My Bread Baking Story
My Bread Baking Story

My Bread Baking Story

The day I started cooking and Baking, I never imagined that I will ever bake my own Bread. Forget about having a bread baking story to share. Something that I never dreamed of, is a reality today. Read more about me to get more information on my background.

Necessity is the mother of invention

and this applies to me as well.

My journey to baking started with the same note. The news that some cancer-causing chemical was found in Indian Bread was a bummer and an alarm in my head. I was concerned about the health of my family. Bread plays a significant role in our daily food. I think the breakfast is generally incomplete in our house if we do not consume bread. I was concerned on whats going in my child’s tummy. Finally decided to stop buying breads from market and start baking at home.


A lot of people have played a crucial role in my bread baking story. I like reading food recipes and food related articles. Watching cookery shows, specially MasterChef is my other hobby. I was heavily influenced with Chef Rakesh Sethi for my interest in baking. His famous cookery show “Tea Time” on “FoodFood” was my favourite past time.

While I was googling a fine day, I read a bread loaf recipe and found it to be an easy one. This excited me and I thought of giving it a try. This was the beginning of my journey to baking bread.

It was not an easy journey though, but patience and support of my family motivated me to stay persistent. Multiple failures in baking a perfect loaf made me think of quitting, but I did not want to prove myself a loser.

Knowledge brings answers to questions

and I went back to more reading.


The more I read about Bread, the more I fell in love with baking bread. Surfing different blogs and reading different recipes became my addiction. I finally reached King Arthur Blog that opened door to plethora of knowledge.

I met Pradeepa Nair on “Home Bakers Guild”. Her selfless support brought me closer to success. I read more detailed recipes on this facebook group. Reading comments from experts in the group made me aware of my mistakes.

I aligned my process, and finally got my perfect Bread loaf with my no-fail recipe. No matter how many loafs I have baked so far, still every time I feel as I am baking for the first time. Now I have started enjoying it. Baking works like a stress buster for me. We now eat Fresh, Healthy, Hygienic and Preservative-free products.

Trust me! Once you start baking your own bread, there is no looking back to the market.

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  1. I just feel I am reading myself here. It IS an addiction isn’t it? How strange that a hobby can connect people so deeply. I can relate to each word you crafted above. Hooked onto this blog from past few days. All the best Sonia. Lots of Blessings and love from far away land 🙂 Keep inspiring many of us!


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