Tangy Oats Breakfast muffins, though the name talks a lot, however, let me share few details about the recipe. In today’s busy life we often struggle with meal planning and especially when we want to serve something different and something healthy, this becomes more challenging. Isn’t it?My recipe for savoury muffins always comes to my

Tangy Oats Breakfast Muffins | Eggless | Healthy

Babka is a popular braided Jewish bread. This twisted bread mostly has chocolate, cinnamon or Nutella as filling. Last year I baked Chocolate Cinnamon Babka and my family cherished it a lot. This time I thought to try my hands on savory babka. People who know me, know my love for fresh herbs so I

Vegan Pesto Babka #BreadBaker

You call it Party Cheese Bread or Cheesy Garlic Pull-Apart Bread or Cheese & Garlic Crack Bread, this bread is a perfect snack option for any get-together. Whenever I host any party for my son, party cheese bread is always a showstopper. My kid and his naughty gang love to gobble this bread. Most importantly,

Party Cheese Bread Recipe

Yeasted Lemon Cake without baking soda and baking powder is a new addition in my collection of cakes. This cake uses yeast as the leavening agent.People mostly make this cake by soaking it in sugar syrup, but I kind of keep moderate sugar in my desserts and hence did not soak the cake in sugar syrup.

Yeasted Lemon Cake in Bundt Pan #BreadBakers

Baked Mac and Cheese with Corn in a healthier avatar of our regular Mac and Cheese recipe. I am sure it will sound interesting if you are like healthier recipes. Yes, this is my healthier twist to the regular baked pasta recipe. This amazingly easy Mac and Cheese Macaroni recipe make a perfect dinner. People

Baked Mac and Cheese with Corn

Love Subway sandwiches? I do. Those freshly baked long bread loaves and filled the stuffing looks just too good to eat. However, I just hate the stuffing squeezing out and the sauces sticking to the sides of your lips. In the end, you are left with only the bread and the stuffing and sauces are

Savoury Breakfast Roll Recipe

Today i.e. 19 June 2018 is my blog’s second anniversary and I am celebrating it with this amazing eggless semolina cake with tutti frutti. This semolina cake is healthy and with no compromise on the taste. And the addition of Tutti Frutti is because of my love for tutti frutti. I make them at home.Recipe of

Eggless Semolina Cake with tutti-frutti

And what the heck Sambhar Masala Semolina Bread is. Absolutely unique and never heard of. Here is what lead to this beautiful innovative recipe of sambhar masala semolina bread. “Amit, what would you like to eat in the breakfast today?” my every morning usual question that daily irritates him. But he surprised me with his

Sambhar Masala Semolina Bread | Vegan Semolina Bread

This Eggless Chocolate Semolina Cake was made on demand. A close friend requested me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday.I hardly take orders but it’s impossible to refuse friends. After all, friends are for each other, isn’t it? The fun started when she listed down her requirements for the birthday cake. Her requirements

Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe

How do you make your child eat vegetables? I found my answer with savory semolina muffin. Do you have some other alternates? |Another Alternate: Spicy Semolina Cake While I am connected with many moms of the different age group of a child, they all find it challenging to make their child eat vegetables. Many moms

Healthy Savory Semolina Muffin