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You get lifetime access to the entire course content. And that means you can watch the tutorials any day, any time, as many times as you need. Additionally enjoy our support when you need it.

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We are accredited to LAPT

London Academy of Professional Training, London, UK

Course curriculam

58 Modules - Delivered in 6 Months

Module 1: Entreprising in Eggless Baking (Theory)

Module 2: Basics of Baking (Theory)

Module 3:Managing your Oven (Theory)

Module 4: Troubleshooting Guides (Theory)

Module 5: Chocolate Muffins

Module 6: Fruit Muffins

Module 7: Nutty Muffins

Module 8: Vegetable Muffins

Module 9: Spiced Muffins

Module 10: Breakfast Muffins

Module 11: Basics of Whole Wheat Baking (Theory)

Module 12: Whole Wheat Muffins

Module 13: Basics of Decorating (Theory)

Module 14: Syrups & Fillings

Module 15: Addon Recipes

Module 16: Classic Cupcakes

Module 17: Special Cupcakes

Module 18: Drop Cookies

Module 19: Icebox Cookies

Module 20: Cutout Cookies

Module 21: Piped Cookies

Module 22: Savory Cookies

Module 23: Whole Wheat Cookies

Module 24: Multigrain Cookies

Module 25: Crackers

Module 26: Bars

Module 27: Festive Cakes

Module 28: Tea Time Cakes

Module 29: Basic Cake Sponges

Module 30: Whipped Cream Cakes

Module 31: Chocolate Ganache Cakes

Module 32: Cake Jars

Module 33: Whole Wheat Cakes

Module 34: Vegan Cakes

Module 35: Travel Cakes

Module 36: Fusion Dessert

Module 37: Modern Cakes

Module 38: Cheesecakes

Module 39: Brownies & Blondies

Module 40: Whole Wheat Brownies

Module 41: Basics of Bread Baking (Theory)

Module 42: Day to Day Breads

Module 43: Special Breads

Module 44: Whole Wheat Breads

Module 45: Artisan Bread

Module 46: Basics of Gluten-Free Baking (Theory)

Module 47: Gluten-Free Bread

Module 48: Gluten-Free Cakes

Module 49:Sourdough

Module 50: Puff Pastry

Module 51: Shortcrust Pastries

Module 52: Choux Pastry

Module 53: Fudges

Module 54: Pricing your bakes & Licensing

Module 55: Branding and Niche Building

Module 56: Online Presence

Module 57: Local Presence

Module 58: Designing & Editing

Course Instructor - Sonia Gupta

Hey! I am just like you. My child happens to be my quest to experimenting into preservatives free healthy baking. Being a science student, I love experimenting and combined it with my hard work and research.

Today, I am an award-winning baking instructor, food blogger, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer. I hold expertise in Eggless & Healthy Baking. In the last 6 years I have taught more than 9000 students.

Offline vs. Online Baking Course

Choose the Right Platform

Online Baking Course

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere. All you need is internet and an internet enabled device like Computer, Phone, Smart TV, Tablet.
  • Learn at your own pace. You don't have to learn at the pace of the teacher or other students.
  • Learn from the Trainer of your Choice.
  • No Travel Cost, No Lodging Cost involved.
  • Content is more Engaging and Interactive.
  • Cost of learning is almost 1/10th of an Offline Course.
  • Unlimited Video Views of the Course Content.
  • If you forget something, or did not understand, rewind and watch again.
  • Superior Support System.
  • New Age Learning Methodology.

Offline Baking Course

  • Traditional Classroom Enviromment.
  • The Instructor is right in front of you.
  • You can ask questions during the training.
  • You Bake while you Learn from the Tutor.
  • Instructor can customize the learning need depending on student needs.
  • Good if you are not computer friendly.
  • You will Need to Match Your Learning Pace with the Tutors Pace.
  • Travel & Lodging Cost may be Involved.
  • High Cost of Learning
  • You get to see demonstration only Once. If you forget, you will need to pay again.
  • You learn from the trainers available in your locality. Compromised approach.


If you are looking for:
a) high quality advance baking course
b) from the best of the baking instructor
c) at a fraction of cost of any offline baking course
d) learn from the comfort of your home
then an this online eggless baking course is a no brainer. 


What they say

4.7/5 rating on Google - 5.0/5 rating on Facebook

Teaching Style
Course Curriculam
Support System

Manda Mathur

Home Maker, Jodhpur

Recently attended Sonia Ma'am baking course and I was very pleased! Sonia Mam is a patient and conscientious teacher who really takes the time to make sure you understand what you are doing and that you get all the techniques right. My friends and family are all amazed at the beautiful cakes, muffins and breads that I have been able to create so far - I have already had people asking me to make cakes for them!! I will definitely be heading back for some more classes to expand my knowledge even further. Thank you Sonia Ma'am & Amit Sir for sharing your knowledge, passion and skills. Also Thanks for your quick support to get the certificate right after the course❤️❤️

Ruchira Kamdar

Home Baker, Bangalore

My first course of Anybody can bake. I enjoyed every bit of that course. It had variety and taught me basics of everything in baking - be it muffins, cakes, cookies and breads. IT boosted my confidence to a very great extent. I really loved the structure of the course, the way it was delivered by Sonia maam and the challenges which were set for us each week. Sturcture was superb ..and ofcourse at all times, we got the right support from Sonia Maam and Amitji. That was a stepping stone for a lot of home baking I do for friends and family. Thank you very much.


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