Today’s recipe is Mississippi’s famous Chocolate Mud Cake. This cake is an absolute delight for chocolate lovers. Personally, I love this cake because of its texture. The texture of this famous Chocolate mud cake is exactly like its name. Watch the full recipe video. The most important ingredient in this recipe is Chocolate. So the quality of

Eggless Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

With the changing lifestyle and health issues, people nowadays are more concerned about their food. After all its 70% of food that defines your body. Such changes have increased the usage of Millets. And our today’s Millet Brownies is one such healthy recipe that will delight each of the health-conscious people. Millets are known as

Amazing Foxtail Millet Triple Chocolate Millet Brownies

My apologies to all those who have been continuously asking me for a chocolate cake eggless recipe.  Finally, I am here, with my no-fail, eggless whole wheat chocolate cake recipe. Interesting Fact: In 2012 the average chocolate per capita for an average Swiss citizen was 11.9kg. That’s almost eating 250 chocolates in one year. If

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake

Blindly in love coffee and date are known as a pair made in heaven. When you bind them together in a cake the marriage is called coffee date cake. In today’s recipe, I have used the lovebirds, put them in a cake, but with a healthy twist. Between me and my wife, there is a

Whole Wheat Coffee Date Cake