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How to make Whole Wheat Muffins

Whole Wheat Muffins
Benefits of Whole Wheat Muffins Whole Wheat Muffins make a perfect option for my kid's tiffin. I have explained the benefits of whole wheat in my Multigrain bread recipe and you can see the nutritional value of eating whole wheat in that recipe. However, making a muffin with whole wheat solves two things. First, it satisfies the craving that anyone...

How to Make Cheese Garlic Pull Apart Bread

Cheese Garlic Pull Apart Bread
Cheese Garlic Pull Apart Bread This cheese garlic pull apart bread is an Epic! That’s what I will call this bread as. Sometime back I have shared the recipe of cheese garlic bread which is an equally delicious bread. But this epic is sinful yum. Few call it a "Crack Bread" because each piece cracks separately from the crack. The magic of...

My Bread Baking Story

My Bread Story
The day I started cooking and Baking, I never imagined that I will ever bake my own Bread. Forget about having a bread baking story to share. Something that I never dreamed of, is a reality today. Necessity is the mother of invention My journey to baking started with the same note. The news that some cancer-causing chemical was found in...

Healthy Vegetable Spicy Semolina Cake

Healthy Spicy Semolina Cake
Spicy Semolina Cake Healthy vegetable spicy semolina cake is a perfectly healthy way to treat your family and friends. As a matter of fact, this will surprise them with taste and uniqueness of this recipe. Sometimes we are not really hungry but at the same time want to munch something. This happens especially during the tea time and we generally end up eating...

Easy Cheese Garlic Bread in Dominos Style

Dominos Cheese Garlic Bread
A freshly baked Cheese Garlic Bread plays with all of your 5 senses and takes you to a different world. Minced with the flavor of the crushed and roasted fresh garlic mixed with the richness of the cheese, breakfast cannot be better than this. We have been to Dominos a thousand times and I cannot remember a single time when we left...

Breakfast Cheese Pizza Rolls Recipe [Homemade]

Cheese Pizza Rolls
Vegetarian Cheese Pizza Rolls Veggie Cheese Pizza Rolls, also known as Vegetarian Pizza Scrolls or Veggie Pizza scrolls is easy to make American delicacy. These are also known as Pizza Poppers in some parts of America and are one of the famous frozen snack foods. These Pizza Poppers will change the way you love your bread so far. You will...

Whole Wheat Cookies without Oven

Cookies without Oven
Morning and evening tea without Cookies seems impossible, at least to my husband Amit. The story rolls backs to when I was not really into baking, my journey to home baking is really exciting.  You will be surprised to know that until 2015 I did not even have the oven. I was contemplating of making cookies but had no clue how...

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