the bodies of people who really matter to you.

    But you probably didn’t expect that baking would be THAT complicated…

    And frankly, I’m not surprised. Because that’s exactly how I felt when I got started.

    On this page you’ll find out how I learned to bake such lovely bakeries… And how you too can start baking in just 30 days from now!

    I’m Just a Regular Women

    Just like you all

    I wasn’t always teaching baking and conducting workshops all around the world…

    When I got started, I certainly didn’t understand why baking powder and why baking soda and why both of them in some and just either of them.

    So if you’re struggling with such questions while working with recipes, you’re definitely not alone.

    And frankly, it’s not your fault. Nobody tells you the chemistry of ingredients and what is the purpose of each ingredient in the recipe.

    They rather make the recipe card so complicated that it seems like they’re written in Chinese.

    So, in many ways, I’m just like you. But here’s what’s different about my story…

    Flashback to 2015, I was dealing with my foodie child ever increasing demands of eating Pizza, Burger, Sandwich, Cakes, Muffins….

    If you happen to a child who loves all of these you will understand exactly where I was at that point in my life. I was desperately looking for a solution.

    And that’s when I took up reading and researching and experimenting. I know how frustrating it was to read and experiment only to realize that whatever I read was not correct and it is again a failed experiment.

    Thanks to my education, being a science student I was able to identify the errors and started correcting them one by one.

    And since I was doing it for my family health and happiness, I never got tired.

    And as you probably suspect, pretty much all my early bakes were a huge disappointment. They were either too hard to eat or undercooked… And the texture were often dense or just too crumbly.

    But I had to make it work. It was for my child and for my family, and quitting wasn’t an option.

    I Took Reading Seriously

    and Applied My Learning to My Experiments

    I was on my way to find solution for

    • How to bake without using any harmful chemical?
    • How to bake without using any preservative?
    • How to bake without using eggs?
    • How to ensure that every time I bake, I get the desired result?
    • How to bake everything at home that my kid wants to eat?
    • How to create my own recipes with my own variations?

    Students success stories

    Here is What My Student has to say...

    Hi All.. I'm very skeptical wen it comes to online classes.. Cause am not sure of the way it actually works, and the kind of support that ll be provided, through online... So with hesitations i enrolled with the class, cause it came in a sweep away price. so am not too much in loss, even if its going to be very average.. But Amit & Sonia, proved me so wrong.. The class was par excellence for the amount i paid.. Sonia Gupta is an excellent teacher.. She keeps it simple and tasty.. I was a person who was always scared with the way baking is, cause everyone tells baking is a science.. But with sonia's recipes, baking is a jiff.. They let u experiment (A science class without lab experiments??? Boring!!) So they made it fun, let u experiment and clarify your doubts.. They share even the last bit of their knowledge.. Amit is there for technical support round the clock.. With Amit its like back to college with so much fun and wit.. Thank you Amit & Sonia, for bringing up such an useful program.. You guys are amazing.. Stay Lovely & Blessed..

    Akshatha Rangabashyam

    Home Maker

    Start Baking Like a Pro

    Know how can you do that

    And for a long time I didn’t have an easy answer for people like you.

    You could try learning from the reputed colleges like Symbiosis, spend years or you could join Pros, spend a bomb or keep trying to figure things out on your own through trial and error…

    That’s exactly what I did… And 3 years later I finally had it all figured out.

    But it’s so much faster (and smarter) to learn from someone who’s done it all before.

    But of course, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on tuition and airfare, drop everything they’re doing for a weeks to learn baking.

    I certainly didn’t have that kind of money when I was starting out.

    So I wanted to create an easier option for people who want to master the art of baking in a fraction of the time I had to spend… And who don’t want to invest a big amount of money.

    And that’s why I created something absolutely unique…

    Students success stories

    Here is What My Student has to say...

    It's a great experience to be a part of 30 days baking challenge. in this 30 days not only 30 recipe was taught but the science behind baking and all tips n tricks was taught. During this course I had baked so much all because of Sonia mam and Amit sir support. They answered all query on time which made me more confident. Everything in the video was well explained that person who has not done baking before can do it easily. It was worth paying for 30 DBC. Words will fall short but just wants to thanks Sonia mam and Amit sir for introducing this course. there motto of making homemaker to homebaker is highly true and now I feel more confident that I had never felt before.

    Shefali Gupta

    Home Maker

    30DaysBakingChalllenge Program


    30DaysBakingChallenge Program is an online course that will get you off the fear of baking once and for all so that you can bake outstanding bakeries that leave your friends and family speechless.

    I’ve taken all the practical shortcuts and hacks I’ve discovered during my career as a professional baking instructor… And packaged them into this quick-to-complete online course.

    It really is that simple… Watch my short step-by-step videos, start using the techniques you’ll discover, and in just a few short days from now you too will be an excellent baker.

    I wish I had access to this when I got started. It would have saved me years of struggle!

    You’’ be baking outstanding baked goodies with the oven or microwave convection that you already have.

    30DaysBakingChallenge is the only guaranteed way to improve your baking and to learn how to use ingredients in the right way. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you sign up today.

    Students success stories

    Here is What My Student has to say...

    I have interacted with Sonia and Amit and am all praises for them.The list of their qualities is never ending ... perfect mentors energetic patient jolly and above all they have made baking fun with perfection Hats off to you both💖💖

    Vibha Khanna Pasricha

    Food Mood- Vibha's Kitchen

    30DaysBakingChalllenge Program

    uncomparable benefits

    • All basics of baking are explained in plain English.
    • Even if you’re starting from scratch, you won’t feel left out in this course.
    • Focus on one concept at a time.
    • Weekly assignment that help you internalize these ideas.
    • All lessons are pre-recorded and they’re available online. There’s no need to show up at a particular time.
    • It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever get stuck, you can watch the same video again. You will have lifetime access to all the videos.
    • You can complete the course in 30 days, 30 weeks or 30 months. It’s completely up to you.
    • We’ll quickly answer any questions about the things you didn’t understand. You have lifetime support from us.
    • Learn at a pace that suits you, not the one that suits your trainer.
    • Early pass and special discounts on all our new programs.
    • You can take this course from your computer, tablet or smartphone, which is really convenient when you want to try out specific recipe while being away from home.

    Students success stories

    Here is What My Students are Saying..


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