Irish soda bread is a no yeast bread recipe. Traditional Irish soda bread is shaped as a boule and then baked. It has golden color on the crust with a dense tight crumb. But I love to have my bread as a loaf and I shaped it so. Frankly, I never liked the version of

Irish Soda bread #BreadBakers

Yeasted Lemon Cake without baking soda and baking powder is a new addition in my collection of cakes. This cake uses yeast as the leavening agent.People mostly make this cake by soaking it in sugar syrup, but I kind of keep moderate sugar in my desserts and hence did not soak the cake in sugar syrup.

Yeasted Lemon Cake in Bundt Pan #BreadBakers

The young generation is extremely health conscious. They are mindful of what they are eating and it is absolutely correct to do so. With so much of adulterated food available outside, it is important to be careful of your eating habits. And my today’s recipe “Orange Cranberry Muffins” will delight everyone who is health conscious.

Orange Cranberry Muffins

Coconut Macaroons are small cookies made from coconut. The name of these cookies came from the Italian word “Maccarone” which means paste. Typically these are made with egg white and almond flour. But with time almond flour got replaced with coconut and/or other nuts. As much as these coconut macaroons are delicious, there is an

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Have you ever tried biscuit brownies? Wondering what that is? Alright, let me simplify it for you. I am talking about brownies that are made with the leftover or broken biscuit pieces in the box jar. No? All right, then this recipe might be for you: If you like gooey brownies then this recipe is

Cranberry Biscuit Brownies

Orange Carrot Pastry with Cinnamon Sauce, what does the name suggest? Ok well, let me tell you what went on the scene. 3 days ago, I found an announcement of a contest in Home Bakers Guild, one the most active Facebook group for foodies. I am not a contest person, but this contest was exciting.

Orange Carrot Pastry

The design of this recipe is inspired by French pastry Millefeuille that consists of layers of thin puff pastry and cream. The traditional Mille Feuille cake has the basic flavors of vanilla and custard but the texture looks just so amazing. The exotic name Dusk and Dawn Gateau – Millefeuille for this exotic recipe was

Dusk and Dawn Gateau

Cookies are your best tea time partner, and so is these Cranberry Pistachio Cookies. The buttery crumb on the crunchy pistachio and the chewy cranberries makes a perfect combination. You will not be able to resist the melt-in-mouth flavor of these cranberry pistachio cookies. Read the medical benefits of Cranberries here. If you are cholesterol

Cranberry Pistachio Cookies Recipe