April 12


My connection with passionate baking

By Sonia Gupta

April 12, 2017

Baking Basics, Baking Guide

Morphy and Baking

Tell you what, it surprise me today when I see myself so very passionate about baking. Baking was never on the list of TODO TASK until I got my first Morphy Richard.

I was far away from the kitchen before marriage, learned cooking from my mother-in-law. Sounds familiar, sure a story of many of us. 

Like others, I (learn more about me) made uncountable mistakes but continued to learn. When your husband and your child is a foodie, you must get better with cooking. This is how I started to experiment with cooking. When I got my OTG as a gift, I then started to bake.

Soon, I became passionate about baking and started to learn, bake and experiment.

Why Baking?

As much as I wanted to keep the food interesting and refreshing for my family, I also wanted to keep it healthy. The OTG acted as my new toy and thus started the journey of my passionate baking.

Like every child, my son is just crazy about Cakes and Muffins. To avoid eating from outside, where taste and quality are mostly compromised, I started to enhance my skills on baking Cakes, Muffins, Bread, Teacakes, and Cupcakes.

How did I learn Baking bread?

My quest was to keep the food interesting and healthy. The OTG acted as my new toy and thus started my journey of experimental baking. I started reading a lot of blogs, food shows and started enhancing my knowledge on baking and its fundamentals. Despite my passion for baking, it was important to know the basics before I experiment.

I kept improving my bread baking skills by learning from people and the internet. The teacher in me encouraged me to instill the knowledge in others. It didn’t take me time to start baking workshops and started sharing my knowledge with others.

I am a person, who learned from her mistakes, grew with the support of my loved ones. Blogs, Articles and TV Shows are a few sources of my learning, but I cannot forget those who have helped me in my baking experience. Thanks to all of them, because of them, I am what I am today.

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Sonia Gupta

About the author

Sonia is an award-winning baking instructor and her baking courses are recognized by all baking enthusiastic. She is a Baking Instructor, Blogger, YouTuber, Author, a Social Media Influencer. Holding her forte as being one of the top baking instructors when it comes to whole wheat baking, Sonia has gain mastery in eggless and healthy baking. She has trained more than 2000 people in the last 3 years and continues to satisfy her desire to transform "HomeMakers into HomeBakers". You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you like to watch video recipes, check her YouTube Channel.

  • I want to know why my cakes not become fluffy as it should be even with same recipe every time actually i want to know about mixing process how much time should we beat the butter and sugar and all silly mistakes

    • Mukta, Ideally every recipe gives details like this, however as a general guideline:
      – Never overmix the batter
      – All the ingredients should be at room temperature unless specified otherwise

      Ultimately, the more your practice, the more gain perfection over the process.

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