Baked Mango Yogurt, is a healthy baked yoghurt dessert which is perfect for any occasion.This baked yogurt dessert is another version of famous Bengali Bhapa Misti Doi. For Bhapa doi, we need to steam the curd and here we are baking it using water bath.You must be thinking, “What is water bath?”Well, in this method

Healthy Baked Mango Yogurt

I am a tea lover and this reason was enough to bake a Masala Chai Cake with my favorite Kadak Masala Chai. If you too are fond of tea, you should definitely try this Masala Chai Cake for its unique flavor.This Spiced Indian Cake is moist and has rich flavors coming from all the Indian

Eggless Masala Chai Cake | Spiced Indian Tea Cake

Crumbles are the ultimate fall easy dessert because they’re simple to put together but will light up a fall evening like nothing else. Plums available is market are so juicy that I thought I should bake something. What can be a better option to use the juicy plums than baking a delicious Plum crumble?Easy Eggless

Easy Eggless Plum Crumble Recipe | Eggless Dessert

It’s the perfect time to bake this awesome easy strawberry cobbler recipe. The market is already flooded with fresh and juicy strawberries. So before these berries vanish from the market, do try this amazing strawberry cobbler layered dessert and impress your family and friends.Easy Strawberry Cobbler Recipe Cobblers are the best dessert options. That golden

Easy Strawberry Cobbler | Fresh Homemade and Eggless

Today’s recipe is Mississippi’s famous Chocolate Mud Cake. This cake is an absolute delight for chocolate lovers. Personally, I love this cake because of its texture. The texture of this famous Chocolate mud cake is exactly like its name. Watch the full recipe video. The most important ingredient in this recipe is Chocolate. So the quality of

Eggless Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

I still remember my childhood days and gobbling those Brown bread sandwiches. Mom used to let us eat considering Brown Bread means bread baked with 100 % whole wheat. What an illusion it was.6 years back when I started baking, especially bread, and then only I realized that Brown Bread is not 100% whole wheat bread.

Homemade Brown Bread #BreadBakers

What’s up people? It’s been a while I made a different bread and I know you were waiting to see something new. So here I am with my new recipe of Healthy Sweet Potato Bread This sweet potato bread healthy is loaded with all the goodness of whole wheat flour and Sweet potatoes. Remember my

Healthy Sweet Potato Bread

Today i.e. 19 June 2018 is my blog’s second anniversary and I am celebrating it with this amazing eggless semolina cake with tutti frutti. This semolina cake is healthy and with no compromise on the taste. And the addition of Tutti Frutti is because of my love for tutti frutti. I make them at home.Recipe of

Eggless Semolina Cake with tutti-frutti

It’s always good to bake at home and eat fresh. While baking, if you are mindful of choosing healthy ingredients then nothing can beat it. There is no doubt that baking with whole-wheat is healthier than baking with All-purpose flour (Refined flour). And yes this Spinach Beetroot bread is also with 100% whole wheat. My

Spinach Beetroot Wheat Bread #BreadBakers

Homemade Pineapple upside down cake recipe is one of my all-time favorite cake recipes. No matter how many times I make this pineapple cake, it never lasts more than an hour on my shelf. And today, I am going to help you make pineapple upside down cake on a gas stove. For people who have

Pineapple Upside Down Cake