Amritsari Paneer Kulcha Recipe

    Paneer Kulcha
    Paneer Kulcha

    One of my kids’ all-time favorite snacks is Paneer Roll. Every time we go to our nearest market called Destination Center, he is most likely to drag me to Faasos outlet to get him a Paneer roll (cottage cheese rolls). And this made me think of making the famous Amritsari Paneer Kulcha at home. Yes both the recipes are different to each other, but at the heart, both have the filling of Paneer. So I made Paneer Kulcha replacing 75% Maida with wheat as a replacement for my son’s favorite Faasos Paneer Roll.

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    As I was already planning for this Indian flatbread paneer Kulcha recipe, I decided the theme of Flat Bread for April 2018 for BreadBakers community.

    To make Stuffed Paneer Kulcha recipe, we need dough and cottage cheese stuffing. Traditionally, Amritsari Paneer Kulcha is served with Dal Makhani or Pindi Chole. But if the paneer Kulcha filling is spicy then one can cherish these Kulchas with a dollop of butter too. My family likes these Stuffed Kulcha Naan with butter and tangy buttermilk.

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    Baked Paneer Kulcha

    To start the recipe, in a bowl take 100 ml lukewarm water (out of 300 ml total amount suggested in the recipe). Add sugar and yeast to it.  Stir it and let it rest for 5 minutes or until it froths. In case you don’t get froth then discard that batch and start fresh.

    PS: Use Conversion Table to convert cups into grams and vice versa

    In a large kneading bowl, take flour, salt, milk powder and activated yeast solution. Start kneading the dough by adding water to it.

    For the suggested amount of flour, I consumed 300 ml water in total (including water used for yeast).

    The dough should be little sticky. In case you feel your dough is hard and dry, add 2 tbs water at a time.


    Take the dough out on the counter and add oil to it. Knead it for another 5 minutes. It will be soft, elastic and non-sticky by now.

    Kneading the dough for Panner Kulcha

    Place the kneaded dough in a greased bowl and cover it with a wet cloth or cling wrap to avoid crust formation. Keep this bowl in a warm and dry place until dough doubles in volume.

    Paneer Kulcha Filling

    While the dough is resting, let’s prepare the stuffing for our baked Kulcha. In a pan add oil and heat it. Add chopped onion and green chilies. Cook for 2 minutes. Add grated cottage cheese along with all the dry spices and cook for 5 minutes to reduce its moisture.

    Stuffing is ready. Transfer it to a bowl and let it cool down.

    Stuffing for Kulcha

    By this time your dough must be double in volume. For me, it took 40 minutes to double.

    Time for proofing is totally dependent on weather conditions. Warmer and dry the weather, sooner the dough will be double. But don’t worry if it is taking more than 1 hr in your case. Move to next step only when your dough is double in volume.

    Now few things I want to share here about proofing. After kneading when we rest our dough, then yeast start feeding on sugar and releases ethanol. The air produced by yeast during proofing is what gives bread its flavor. In bread baking, this resting time helps to form the gluten in the dough.

    Once the dough doubles, punch it to release the air and divide it into 6 equal portions.

    Dough for Paneer Kulcha

    How to make Paneer Kulcha

    Roll each dough ball into a circular disc with thickness ¼ inch. Divide the prepared stuffing into 6 equal portions and stuff each rolled sheet with it. Fold all the corners towards the center and seal properly. It will be like a stuffed dough ball.

    Paneer Kulcha filling

    Sprinkle some dry flour on the counter and roll each stuffed dough ball again. Cover them with a cloth and let them rest on the counter for 15 minutes.

    Meanwhile, keep the oven for preheating at 200 °C. Shift the rolled dough to a greased baking tray and brush with milk. Sprinkle black sesame seeds on it and gentle press.

    Raw Paneer Kulcha

    Bake these Paneer Kulchas in preheated oven for 15 minutes or until edges turn golden brown. Every oven behaves differently so baking time and temperature can vary. The best way is, to understand your oven first.

    When baked completely, transfer the Baked Paneer Kulcha on a cooling rack and brush with butter. Butter not only make the crust soft but enhances its taste as well. However, if you are too diet conscious then you can brush these with extra virgin olive oil.

    Baked Paneer Kulcha

    Baked Paneer Kulchas are ready to serve. Serve them with Raita or your choice of curry. Well, I like to have these Kulchas with extra butter.

    Stuffed Paneer Kulcha

    Paneer Kulcha Calories Count

    Total Calories2600
    Total Servings6 Kulchas
    Calories per Serving433 Cal per Kulcha


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    Amritsari Paneer Kulcha Recipe Yum
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Indian
    Prep Time 15 minutes
    Cook Time 15 minutes
    Passive Time 40 minutes
    For Dough
    For Stuffing
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Indian
    Prep Time 15 minutes
    Cook Time 15 minutes
    Passive Time 40 minutes
    For Dough
    For Stuffing
    1. In a bowl take 100 ml lukewarm water. Dissolve yeast and sugar in it. Let it rest until it froths.
    2. In another kneading bowl take flour, milk powder, salt and activated yeast solution. Start kneading the dough.
    3. Take the dough out on the counter and add oil to it. Knead it for 5 minutes.
    4. Keep the kneading dough in a greased bowl and cover it to avoid crust formation. Keep the bowl in any dry and warm place until dough doubles in volume.
    5. Meanwhile, in a pan heat oil. Add onion and chili and saute for 2 minutes. Now add grated cottage cheese and all the dry spice. Cook the stuffing for another 2 minutes. Switch off the flame and transfer the stuffing to a bowl.
    6. Punch the fermented dough to release the air. Divide the dough into 6 equal portions.
    7. Roll each dough ball into circular disc. Put stuffing on it. Fold all the corners towards centre and seal properly.
    8. Using a rolling pin, roll these tuffed balls again.
    9. Let them rest on counter for 15 minutes. Meanwhile preheat the oven at 200 °C.
    10. Place all the kulchas on a greased baking tray and brush with milk. Sprinkle sesame seeds.
    11. Bake these kulchas at 200 °C for 15 minutes in a preheated oven.
    12. After baking, transfer the kulchas on cooling rack and brush with butter immediately.
    Recipe Notes
    1. The dough should be soft and sticky.
    2. The stuffing can be of your choice. It totally depends on individual taste.
    3. In case you don’t have milk powder handy, knead the dough with milk instead of water.
    4. Proofing time is related to weather conditions. Warm and dry temperature helps in fast fermentation.
    5. Baking time can vary from oven to oven. It’s always good to know your oven first.
    6. To bake these Kulchas, use both the heating elements (top and bottom) and use the middle rack to bake.
    7. At convection mode, bake at 180 °C.

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    1. Hello Sonia,
      I loved the panner kulcha recipe. The stuffing sounds delicious. I have to try this soon. Thanks for hosting this month. There are so many interesting flatbread recipes to be tried 🙂


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