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Home Bakers India is India's First Bakery Marketplace connecting Enthusiasts, Bakers, Educators, Suppliers, and Brands. It’s a platform to connect all Home Bakers together. The forum is open to mature as well as beginners in baking. Meet Deep Singh Bawa, the person behind the Home Bakers India. He is a hotelier by profession, baker by passion and an entrepreneur by choice.

Deep was born and brought up in Delhi. He completed his schooling from Bluebells International. After graduating from the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad, which is run by Taj Group of Hotels and Resorts, he further went to the UK to complete his MBA in Strategic Management. He completed his MBA from one of the top 100 MBA schools in the world, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Delhiite is incomplete without the passion for food. A Delhiite gets this love for food in heritage. So is our Deep, passionate about food, not only eating but baking it as well. Along with food, Deep likes to travel places. He has already traveled to many cities in India and various countries in the world. Desserts are his weakness, just so you know what to order when you meet him next.

Taking his inspiration from Home Bakers Guild (HBG), an initiative by Mr. KP Balakumar, Deep started Home Bakers India group in 2015. The current strength of the group is more than 21000 members.

Asking about the success, Deep feels that it’s his clients who should make a call if he has been successful so far. Home Bakers India has expanded its operations in more than 10 cities, pan India. Over the last year, they have covered events in the UK, US, and UAE.  The company is in a strong financial situation and look forward to upward growth.

Brief Work History

After graduating from the Hotel School at IHM Aurangabad, Deep joined TAJ SATS in July 2005. Taj SATS is one of India's premier flight catering company. Deep joined them as a Catering Officer for Virgin Atlantic.   Later in April 2007, when Royal Orchid Hotels wanted to set up office in Delhi, Deep took over the sales role with them. From August 2008 till March 2010, Deep took a break to complete his MBA. After completing the MBA, he started working with ISTA Hotels, Bangalore (which is now Hyatt). Check his LinkedIn profile to know more about his professional profile.

June 2013, Deep started his full-time career into his own venture Home Bakers India. In his own words, Home Bakers India is not only a webpage or a Facebook group. It is a Market place and a B2B Platform for Bakers, Educators, Sellers, and Brands. He clearly expresses that Home Bakers India is not a cake appreciation platform. It is a platform where he engages in all the 4 verticals and decimates the right information from time to time. Deep feels that India is not a Baking nation like the US and the UK.  But, things are changing for good. He further extends his thanks to Media, Cookery Channels and Master Chefs of the world to bring this awareness in Indian Food Industry.

Deep works in a small team to ensure minimum out of pocket expenses. He believes in doing things himself, rather than delegating it to others. The team comprises of Deepak Kumar, Chief Baker and a few assistants managing the admin errands.

Deepak has worked at Muskaan – a school for special needs children and has handled their Bakery Unit alone from Oct 2004 till March 2017. He is a Master in Bread, Puff Pastry, and Cookies.

Deep Singh Bawa – A man with a box full of out of box ideas

Deep is a mind which never rests and keeps thinking of new creative ways to work with people and give them something that has a lot of value in terms of learning and earning. After 2012, when Deep started a full-time career in baking, he has been constantly coming up with new projects and has been influencing the Baking world.


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Home Bakers Meet Delhi-NCR Chapter

Deep took this initiative in 2013, while he himself was undergoing the baking nuances and baking actively. The baking world in India was dominated by the southern part of India especially Bangalore and Chennai. Most of the activities towards baking and for bakers were happening in the southern part of India. Deep wanted the Northern side of India to participate in such activities and started to bring people together.

Road Shows

From July 2016 till now, Home Bakers India has conducted countrywide roadshow tour covering 10 cities in India including Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Indore, Lucknow, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chennai, and a few others. These roadshows were done in association with the Academy of Pastry Arts.

Home Baker India also covered the USA, the UK, and Dubai and conducted their road shows. The UK was covered twice, first in Nov 2016 and second in March 2017. This was in association with the Cake International, Birmingham. The show was telecasted live for the viewers and it was completely free of cost.

The ideas do not stop here. Deep has a deep belief in community building. The team is currently investing its time and money to build this community. He accepts the fact that building a community does not happen overnight. But the team is constantly working on it.

After influencing millions in the baking world with various out of box projects, Deep is now working on an offline branding project from his Deep Studio Kitchen in Delhi. For newbies entering into the world of culinary, Deep advises them to “Stay Focused”.

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