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Wonderful Mom behind Ovenderful Mom : Simran Oberoi

By Sonia Gupta

May 31, 2017

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Meet a self-taught baker, the Ovenderful Mom: Simran Oberoi

Simran Oberoi, the Ovenderful Mom is not a new name to the Baking World. She was born and brought up in India’s capital under British Raj Kolkata (Calcutta). She is a mother of a 4 ½ year son and 2 canines (pets). Simran has stayed in many Indian cities before settling down in Bangalore. Work has always kept her on toes. She loves traveling and had frequently traveled at National and International levels. Reading, writing and Baking and other few things that keep her busy.

Ovenderful Simran Oberoi

Simran has completed her MBA from the Goa Institute of Management. She completed her schooling from La Martiniere for Girls, Calcutta. Simran has more than 14 years of corporate experience under her belt. She worked with large global organizations in Human Resources Advisory services, APAC. Her career extends to Research and Knowledge Development with organizations like Hewitt Associates, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), and Hay Group.

Simran is also an Alumni Mentee of The Cherie Blair Foundation’s Women in Business. She has undergone mentoring their international program for a year.

Ovenderful  – The Thought

There is a steep increase in health and wellness issues between kids and adults. Simran felt the need of creating awareness towards healthy baking. This is how she started her niche in baking.

Everybody is aware of the impact of baked goods on health. This is because of the levels of all-purpose flour and refined white sugar they contain. Children love snacking on things like biscuits, cakes, and bread. Simran realized the need to address the issue on an immediate basis.

Ovenderful Mom Simran Oberoi

Ovenderful – The Beginning

Simran left her successful corporate career in November 2013 and started her dream venture Ovenderful. It is a social enterprise and a healthy baking blog. It is also a niche e-bakery that specializes in healthy and organic bakes. Afterward, she founded Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, a Facebook community of over 13184 members.

She started building the Facebook community in November 2014 with the intent to share knowledge on healthy baking on a regular basis. In addition to OMBC, she has recently started a subgroup of this community known as OMBC Kids. The entire community was built on word of mouth recommendations. People join this group because of the value they find in the group.

Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community is a close-knit community that exchanges ideas and recipes. At one hand this enables a better understanding of using alternative flours and natural sweeteners. And on the other hand, it helps baking healthy and change people mindset.

Simran feels that the Indian market has matured towards Baking. According to her, the India market is perfectly ready as it will ever be.

Simran Oberoi Ovenderful

Rewards and Recognition

Simran has extraordinary leadership skills and a goal to create a difference in society. Her efforts were recognized by the Global COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg in 2017.

Won the title of Best Indian Mom Admin by Lakme Salon and World of Moms.

Stood 2nd at the Orange Flower Awards, by Women’s Web, earlier this year, for Food Blogging. The selection was completely based on voting and jury feedback.

She was also one of the finalists in the Top 10 Indian Mom Bloggers, by Buzzing Bubs. Buzzing Bubs is a well-known parenting platform.

Ovenderful BakeStreAt Program – DNA Newspaper Coverage:

In her own words “It was very rewarding to see that one’s work is valued to this extent and that it has the potential to be sustained. It felt like I have received a high degree of credibility as well as appreciation. This makes all the challenges from the past seem so small.”

Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community– The Uniqueness

Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community focuses on healthy baking. It is one of its kind in India as well as globally. There is no other FB group of this big size and with this kind of unique theme. Apart from that, a huge degree of commitment is present within the group to contribute to the community causes through their baking. This is done by directly baking and distributing for NGOs and baking for fundraisers for the NGOs.

Kiddilicious – The Extension

Simran is the Editor of Kiddilicious, a section that is present on a millennial parenting portal called Kidskintha. It is an effort to create a repository of healthy recipes suitable for Kids. Parents want to give their children healthy food but are time constrained. The repository of healthy recipes will suit for the parents who shuttle between work and home. Eventually, they end up compromising over healthy food. The recipes are focused on healthy, diverse, and quick baking and connected to clean eating/living.

Ovenderful – The Passion

OMBC and Kiddilicious are both self-funded and self-managed projects that Simran runs out of her passion. For the living, she works at her e-bakery and social enterprise Ovenderful. She continues to work on freelance consulting and content projects.

Simran has a strong belief in community building. She feels that there are a huge support and networking that comes from community building. This network directly translates into business building and take business to the next level.

Ovenderful – The Philosophy

Simran has always believed in giving back to society. She conducted volunteer baking classes at an NGO, Search Years, Gurgaon (2010-2011). She helped the NGO to create a line of vocational training, for 12 girls from rural areas in Haryana.

Simran also associated herself in fundraising activities. The focus was to generate money for abandoned and injured animals in Delhi and Bangalore. So far, she has baked for Indigree Angels Trust, Help & Heal Animal Trust, Voice of Stray Dogs, CARE Animal Shelter and Precious Paws Foundation.

Simran and many other bakers from OMBC carried out “The Bake a Sunshine Cake” initiative (2015 and 2016). The project ran successfully across many cities in India and the US. The bakers carried home-baked goodies to old age homes and orphanages in December 2016.

July 2016, she involved a set of volunteer bakers and started baking healthy bakes. The team went to the slum and street children and children of migrant’s labors in their local areas and distributed the baked goodies. This ongoing program, Ovenderful BakeStreat, is a PAN India initiative. The effort is not only to share the joy of the goodies, but also some small form of nutrition.

Simran has also partnered with Kritagyata Trust. She was instrumental in encouraging about 30 more bakers to join the program. The group baked for 2000 children and distributed their baked goodies to celebrate Children’s Day in November 2016. This was done at government schools in rural areas close to Bengaluru.

She is the Bangalore Coordinator for The Bake Collective. This is an initiative that plans and organizes bake sales to raise funds for social causes. Simran has done this for Milaap, Goonj – The Voice of Stray Dogs and with many others in the past.

Simran Oberoi Ovenderful Mom

Ovenderful – The Conclusion

Simran is currently not focusing on selling or revenues. But continues to race towards holding expertise in Healthy Baking. She wants to continuously impact the community by creating awareness of healthy eating. Simran is keen and will continue to expand her community within and outside India.

If things work well, she will start a Café with artisanal healthy baked goods.

Those who are starting their career in the culinary field, Simran counsel for them is:

  • Stay committed
  • Have perseverance
  • Find your niche
  • Stick to your niche.

Ovenderful – The Connection

Reach Simran Oberoi at:




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