October 2, 2016

The day I started cooking and Baking, I never imagined that I will ever bake my own Bread. Forget about having a Bread Baking story to share. Something that I never dreamed of, is a reality today.

Necessity is the mother of invention

My journey to baking started with the same note. The news that some cancer-causing chemical was found in Indian Bread was a bummer and an alarm in my head. I was concerned about the health of my family.

Bread plays a significant role in our daily food. I think breakfast is generally incomplete in our house if we do not consume bread. I was concerned about what’s going in my child’s tummy. Finally decided to stop buying bread from the market and start baking at home.

Inspiration of Bread Baking Story

A lot of people have played a crucial role in my bread baking story. I like reading food recipes and food-related articles. Watching cookery shows, specially MasterChef is my other hobby. I was heavily influenced by Chef Rakesh Sethi for my interest in baking. His famous cookery show “Tea Time” on “FoodFood” was my favorite past time.

While I was googling a fine day, I read a bread loaf recipe and found it to be an easy one. This excited me and I thought of giving it a try. This was the beginning of my journey to baking bread.

It was not an easy journey though, but patience and support of my family motivated me to stay persistent. Multiple failures in baking a perfect loaf made me think of quitting, but I did not want to prove myself a loser.

Knowledge brings answers to questions


The more I read about Bread, the more I fell in love with baking bread. Surfing different blogs and reading different recipes became my addiction. I finally reached King Arthur Blog that opened door to plethora of knowledge.

I aligned my process, and finally got my perfect Bread loaf with my no-fail recipe. No matter how many loaves I have baked so far, still every time I feel as I am baking for the first time. Now I have started enjoying it. Baking works like a stress buster for me. We now eat Fresh, Healthy, Hygienic and Preservative-free products.

Few of my favorite recipes that I love and keep baking often are:

Whole Wheat Bread by Tangzhong MethodSemolina Bread with All-Purpose and Wheat FlourWhole Wheat Bread by Tangzhong Method

Trust me! Once you start baking your own bread, there is no looking back to the market.

About the Author Sonia Gupta

I am a Baking Instructor, Blogger, YouTuber, and Recipe Creator. I love to experiment with my camera tell stories through my pictures.

  • Encouraging is your journey Sonia! Started baking as a 16 year old and my journey has crossed a whole 40 years. Never took it up as a profession but was always passionate. Difficulty to get whole wheat bakes and alternate ingredients to replace the all purpose flour , the so called healthy baking is my area of interest. Your usage of whole wheat drew me to your sessions!

  • Glad to know ur learning days and really appreciate the efforts you taken throughout the journey. I am being worked with FMCG sector and that too in bakery industry , came to know how much chemical and harmful colour goes into it. I guess, from then onwards, I stopped taking much interest in store brought ones and after quitting job, I myself learned to bake. After a while I started enjoying it and did few basic courses but I always baked those healthy, no cream cakes without any Colour and chemical. I. Am here to learn more about different bakings and science behind it. Thank you so much for your valuable time and responses.

  • Thank you Sonia.I used to bake intially but then stopped…. During lock down started again.Had tasted the ragi biscuits which my neighbour made and started searching for other recipes.That is how I read about you.The way you explain.its too good.Thank you for inspiring

  • I enjoy baking, have had a lot of fails, but I don’t wanna give up, I wanna perfect it ! Looks like you are my motivation now:)

  • Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for inspiring so many of us. Baking is really therapeutic. I am a part for your season 3 journey and I really really hope and pray that each and every participant from all your seasons have such inspirational stories to share. I am excited to learn baking because of the accuracy it needs which interests me a lot. I have also been watching alot of food shows and what thrills me is the variation in the flavours in cake, breads etc I see across different continents which makes me feel like trying to bake them all. Apart from all this my husband would be the happiest person if I learn to bake a bread as he is very health conscious. Looking forward to learn alot from you.

  • I am a season 3 student , in this Covid-19 lots of work at home then also I did ur season -3 , nd it was very very worth it for me , Amit Gupta nd Sonia gupta ur Sunday to Sunday live session resolved all our doubts..You both are very supportive..thanks again for that nd thank u For sharing ur baking journey..ur story of baking truly inspired me ..Even I feel that I should never give up with few attempts .Even I loved your life time support promise.

  • Hi Sonia
    I m always attracted towards baking but till now what stopped me from doing it was the fear of the sugar or 100% veg ingredients. Its recent only I joined anybody can bake on Facebook n was so pleased to c everyone baking so easily n beautifully. So during lockdown I tried ur focaassia bread n it turned out simply awesome. My family loved it n it gave me some confidence. Then came across dis course so I enrolled. May b god has some plans for me. Crossed fingers.
    But thanks a lot.

  • I am impressed by you I am season 3 participant and am eagerly waiting for the class to begin. I am doing this course as my children are allergic to many things and my husband has a hobby for baking and loves baked foods I feel your site gives real encouragement to bake as it makes baking easy. Thanks for the inspiration to bake .

  • Hii sonia
    Ur story of baking has truely inspired me.Even i feel that i should never give up with few attemps.By ur story i feel i have got a right mentor who will help me achiev my goal.
    Will u help us after finishing the course .when we have some baking problems may b not imediately but latter on .looking frwd for the course to start

  • My story feels the same. I just gave birth to a baby girl and now I have become more conscious of what she and the family eats. Though I was always interested in cooking new recipes and following various cookery shows but never thought it to be a passion. Now I want my daughter to have preservatives free food.

    • First of all congratulations on your new journey as a mother. I know this role comes with lots of responsibilities and full of challenges but we females are strong enough to handle everything. I am happy to know that you are concerned about your little one and your family. So start taking baby steps by trying a few easy and quick recipes.

      Happy Baking!

  • That’s just amazing Sonia. I am at a very beginning of the journey from where you started… You seem to be really inspiring and motivating.

  • Sonia ma’am your workshop is a Good sent for me as I have lost my husband a month ago and am in depression so my sister and daughter registered me your story is also an eye opener hope to learn a lot from you

  • Thank you for sharing your journey of baking for us all to read. I’d like to share my little journey of baking here. It all started when I got married and went to the tea estates of Assam where in the Bungalows and Club life had a colonial charm to it. The mannerisms, lifestyle and most importantly the food. There I started seeing the ladies make lip smacking tea cakes, muffins, brownies, pies and tarts and cheese cakes and the list goes on. I got desperate to learn from somewhere and I came across a Nita Mehta Cookbook which gave a kick start to my baking journey. But the urge to learn remains. When I came across your course there’s one thing that really caught my attention which was learning the basics of the ingredients and the science of baking. I am really looking forward to the course to start. Best wishes.

  • I just feel I am reading myself here. It IS an addiction isn’t it? How strange that a hobby can connect people so deeply. I can relate to each word you crafted above. Hooked onto this blog from past few days. All the best Sonia. Lots of Blessings and love from far away land 🙂 Keep inspiring many of us!

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