Baking at home is the first step towards Clean Eating

Say NO to PRESERVATIVES and harmful CHEMICALS entering into your child body

Season 6 starting on 7 Feb'21

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Presence of Chemicals & Preservatives is one of the reason of kids facing issues like  Hypertension, Obesity, Lack of Concentration.

Leave alone Kids, we all are attracted towards the baked items. It could be a pizza, burger, sandwich, cake, pastry, muffin or a brownie. We all love them in some or the other form. But that's not the problem.

The problem is the inclusion of chemicals and preservatives that bakeries do in baked items. They claim it to be healthy but all they make us eat is harmful chemicals and preservatives. That's the only way for them to be profitable.

And as a parent you know how bad it is to eat them and you have been telling your child not to eat them.

But stopping your kids to eat their favorite burger is the only solution? That's not a great choice, what say?
How about baking fresh at home without using any harmful chemical and preservatives?

I know, for many eggless baking at home seems impossible and intimidating. But trust me eggless baking at home is not as complicated as you may think it to be.

And when you bake at home and see your family enjoying their favorite bread and cake, the feeling is completely different. You know you have taken control of their health in your hands now.

Time and Again experts have warned us about the impact of chemicals, preservatives, and additives on human body:

Dangers of Food Additives and Preservatives
by Dr. Vilma Ruddock M.D.

Additives May Pose Health Risks to Children
at HealthyChildren.Org

5 Side Effects of Preservatives You Must Know About
at NDTV Food


Introducing 30 Days Baking Challenge Course

A unique program to that helps you learn wide array of baking delicacies including muffins, cupcakes, cakes, cake decoration, pie, tart, blondie, brownie, cookies, breads, buns and more. You will not only get 30 recipes but you will also get 30 lessons on baking. All of the recipes are done without using any unhealthy ingredients and without preservatives. The recipes are just so easy that you will love baking them and your family will never stop praising you. You will feel contained because now you will have their health in your control.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 90% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course shall be accessible on world renowned Teachable Platform. Ensure that you register with a correct email id and WhatsApp Number.

You will be granted access to the Exclusive Members Only Facebook Support Group

30 Exclusive Recipes

Gain access to exclusive recipes developed keeping beginners in the mind. All the recipes are no fail recipes, tried and tested in our own kitchen.

30 Baking Lessons

We will just not teach recipes. Instead you will learn the science of eggless baking and learn the importance of everything that you do in the course.

High Quality Videos

High-Quality pre-recorded videos capturing the finest of the details. We have covered the recipe variations also for you.

FB Live Sessions

Access to weekly FB Live sessions exclusively for the community members directly with the Trainer to clear all your doubts.

VIP Membership

You will become a part of an exclusive members-only Facebook Support Group to connect with like-minded people, ask questions and get help. Learn from each other experiments and create variations of all you learn.


Complete the course & assignments. You will be awarded with a certification from AnyBodyCanBake.

Here’s what people are saying about the course


Home Maker

I was skeptical and joined the course with hesitation, but I was proved wrong

The class was par excellence for the amount i paid.. Sonia Gupta is an excellent teacher.. She keeps it simple and tasty

Shefali Gupta

Home Maker

The science behind baking and all tips n tricks was taught.

During this course I had baked so much all because of Sonia mam and Amit sir support. They answered all query on time which made me more confident.

Vibha Pasricha

Food Mood- Vibha's Kitchen

All praises for them. The list of their qualities is never ending

perfect mentors energetic patient jolly and above all they have made baking fun with perfection Hats off to you both💖💖

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 90% discount !

A glimpse of the course structure

This course is to enable you to master the art of eggless baking. Recipes are the medium to learn that art. Hence we do not talk about the names of the recipes in the module, instead we talk about what you will achieve in that week. The list of the Recipes shall be disclosed 15 days before the start date. Each week will be followed by an assignment to check the learning of the week. 


Week 1: Muffins & Cupcake

8 exclusive recipes and 9 lessons to build the foundation level knowledge of the eggless baking. You will discover the golden rules of eggless baking, exposure to the egg replacers and much more.

By the end of the week, we will have our first live Q&A session to help you solve the puzzle that you may be struggling with.


Week 2: Cakes and Cake Decoration

In this week you will learn 6 extraordinary cakes along with basic frosting techniques including whipping cream and Ganache. You will also get 6 lessons that will strength your knowledge on basics of cake baking.

The week will be followed up with a Q&A session to address all your questions.


Week 3: Cookies, Pie, Tart, Brownie & Blondie

It is going to be a rocking week. You will be learning a lot of variety using 10 different recipes. There will be lessons that will support your week 3 learning. By know you will have established a strong foundation level knowledge on baking.
As usual week 3 will also be followed up with an interactive Q&A session to ensure that no doubts is left uncleared.


Week 4: Bread & Buns

This will be our final week and one of the most exotic week. Not only that you will start taming the yeast, you will also bake some of the exotic and delightful bread that will bring all your neighbors to your doorstep.
We will have bread specific baking lesson to ensure that you know everything before you qualify for the certification.
We will round up once again after the end of the week with a Q&A session and have a lot of chit chat around how you are going to use your newly learned skill.


And there is more for you in this course

Bonus 1
Free Lifetime Updates

Once you have joined the course, any future upgrades to the course shall be completely free of cost to you. It could be a new lesson, or a new recipe, or just about anything else, you will have free access to the resource forever.

Bonus 2
Audio Files

You will also have access to the audio files of the recipe instructions. Simply listen to step by step audio instructions and make the recipe in your kitchen without missing any step and its process. It's like having your trainer standing next to you and helping you with every instruction.

Bonus 3
Amazing Giveaways

Participate in weekly assignments, show your learning and talent and the our sponsors will reward you with amazing giveaways every week. 

About The Course Teacher,
(Sonia Gupta)

Sonia is an award-winning baking instructor and her baking courses are recognized by all baking enthusiastic.
She is a Baking Instructor, Blogger, YouTuber, Author, a Social Media Influencer.
Holding her forte as being one of the top baking instructors when it comes to whole wheat baking, Sonia has gained mastery in eggless and healthy baking.
She has trained more than 2000 people in the last 3 years and continues to satisfy her desire to transform "HomeMakers into HomeBakers".

Sonia Solo
Sonia 30DaysBakingChallenge

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 90% discount !

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Best Online Bakery Course in India

How much you would typically spend learning cakes, cake decoration, muffins, and cupcakes?

A good dessert course shall cost you around ₹5K

What about learning bread loaf, pizza, buns etc.

Nothing less than ₹5k for a good eggless bread baking course. Isn't it?

Hey did we speak about Cookies?

I know some of the good cookie courses and they cost bare minimum of 5K.

And we are not even including the brownies, blondies, pie, tart and much more that you are going to learn with us.

What about the science of eggless baking. Nobody touches that part isn't it?

If you need to learn the science, you need to join some diploma course at some institute. 

You will spend bare minimum of 6 months time to learn all the baking science. And its not just you time, there is a huge sum of money involved in it.

A fair market understanding to such courses is anything between 40K to 60K.

And for most of the homemakers or working professionals, it is just an impossible task to spend so much time and money.

With us, you won't have to sacrifice anything like your daily house chores, no impact on personal or professional life. Learn from the comfort your home, sitting on you couch, and at a pace that suits you. 

Plus A lifetime support.

Plus Free access to VIP Member Area

Normal Price ₹50,000/-

Today's Price is ₹5,000/-

Special Early Bird price only for first 50 registration.

Prices will revise to ₹6,000/- thereafter

This might be your last chance to grab the discounted offer.

Season 6 starting on 7 Feb'21

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Secure Payment

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to Master the Art of Baking.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The course is designed in a progressive way and each day you will be learning something new. The excitement increases when people across the world bake along and post their baked beauties to show the world.

This course has changed lives of people as much as that almost 30% of people who join this course are able to start their home baking business before they end the course.

It's impossible to commit 100% satisfaction, but we are able to do so. Our students in the course puts their seal on it.

Confused between

Hands-on vs. Live vs. Pre-Recorded

Let's understand why the world loves the pre-recorded courses

Hands-on (offline) Workshops


  • You have the trainer in front of you, so all the five senses, Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch are working together.
  • Since the trainer is in front of you, you get the ability to ask the question in real-time.

We like this classroom model because since childhood we have been adapted to it.


  • Since the workshop is for a limited hours of time, you only get those hours to ask your questions from the trainer.
  • Support after the workshop depends on the model defined by the Trainer
  • If you missed looking at something during the workshop, or let's say did not remember, later on, chances are you will never get to see it unless you join the workshop again.
  • You have to learn everything within that period of the workshop and it gets overwhelming.
  • You have to match the pace of the trainer to cover the workshop because of the limited time.
  • You will need to travel and if you have kids at home, you will need to manage that part as well.

Online Live Sessions


  • The live sessions gives you the feel of classroom training.
  • You may like to bake along and post your questions on the portal to get it answered while you are in the session.
  • The videos are available for a long duration for you to watch.


  • You need to ensure that you are available at the given time slot, in fact everyone who is planning to attend needs to be available for that period.
  • If you get distracted for some reason during that live session you have then missed it.
  • Student and the trainer need to have electricity during the live environment, remember we live in India.
  • The student and the trainer needs to have a stable internet connection, else the transmission will not be clear. 50% of India still struggles with the 2G connection.
  • Most of the people do not have time to spend 1 hour to see just the 10 minutes of important instructions. However, in the live session, you just cannot control it.
  • The quality of audio and video is average.
  • The videos are available, but again what's important for you is maybe of just 10 minutes in a one-hour long video.

Pre-recorded Videos


  • It does not give you a classroom feel.
  • The teacher is not available in real time to answer your questions.


  • Since they are pre-recorded videos, you can watch them at a time of your choice and from a place you prefer.
  • Even if you got distracted while watching the video, no worries, you can rewind and replay.
  • You don't have to care about electricity or the internet because you can watch the videos when you have both of them working fine for you.
  • You get to see what exactly is important for you. It's a waste of time to keep watching the trainer cleaning up the counter or washing the dishes or hands.
  • Because it is getting recorded for the students, the trainer can fully control the environment and create a top angle of the recipe to show you what exactly is happening in the bowl.
  • You get the high-quality video to see things with clarity.
  • The support system is placed intact to ensure that queries are answered as and when you get them while experimenting at home.
  • And when you need to replay, you know its just the important information that you will put your time on.
  • No need to travel so you can very well manage your day to day life and still learn.


Its purely an individual choice as people's preference are different. I run all the three models and the amount of information, support, and joy our students have felt with pre-recorded videos is incomparable.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never baked in life. Can I join this Challenge?

Is this course going to be Egg Free and Yeast Free?

Do I need to come online at a specific time?

How long will I have the access to the course?

Will I need some special equipment/tool/ingredient?

Will you teach us how to use Whole Wheat Flour?

What is your refund policy?

How do I get support during the course and after the course?

Normal Price ₹50,000/-

Today's Price is ₹5,000/-

Special Early Bird price only for first 50 registration.

Prices will revise to ₹6,000/- thereafter

This might be your last chance to grab the discounted offer.

Season 6 starting on 7 Feb'21

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Secure Payment

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to Master the Art of Baking.

Stop relying on YouTube Videos that never tells you the science of eggless baking

Let’s be honest…

You didn’t buy your oven to continue to buy your bread and cakes from market.

You know market baked bakeries are harmful for health. So why compromise with health of your loved ones when you have the ability to bake healthy at home?

Sure, baking is not like cooking but trust me with the right guidance and with my secret tips and tricks of what actually works you will bake jaw-dropping baked goodies that will leave your friends and family speechless.

Now, if you’re like most people, you bought your oven because you wanted to delight your family with freshly baked bakeries. And you wanted to ensure that harmful chemicals and preservatives are not entering in the bodies of people who really matter to you.

And if that is the case, then you are the right place. Join the course and meet me inside to talk more and indulge in the Life-Changing Experience.

Sonia Sign